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Hair care Habits and Routine.

Hairs is such an important part of our body which not only decides our overall appearance but also protects the underlying skin. So, we should know the Hair care Habits and Routine. However, most of us are knowing or unknowing doings different things on a daily basis which damage our hairs. This leads to excessive hair loss, dandruff and premature greying of hair and much more.

In this Article i’m telling you the 10 Common habits and categorized them as from worst hair care habits and the best hair care habits.

Now, I’ll share with you WHAT EXACTLY WE SHOULD DO and WHAT NOT TO DO to get those ever flowing long lashes of thick hair.

Hair care habits and routine

5 Worst Hair care Habits along with their effective solutions.

1. Too many Harsh Chemicals.

Have you ever gone through the ingredients from the shampoo, conditioner or any hair oil that you have been ever using? Unfortumatly most major brands in INDIA are making Hair products which have too many cheap harsh chemicals. Which might short term shine but long term damage the hair. Always go for hair products which free from Sulphate, mineral oil, artifical fragrance and santhatic colors. Another way is from obtain from using too many products on your hair. If you do make sure to wash off the products before sleep at night.

2. Not oiling the Scalp

Most youngsters these days avoiding oiling their hair. Never do this mistake. Oiling the hair has multi demicinals benefits but you need to do it right way. If you have oily scalp 1-2 times a week is good enough and If you have dry hair you have to do 3-4 times a week. For dry scalp prefer oiling at night and let its stay overnight. Where you have a oily hair one hour before the bed to sleep. Using the warm oil and gently massage in scalp in the circular motion instantly improves the blood circulation. Moreover the oil will make you huge impact. Always use 100% natural oil. Example: coconut oil is multi purpose oil if you are fighting from dandruff, it is also work for it.

3. Combing wet Hair.

Hair is most well nourished when they are wet. Deal carefully with wet hair or else you will have to pay the price. Whenever you have out of the shower, let your hair dry abet and then comb. Combing wet hair makes the hair better which leads to breakage. Also do not rub hardly with towel on your hairs. Always gently dropped slowly with the soft towel. Some people go to sleep at night with wet hairs, They should be avoided.

4. Excessive heat.

Excessive heat in any form is damaging your hair. Do not blow dry on a daily basis. Do not use hot rodes to straight your hairs. Once a while is okk but do not take it a habit. Its harmful for your hairs. No doubt Vitamin D promotes hair growth but excessive exposure  to ultra violet rays to the sun sucks the much needed moisture which makes the hair dry and freezy. Avoid hot showers. Always wash your hair with fresh water.

5. Stress.

High stress level are very closely associated with hair loss. Stress increases the hormone called cortisol which feeds on protein. This proteins in the body is list in the form of hair. Excessive use of Social media, heavy work load, pressure to excel in exams, emotional stress are some of the common reasons of the increased stress levels. After any work give yourself a little break. Be with yourself, Always used to enjoy the nature, do daily exercise, sweat it out. It helps alot.

Hair care habits and routine

  • Now, let us talk about 5 best habits that you should cultivate for your better hair health. 


The word BALAYAM comes from the word BAL+ VYAYAM = Exercise of Hair. which literally transfer the exercise of hair. All you need to do is rub your nails wisely together for 5 to 10 minutes regularly. The nerves below the nails are connected to the scalp and regular rubbing nails simulate flow and oxygen to the scalp. BALAYAM helps not only helps in hair growth but also reversing premature grey hairs. Just one thing you have to keep in your mind. Never do BALAYAM after a meal, always do it empty stomach.

2. Proper Nutrition.

If the body is devoid of nutrition. It can offered to lose hair. Body thinks that it can survive without a single hair on the head. So, its stops making hair. Its starts taking care of hairs with other vital organs. These days fast food, colas drink, and packed fruit juices are every teenagers diet.  They should be controlled. Our hairs are made up of proteins. So, one should include is daily doze of protein. Cheese, pulses,  soybeans, eggs, chicken and fish are all high source of protein. Healthy fats and omega rich foods are also make your hair healthier and stronger. Iron found in green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C found in Lemon, oats and Millets are very essential to prevent from hair loss. Always consume a healthy and balanced diet.


Body massage…..and Hair. Whats the connection? Well! the connection is deep and mostly neglected. Body massage not only improves the blood circulation but also helps to balance the body fit. Which according to Doctors which is only one and main causes of hair loss. If you regularly facing the digestive issues like bloating or gas. Then you are going to lose hair. However, most people massage their body in a wrong way. While massaging the movement of hands should be in the direction of heart. Massage your body 2 to 3 weeks a month then you should feels a amazing to see the results of your head.

4. Lifestyle.

As a healthy lifestyle routine do not wash hour hair with the shampoo too often. One to two times a week depending upon your hai type is good enough. And also do not forget to condition your hair. Condition heals the moisture of your hair. Always comb your hair rapidly not for style but for also improves the blood circulation of the scalp. Do not touch your hair too often. This can transfer germs from your hands to your hairs. So getting over these five best hair habits you can gift yourself healthier and stronger for a very long period of time. Hair care habits and routine.

If you apply these basic tips in your life, you will see that you will stop losing your hair.

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