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asus proart studiobook 16

ASUS ProArt StudioBook 16

The new Asus part Studiobook 16 is a new and fresh OLED workstation that transcends and goes far beyond the extraordinary. It is an unstoppable 13-generation Intel which has vast amounts of memory and ultra-fast storage as it is the world’s first 16-inch 3.2k 120 HZ 3D OLED display with the ASUS spatial vision technology that provides us with the exceptional glasses-free 3D experience.

It has a stylus-compatible haptic touchpad and an ASUS dial rotary system. It has 64 GB RAM and 8 TD SSDs. The Asus part studiobook 16 is available with AMD or other Intel processors. Mobile workstations need a large quality screen and have plenty of computing power.

ASUS ProArt book has lots of features for the users of creative apps and there is a wheel on the keyboard area that is called ASUS dial and graphics tablet capabilities built into the touchpad.

asus proart studiobook 16

The laptop is available with AMD and Intel processors and even this part studio book is quite heavy and big that weighs up to 2.4kg and measures 36.2cm wide by 26.4 cm deep by 1.99-2.14cm thick it needs a size bag and strength to tote around.

The power adapter of the laptop is too big which adds more weight to the travel bag and the build is very solid with the MIL-STD 810H signifying the compatibility of the laptop to withstand knocks and even drops.

Build for Creatives from Oled to Ryzen

As this 16-inch laptop the serious horsepower it is not at all surprising that this studiobook isn’t small but is more compatible than anyone can expect even if it contains are more portable computer laptop.

It is well made and is reflective of its price tag as its price is high but the features are so good that the budget for this gadget doesn’t matter at all.

The keyboard of the laptop offers a satisfying typing experience but these keys don’t have any specifications but these keys are quite snappy and bouncy.

Even the keys in the laptop look too small which needs some adjustments. The physical dial takes some vertical space and even the keyboard is shifted upwards.

Dial In Your Workflow

Above all this, the laptop has an eye-catching physical dial and it also has a knob embedded slightly into the chassis on the top of the flush with the keyboard deck the outer edge of the laptop is textured for the grip and even it spins with ease.

The Asus dial comes to life in the Adobe Creative Suite. Pressing the dial brings a unique menu complete with a brush option group.

Speaking about the touchpad, the proart touchpad has three mouse buttons instead of two as compared to other laptops.

These buttons include a middle button which is for computer-aided design and other independent software vendors. Even the left and right are useful for left and right clicks with the middle hold button.

What is Asus Proart used for?

As when we read about asus proart many people don’t know about it as they haven’t heard the name of Asus proart ever before so in today’s article I am going to tell you about Asus Proart as it has been designed for our workflow.

The Asus Proart is one of the most comprehensive ecosystems of monitors, desktops, laptops, components as well and accessories. It also provides some professional creators with one of the most stable foundations for our inspiration.

The Asus Proart is best used for our office work as we can also play games on it and even though it is a little expensive its features are amazing so you can buy it so that you can experience an amazing journey with it.
What are the unique features of Asus Proart Studiobook 16:

If you are looking for one of the most unique features of Asus Proart Studiobook 16 here I will provide you with some unique features of this Studio book as these features are as follows:

  • The Asus proart studiobook 16 has been crafted for creators as it will give you precise control over every action.
  • The Asus proart Studiobook 16 can also give you intuitive control over your actions.
  • The Asus proart studio book 16 gives you a three-button Touchpad as they have been designed for 3D designers.
  • These designers have designed this button for a special control application as these special application functions are Pan, rotate or Orbit.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook 16

Does the Asus Proart Studiobook 16 have a touchscreen?

Asus proart Studiobook 16 has a certified colour-accurate 16-inch 3.2k 120 Hz oled touch screen this touch screen will give you full justice so that you can create and creative vision and even you can enjoy and even you can control your apps with a large as well as compatible touchpad. Asus Proart Studiobook 16 gives you an amazing test screen with an Asus dial rotary control.

How much GPU wattage does the Asus Proart Studiobook 16 have?

If you are working on complex 3D scenes, high-quality live streaming, or High-resolution video, proart studio book 16 is one of the most amazing studio books as it can complete your task efficiently so you can also thanks to its advanced features in the GPU includes a Tracing as well as AI acceleration for one of the most fastest GDDR6 memory and it also can increase its GPU power from 80w to 110.

Asus Proart Studiobook 16 Reviews

The Asus proart studiobook 16 is one of the most impressive laptops that has been made with content creators. It has a more versatile input dial and it also has a 4k OLED screen that gives us high-flying AMD and Nvidia components.

Pros of Asus Proart Studiobook 16

● The Asus proart studiobook 16 has a gorgeous 16-inch as well as 4k OLED display as this display has come with high color gamut coverage.

● The Asus proart studiobook 16 has a unique Asus dial as it provides us a contextual input for the Adobe Creative apps.

● The Asus proart studiobook 16 had AMD Ryzen 9 as well as Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU as it has a creative workload.

Cons of Asus proart studiobook 16:

● The Asus proart studiobook 16 keyboard is truncated as it makes room for the dial.

● The Asus proart studiobook 16 has slow storage throughout testing.

asus proart studiobook 16

Components and Performance Testing

Pro-grade Speed

It has a high-end gaming laptop that may cost similar with some price-pushing parts and the costs change from different places. The unit we can send is 32GB RAM but the real version will sell up to 64 GB. The price of this study book starts from $1,599.99 and it also includes a 2.560 by 1,600 pixel display with a refresh rate of 120 HZ.

Productivity Test

Three benchmarks focus on the CPU that is used for all available threads and cores. The Maxon Cinebench R23 uses the company’s cinema 4D engine for the complex scene with some primate labs. The Geekbench 5.4 Pro simulates the popular apps that range from the PDF from speech recognition to machine learning and rendering.

They use the open-source video transcoder Handbrake 1.4 to convert a 12-minute video to 4k to 1080p resolution.

Battery and Display Test

Here we can test the life of the battery by using a locally stored 720p video file with a brightness of 50% and the audio player system at 100 until the system shuts. But make sure that the battery is fully charged before testing with Wi-Fi and keep the other keyboard lighting off.

We can also use the data colour Spyder X elite monitor to measure the colour of the laptop screen colour with the percentage of RGB, Adobe RGB and DCI P3 gamut and it has brightness at windows of about 50% and peak settings.

asus proart studiobook 16

The battery life of this ASUS Proart studiobook is okay and it is short for rivals by a good few hours and has less day stamina. Six hours are enough than two or three but it doesn’t get the whole working day as with many gameplay and media creations any workload is done better on the AC power but you can even use the system on the road if you need it as it has both battery life and weight.

The display of the ASUS Proart Studiobook 16 laptop has a 16-inch OLED panel that delivers the average brightness and the coverage of the colour and if you are editing photos or doing any other sort of work like colour matching work then OLED goes a long way.


The Proart Studiobook 16 OLED ASUS dial and stylus-supporting touchpad have the potential to game change.

It has a huge 2TB SSD on the review unit and SD express and it also shows commitment to the users working with large quantities of the data and has high-end AMD that has processing power and graphics like NVidia graphics that have more evidence of that ambition.

It is not a device for mainstream users, and some may bemoan the lack of a bundled stylus with the touchpad. It has 16 sets of high bars for the Windows-based creator laptop.

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