The Upcoming Apex Legends events 2023 | Anniversary Celebration and Tournaments

apex legends collection event

Apex Legends Collection Event

The collection of the event for the apex legends is also known as the Doppelganger collection event. This event is going to be organized or introduced on the next heirloom level of cosmetics for the revenant. This Doppelganger collection event is going to be launched on Tuesday, October 17 and it will run at the end of season 18 on October 31st.

This is the sixth prestige skin that has been added to the Apex Legends as it is also known as Apex Nightmare. This fitting name and the skin for the revenant has reborn stories that make it a more perfect apex predator and even a nightmare for other players too.

This apex nightmare skin has a Dutch of the titan pilot as the theme of the past skins has gone through all the revenant signature styles. It has added 2 and 3 even more armour to the skin in the World of Warcraft lick-king look.

Even it has a chest plate opening that reveals an infernal furnace.

apex legends collection event

Doppelganger Collection Event Cosmetics In The Apex Legends

Like the other collection events, the Apex Legends this event has the feature of 24 new limited cosmetics for the players it can also unlock the revenant prestige skin, these cosmetics have 6 legendary legend-making and 6 matching legendary weapons and even it has 13 epic cosmetics that gas a mix banner of frames, poses, legend, emotes and also has weapon skin. It also has stickers and gun charms.

Apex Legends has f stop are you my success in my lifetime and I was hoping for the regular content drops and the game update it also includes the Apex Legend event. This event is going to be a milestone in the calendar of Apex due to its extra content.

As it is going to be seen in season 18.

Even the theme of this event has been centred around making this Doppelganger and other legends as the skin also includes a wraith and a mastiff, a new castle and hemlock, a pathfinder and a spitfire and also has vantage and a sentinel.

It has four legendary weapons and has legendary skin in the apex of the legendary Doppelganger collection event.

It Is A New Game Mode And Have Tricks N Treats Trio

Players are more happy when they hear about the Doppelganger collection event as it has come with the new brand which has a new mode for the trio’s. It also introduces the new king of the surviving item that is known as a copycat kit as it allows a person to copy the ability of some great legends.

We can see that the Wraith has used the caustic ultimate and the vantage by using the mirage decoy as it is one of the favourite fans that has created all such kinds of new and even more interesting mechanics for different types of legends and their abilities.

This trio game has been available in Kings Canyon, Olympus and even in the World Edge as it has been getting the after-dark treatment as the Apex Legends Doppelganger collection has been going to start on 31st October on Tuesday and we all are super excited for it.

apex legends collection event

Ongoing Apex Legends Events

Here are some of the ongoing events that are going to happen.


Season 18 is currently ongoing in Apex Legends as it has features of the revenant reborn and the players can also obtain the brands for the new battle pass.

The Collection Of The Events

Date 17th of October as this event is going to be organized at the start of October and it can end at the end of the month.

What Is New In The Next Apex Legends Events

As new events are going to happen it is going to be frequent as it is season 18 and we all are super excited about it.


DATE : 31st October 2023

Season 19 is going to arrive after the current season ends and it will be just before Halloween.

Christmas Collection Event

This Christmas collection event is also known as the Winter Tide collection event as it has lots of features like festive skins and it also has limited time modes and even more things.

Here are some of the upcoming tournaments in the Apex Legends Events 2023

● Her Galaxy Open

It is going to be organized on May 19 to 20 and July 24 to 25 as it is going to be held online in Canada. It is an open tournament as this series is for women that will feature some of the brave competitors and even in starting it has hundreds of teams.

● Zephyrs Showdown May Qualifier

This event is going to be on May 19 as it is put on by the Zephyrs and the format is of 2 qualifiers and has 1 final. It has 20 teams that can play first and then 10 as it can move to the second qualifier and the top 10 will have advanced finals.

● Douyu 2024 Titan Cup Season 1

It is going to be held on May 18 and 28 and this tournament is going to take place in series as it consists of two groups of 40 teams that are playing the best of 6 it includes 10 invited Chinese teams and 10 non-Chinese teams and 20 from qualifiers.

● Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Challenge Circuit 4

It provides the team with an opportunity that qualify for the ALGS 2023 championship last chance qualifiers and even the winning region can also earn the spot at the last chance.

● Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Split 2 Playoffs

This ALGS 20w3 split 2 will be one of the second of three LANs that is going to be in London as the finale finishes the split 2. The prize pool is a $1,000,000 prize for the team from all over the world and they can share their world competing that can secure their place in the championship.

● Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Last Chance Qualifiers

It is going to be held on 21st July 23rd July. They give a last chance to the qualifiers from all the regions that haven’t made the ALGS 2023 championship and these teams can be seeded based on the finishing placement in the split 2 playoffs, as this split 2 has a pro league and even it has a spot 2 challenger circuit.

● Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship

The date of this championship is still pending and the prize is $2,000,000 the location is London as the date has been yet to be declared but the ALGS 2023 will final the LAN in the London for 2022 to 2023 season of the Apex Legends global series and it has a feature and has big amount of prize pool in the pro scene of the $2,000,000 with more $6,000,000 as it is going to be on the first place.

apex legends collection event


You can celebrate the Apex Legends anniversary and get some of the rewards when you log in as this celebration is going to be on

● February 14 to February 21

You can log in and get the reward in week 1 by permanently unlocking the crypto and a thematic pack.

● February 21 to February 28

You can permanently unlock Ash and have a thematic pack if you want to unlock the legends but make sure to drop legendary when it has an apex legend as it launches on February 14 and you can start claiming your rewards.

You Can play Apex Legends for free and now you can play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

You can even follow the apex legends on Twitter, and Instagram and even you can subscribe to YouTube channels. You can even sign up today and receive the latest Apex Legends news update scene contacts and even exclusive offers and many more things you can also receive news products, events and even promotions by email.


Therefore this event is also known as the Doppelganger event as it is one of the famous events that has been going to be organized on 17th October 2023.

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