Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf season 19: Release date, cross-progression, New Legend conduit and everything that you should know

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf - toutzone

There are lots of games in the market and it is difficult to find which game is best suitable for the gamer’s choice. These games have their features and specifications but it depends upon the gamer and his choices on what kind of game they want to play. As one of the most amazing games. Apex Legends and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary information about the Apex Legends patch game so read this article carefully so that I can explain it to you in a better way.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf - toutzone

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf

Aa the Apex Legends has been developed by Respawn Entertainment and this game has been announced as the new event that has been organized. The official trailer of this game has been uploaded to the game’s official YouTube channel.

The game is based upon the collection of events that have been kept to kill and introduced 24 unique premium cosmetics in the game and even the players have to collect them and then they have to unlock Horizons long awaited heirLoom weapon.

In paid cosmetics, these events will have many features and they can enjoy a free reward track that includes Bocek weapons skin, 2 Holo Sprays Bloodhound skin and even other goodies like crafting metals as it will be available to the players if they progress and win the reward track.

We can also buy some cosmetic bundles in the game store during the duration of the event but other cosmetics are not available at the event.

The Apex Legends patch has lots of bug fixes and quality-of-life updates and even there are some changes to legends and weapons as well. Seer is getting a serious nerf as it has a total range of passive heartbeat sensor reduction from up to 75 m to 50m and the attention ability also has been reduced from 75 m to 60m. Even the ultimate ability is now 15m as previously it was 50m but the tactical ability no longer can cancel the healing of the enemy.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf

Apex Legends season 19: Release date, cross-progression, new Legend conduit and everything that you should know:

Passive: Assassins Instinct

Apex Legend patch has a highlight that is nearby visible to all the enemies who don’t have enough strength or are low in health. The player can walk faster and he can climb so that he can kill his enemies.

Balance updates

1. Armour changes

● In the Apex Legend patch they can change their armour from white to blue evo points are required and they can increase up to 200.

● It also has increased the base rate of the fire.

2. Crafting Rotation

● Crafting rotation is also available as Rampage and R-99 can leave the Crafter and come back on the floor. Even both Nemesis and Mozambique with the Hammerpoint enter the crafter.

● If you want to remove the rotation you can double tap on the Trigger and hammer point round. Then the Medkit price will increase automatically to 20 as before it was 15.

● Projectile gravity is also increased.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf

Legends Update

Tactical:- It focuses on the Attention

● The range has been reduced to 60 m as it was 75 m before.

● It also increases the speed of the firing i.e. 30%.

● It also removes heal cancel.

● It also removes Revive cancel.

● It removes the Respawn Beacon interaction with the interrupt.

● But the scan time has been reduced up to 2.5s. As scan has full body highlight and even the enemies are slowed for 2.5s.

● Enemies are silenced by the seer and it is highlighted with the threat.

Ultimate: Exhibit

● The throw range has been reduced up to 15m.

● It also removes the diamond scan on the enemy movement.

● The diamond markers will appear with the enemy gunfire for only 1.25.

Quality of life

1. Firing range

Customise the firing range with these options:

● First, you have to select a new option to switch on the third person.

● Then the new option will show you a General timer.

● You will get a Shield helmet to protect yourself.

General dummies and the collision updates

● It also has frequency improvements and the firing range adds more hot links to gain weapon mastery in XP and at the end of the game just tap on the weapon.

● It has audio Indian stability improvements.


● You can destroy with jump pads and crypto drones on the castle wall that can impact other placeable objects.

● It also has extended support so that it can help the legends who have dead teammates.

● You can remove the class subtaps and add a new Legend bio tab.


● Apex Legend has added a new menu option that has a clamp Mouse cursor in the game.

● The high-end graphics give the chance to cool down between matches.

● To add new weapons you can tap on the backgrounds.

Bug Fixes

● The game More button can work while in game modes.

● Even the player can adjust the sizing and positioning of the element on the switch communication wheel so that it can give more breathing room.

● You can’t freeze UI while it is in use and it also has to review inventory.

● In ranked matches the challenges of the game are no longer to NBR version.

● When the player dies out of boil it has a fixed black line to kill the feed.

● You will also get a fixed gift notification after returning from the lobby.

● There are many fixed players from different teams that can ride in the same Trident.

● You will also get 6 support beans so that you can be prevented from providing the survival items.

● Players cannot get stuck inside the Trident collision box.


● It has fixed animation not to play audio in rare cases.

● Even It has improved periodisation for some certain Enemies’ movement sounds so that they can catch it.

● They can also play duplicate audio even for players’ moments.

● It has fixed moment sound taking priority over footsteps.

● It has fixed incorrect sound effects when a ballistic hits a teammate with the whistler.


1. Broken Moon

● It has added Building West Of The Core in the minimap.

● The loot trick will now automatically correct the drop at the production yard.

● You can also remove invisible collisions above the playing field.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Seer Nerf

Will the Seer Nerfs in the Apex Legends End his Reign in the Meta?

● Seer Nerf includes some of the changes and also all its three abilities ie passive, ultimate and Tactical.

● The Tactical focuses on the attention as it no longer cancels the use of the healing items.

● The main range of the passive ability heartbeat sensor has been reduced by 15 meters.

As Seer has been introduced in season 10 of Apex Legends it has been a staple of the scan meta. But during its launch date, this was more powerful than he is now and the call for Seer Nerf has been constant. On the June 28 patch, it was dressed to kill the collection event and how it affected the Seer.

Seer Pick Rate is Down

Some interesting changes According to Apex Legend status.com the rate of Seer is very low as on the June 28 patch announcement the price was 2%. But in the past two seasons, the price rate has been half. In season 16 we saw a massive loss in its next ring location.

As there have been some changes to his kit that have reduced its pick rate but for any Seer main out don’t worry so much. The powerful Legend will give you a fight as it has abilities that are changing but it doesn’t mean he has become useless.

Seers Passive – Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensor Nerfs/Changes

● The range has been reduced to 50 m.

● The initial Heartbeat delays as it is reducing significantly.

Seer has the strongest assist which has been the Heartbeat sensor passive ability. Even it knows that the Enemies are in the best piece of knowledge that you can have in a battler. The Heartbeat sensor has been reduced by 15 meters to 50 instead of 75. As in last season, he received a Seef that put a bit of delay on the Heartbeat sensor picking up enemies.

Seer Tactical: Focuses on Attention

The focus of Attention Nerfs/Changes

● The range has been reduced to 60 m.

● The firing speed has also increased.

● It also has removed heal cancel.

● It also has removed revive cancel.

● Removed the Respawn Beacon interaction interrupt.

● The scan has reduced its time to 2.5.

● The scan once again includes a full body highlight.

● It focuses the attention of 2.5s.

● Silence time has been increased to 10.

● Enemies have been silenced by Seer as is highlighted by the threat outlined to Seer and its teammates.


The above information about Apex Legends is accurate and I have tried my level best to explain to you thoroughly. I hope you have received all the necessary information about it and thank you for sharing your valuable time reading this article. If I have missed anything, do tell me in the comments section so that I can do better next time.

Thank you!

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