Amazon Blink Outdoor Camera Ensuring Reliable Surveillance

amazon blink outdoor camera

Amazon Blink Outdoor Camera


Blink cameras are developed by an American company which produces home security cameras for the safety of our houses and Blink cameras are proud to be an Amazon company.

Blink cameras are waterproof and wire-free cameras that we can place anywhere in our homes. It has two AA lithium just like our TV remote and these batteries can last up to two years.

Blink cameras have 850nm infrared LED lights which display clear video at night but these videos are in black and white. This feature of blink cameras is also known as night vision, and we can even record in low light.

Blink cameras can be used without a monthly subscription fee but there are not as many features as compared to free plans from many brands. If you want a monthly subscription then you have to pay or opt for the basic plan of $3.00 per month per device and if you want a yearly subscription of two months then you will get a discount of $6.

amazon blink outdoor camera

But Blink cameras don’t work without WiFi as it needs or requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi internet connection this camera uses Wi-Fi to send images and notifications and you can even view all the notifications in the Blink app on your mobile phone.

Blink cameras don’t record 24/7 as we can watch live video for a short period and the live duration of these cameras is about 5 minutes if you want to start live duration then say Alexa show. Blink cameras can record and even save videos and pictures in the cloud and we can watch them anytime on the cloud.

These cameras have mini cameras that capture 1080p video at 360fps and it can record video whenever it detects motion.

The most important thing about this Blink app is that anyone can sign in to your Blink account from a new device and can view or manage Blink devices or accounts.

This camera has 2 batteries and if these batteries die they can be replaceable but if the battery dies then the camera will no longer be able to record or function properly.

Installation And Performance

As we all know setting up and installing Blink cameras are quite easy, just download the app create the account and follow all on-screen instructions even you can scan the QR code on your phone by creating a system name and after 15 minutes when the camera starts blinking blue to green tap discover the device and then connect to WiFi network and then set your Wi-Fi password to connect cameras immediately.

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After 30 seconds tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner, select the camera and scan the QR code. After another 30 seconds, the camera is ready for firmware update and then it starts mounting, connects the mount to the backyard deck snaps the camera on the base and then the installation is complete.

Blink cameras have sharp daytime video testing, it has black and white night video quality that appears sharply out around 10 feet or so. Sometimes motion alerts appear quickly and false alerts are very few. When the instalment is ready you will face no problem or trouble in viewing videos on Amazon Echo Show by using Alexa voice commands.

Blink Cameras subscription

Blink Cameras subscription plan is similar to Rings and this thing is not surprising as both companies are owned by Amazon. The basic plan starts which costs $3/month or $30/year, you can even get 60 days of cloud storage for a single camera.
For the subscription, there is a plus plan of $10/month or $100/year and this gives you the same amount of storage for an unlimited number of cameras at a single location.

You can plug in a USB device if you want to pay for the subscription and if you have an older blink camera of Blink XT2 then you will get free cloud storage and it doesn’t matter when you have borrowed the camera. Blink cameras don’t work with Google as it works with Alexa and if you want a full wireless security camera then Blink outdoor cameras are the best choice for your home.

amazon blink outdoor camera

Blink Camera Overview

Blink outdoor cameras have lots of improvements as it is one of the best security cameras that you can purchase for less than $100. This camera is small in size and records good quality videos and black and white pictures.

New customers won’t get the free cloud storage that Blink XT2 has and even you can store videos and pictures in the cloud and can see them anywhere and anytime on your smartphones and you don’t have to pay anything for a subscription.

The best part about this camera is it can record audio and the live stream is not for 24/7 as it has two batteries if these batteries die then they can be replaceable i.e. these batteries are the same as remote batteries.

Photos and videos are captured or stored in the cloud for 60 days and after 60 days these photos are automatically deleted from the device. Sometimes Blink cameras make noises as they convert audio into a digital stream.

Amazon’s Newest Outdoor Blink Cameras Promise Battery Life As Well As Range

The Amazon outdoor cameras are amazing as these cameras are different as well as unique features. Amazon has introduced these cameras for new devices and these cameras are a mixture of Fire TV gadgets Echo, and Eero. Even though there were many cameras and accessories for the blink and ring, they are quite different from outdoor blink cameras.

Blink Cameras has introduced a new Blink outdoor floodlight camera at the worth rate of $160 this camera has some motion activity for security lighting as well it also has a new battery extension pack as this extension pack helps for the existing Blink outdoor 4 cameras.

This battery pack also promises for extension of the battery life by up to 4 years at the cost of $30. This device is also available for pre-orders so you can order it now if you want to buy this Amazon blink camera.

Amazon also introduce its new Blink module Pro next year at the price rate of $50 as it has promised to extend the Wireless Range of outdoor cameras so that we can get an amazing overview of our house the process is so simple you just have to connect it with your Wi-Fi and you can keep an eye on your property.

More Features Of Amazon Blink Cameras

Amazon has introduced both indoor as well as outdoor blink cameras and these cameras are also available for pre-order at the rate of $180.

These cameras are wireless which also promises us a better audio system with improved mics as well as smarter motion detection with some alerts so that we can get a notification when any detection is seen in the area.

Amazon has considered the problems that people face on their home cameras and even they have noted all these problems.

Amazon has also introduced a ring Alexa on the Alexa app as it also includes some routines that turn your light on whenever the ring doorbell rings or any other ring alarm security system is disarmed at that time.

Many Alexa players or users are also looking for some of the beneficial features as well as updates of the Amazon Blink outdoor cameras. These cameras are one of the best cameras that you can use outside of your house as you will get a clear image as well as video quality.

Amazon Blink Outdoor Camera

Features of Amazon Blink Outdoor cameras:

  • The Amazon blink cameras have great range as well and they also have a high standard of reliability.
  • These cameras are solid for outdoor security and even these cameras are wireless. The battery used in these cameras can last for 2 years.
  • The user can also communicate in real-time and you can also talk to the workers directly through the speaker or microphone of the camera.
  • The Amazon blink cameras have clear video quality at 1080p HD.

Disadvantages Of Amazon Blink Cameras:

  • The Amazon Blink outdoor camera can stream live only for 5 minutes.
  • Even they gave a single infrared sensor so you can’t see your family faces who are visiting your home.
  • The Amazon outdoor blink camera has 110 degrees of view but other cameras have a view at least of 120 degrees.


Blink cameras are also known as night cameras as they can record or click pictures even at night. It is a waterproof camera which has an IP65 weather rating but blink indoor cameras are not waterproof.

It has a long battery life of 1080p video and easy installation making the blink camera the best choice for many users.

Even with Blink cameras we can turn on the microphone and listen to the conversation in the Blink app and it is an easy way to listen to or capture videos of our homes but the sad part about these cameras is that anyone can disable Blink cameras as it has security vulnerabilities that hackers can hack the cameras and take away all the necessary information.

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