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8 ways to spend time at home during quarantine:

To the Corona virus issue, we all are staying at home and everyday we are realizing that there is no work that we can do during self-quarantine. we might be uncouraged to work from home and do something different. In this time everybody saying work from home, and stay away from public places, but nobody exactly explain that how to spend this quarantine time the and well spend time at home and peoples think there is nothing to do!

Let us explain, there are some ways to spend time at home and that ways you can do and spend your precious time at home.

1. Start a blog

If you start a blog, you can improve your writing skills and content creation skills. whether you want to promote yourself. Start a online business with blogging or just have fun, with the help of blogging you can explore your talent on your website. Writing is the great way to enhance yourself.

blogging during quarantine spend time at home

For more information and guidance about blogging, click on the given link:


2. Try at home workouts

Workout is very essential for our daily life. social media has made it extremely easy to find workout at home. we can see different workouts at home in youtude.com. we also try to do YOGA in daily routine, it improves  our mental and physical health. which is beneficial for us. so, you can follow fitness videos in youtube.


3. Chat with your relatives and friends.

Make a regular connection by video call, text or Emails with your loved ones. You can also use social media to connect with your friends. Talking with those peoples who can make you positive and courage you to spend time at home.

chat with loved ones at self-quarantine

4. Spend most of your time with family.

Spending most of the time with your family members and playing indoors game with them, just not only that they are your family. They all are standing beside with you every difficult time. So, we all are lucky that we got the chance to altogether with our family for some days.

spend most of the time with family during quarantine

5. Minor home electrical repairs.

Now, this is the time to improve your electrical repairing skills. There are some minor electrical faults in our home, we should repair it to ourself. we don’t need expert electriations  for it. If we can do it. The best thing is that, Nobody can do this.

Home repairs during quarantine

6. Learn basic cooking skills.

Cooking can be good for ourself. In this time everybody have to own this awesome skill. To the whole life our mother can cooked for us, but now the time to make a tasty recipe for your mother and all family members. It is not hard to find great recipe, here a channel on youtube allrecipe.com. You can search and after that kind of recipe, choice is yours.

cooking skills during self-quarantine



7. Take an online class meeting.

At this self-quarantine time every students take an online classes with the help of internet. It is the time to explore your talent on the internet industry. Maybe this COVID-19 give us chance to find our talent and explore it. Many online platforms offers classes at this time, related to business study, web designing and lifestyle skills.

8. Practice meditation for the inner peace.

Doing meditation twice a day can make you feel peace in your life. If you listen carefully peace is beautiful. It is a great work which can connect with us to the god and make to realize that who i am? why we alive? After meditation you can feel fresh.

If you really want to listen, How peace is possible in our life? click on the link given below :

For more information about peace. link is given:





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