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Electric toothbrushes are one of the most important things for your oral health, You should choose your one very wisely.

It is said that taking care of every part of the body is very significant. In such a situation, when it comes to teeth, we can easily know their importance.  An electric toothbrush is a device that tells the condition of teeth, which is not too difficult to use.

So how to go about finding the best electric toothbrush? There are certain things to keep in mind when you buying an electric toothbrush.

Our teeth are a crucial part of our body. We sometimes become a little careless about their care. We assume that the brush we use every day is enough. We do not even pay attention to the fact that the brush we use, whether we are aware of it and we can use it properly. An easy solution for many such problems is the best electric toothbrush.

What is an Electric toothbrush

This electric toothbrush has contributed the most in providing the right way of brushing and all the information related to teeth.

You can include this electric toothbrush in your daily routine. What makes this device the most unique is its design, which is easy to use.

  • It can be used by children of all ages.
  • You can connect this toothbrush to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and see estimated proof of all the right and wrong movements you’ve done while brushing.

10 Best electric Toothbrushes


How electric toothbrush works

Being chargeable and portable, the device can be easily carried and used anywhere. About all the problems related to teeth, this device shows you the exact result on the screen of your smartphone.

Comfortable in the hand, this electric brush has curved bristles, which take care of the health of the gums. Along with counting the number of times you brush your teeth, it provides you with advice from experts related to oral health.

Why Electric toothbrush is different from a normal toothbrush

There are very exciting things we can do with an electric toothbrush which makes it special. The main function of this device is to keep the children’s habit of brushing perfect.  You will also know whether you are brushing well or not. With 2 weeks of battery life, you can comfortably take it anywhere.

Children love this device even more because it also has a handy game feature.

The biggest feature of this device is that you can change its brush with its stick and you can also share one brush with different people without any risk.

Now we understand that we have learned a lot about electric toothbrushes. Now let us directly talk about that for which you are reading this article. So, without further delay, let us tell you about the 10 best electric toothbrushes that take care of your health as well as your pocket.

List of 10 best electric toothbrushes:

1. Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric toothbrush

Oral B 6000 vs 7000 vs 8000 Toothbrush (2021 Comparison)

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric toothbrush are smartphone compatible and can be controlled by a smartphone with help of an app. It also tracks your habits over time and instructs you to focus on the most important area of your mouth so that you can clean your mouth properly.

It includes six methods of cleaning teeth, daily cleaning, gum care, sensitivity, tongue cleaning, deep cleaning and whitening, so you can brush your teeth in line with your oral health goals.  This top-rated model is available in three colours: Black, Rose Gold and White.

2. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700 Electric toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9700 Series Unboxing & Overview in 4K -  YouTube

This electric toothbrush comes with three heads, each one is designed to tackle hard to reach areas in your mouth.

You can pair this brush with your smartphone and tablets and can take control of your hand. This electric toothbrush gives you personalized suggestions to show you not only how to brush teeth properly but also what surface of your teeth you are missing. Isn’t it amazing!

3. Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush

best Electric Toothbrush

If you are searching for an electric toothbrush that gives you overall satisfaction, this is the best.

This toothbrush has oscillating and rotating bristles which clean 360 degree of your mouth.
This is one of the most recommended electric toothbrushes by the dentist.

4. Rotadent electric toothbrush

best Electric Toothbrush

Rotadent electric toothbrushes have 360-degree movable heads for efficient cleaning of the mouth.

It has a 2-minute, 5-minute timer setting, you can customize during brushing which helps you to save time while brushing your teeth.

The speciality of this brush is that you can change the head accidentally which makes it different from other electric brushes.

5. ISSA Toothbrush by Foreo

best Electric Toothbrush

This is the battery-operated electric toothbrush. The battery lasts for 6 months so no need to charge it on regular basis.

Its silicone bristles are soft to use and the company claims that it is 35 times more hygienic than regular bristles.

6. Quip Custom Bundle Electric toothbrush kit

Quip Review: What to Know Before You Buy | Wirecutter

This electric toothbrush works on a subscription basis. To enjoy the oral health-related service, you can opt for this.

Quip provides you with multiple brush options and they provide the option to add floss or toothpaste.

7. Arm & Hammer Spinbrush electric brush

Spinbrush™ Pro Clean™

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush electric brushes have action technology, one is spinning and the other is side to side bristle movement.

This electric brush is quite expensive in comparison to others. This electric brush also has a rotating function and the head can be changed with a new one after getting old.

8. Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips-Sonicare-Flexcare-Plus-Sonic-Electric-Rechargeable-Toothbrush-HX692102  - Evesham Dental Health Team

This brush has overall all the features that a standard electric brush should have. It oscillates back and forth at a frequency of about 20,000 cycles per second which means too fast.

This electric brush is best for the person who is suffering from plaque as it creates high frequency which creates a cavitational force that blasts off the plaque without actually touching the tooth.

9. Oral B pro-1000 electric toothbrush

best electric toothbrush

Oral B pro-1000 electric toothbrush is Affordable and easy to use. It has a pressure sensor that ensures that you are applying enough pressure on your teeth and gums.

This electric brush is highly rated and sports friendly. It has a timer that buzzes every 30 seconds to let you information action when it is time to brush different sections thof e mouths.

10. SMILE DIRECT CLUB electric toothbrush

best Electric Toothbrush

Affordable and easy to use is the main reason for adding this brush to this list.
It offers a 2-minute timer and a quadrant timing to ensure evenly brushing in the right areas in the right amount of time.

So these are the 10 best electric toothbrushes that can take care of your overall oral health – teeth, gums and mouth in a very good way.

Taking care of oral health is most important, so it is very important to know which products to use to keep your teeth and gums the most healthy.

Hope you liked this article. If you found this information helpful then share it with friends and family.

Stay healthy yourself and contribute to building a healthy society.


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