10 Essential Features of the Blink Home Monitor App for Seamless Surveillance

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Blink Home Monitor App

The founder of the Blink home monitor app is “Konstantinos Kousouris”.

Blink home monitor app is an app that helps us to connect with our home through our phone in full HD video so that we remain protected and that is what we need in today’s life. With multi-system support, we can use this link to watch what is happening in our home while we are on vacation on holiday or busy at the same time.

This app also provides various standard features such as live view, two-way audio without any subscription and lots more as this Blink subscription also adds some additional features for those who want them.

Blink app is a safe app as it is a communication between you, your services and Blink, which includes your data, traverses the internet via encrypted HTTPS traffic using TLS.

Encryption during communication ensures information that cannot be read or manipulated and is unauthorized by third parties.

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Features Of Blink Home Monitor App

1. AUDIO:-

Blink cameras also convert the audio into a digital stream so it can be heard for live views and recorded clips. During this conversation, extra sounds can sometimes be heard and these sounds may sound like a cluster of noises, scrambled distortion, chirps or clicks that disturb a lot while accessing a live view or playing back a recorded clip.


Blink cameras require 2.4 GHz with a Wi-Fi internet speed connection. The camera uses Wi-Fi to send images and notifications so you can view them from the Blink app on your mobile device. A blink camera needs at least 2 Mbps speed and this camera helps to provide all information.


Blinks video doorbell has a two-way audio system HD video, motion detection, and blink app alerts, and this works with Alexa-enabled devices. A blink camera doorbell has two-sized AA batteries all the time so that all the information remains protected and secured.


Blink cameras are the brands of both Amazon and Google as these brands have their own identities but they get huge benefits from Amazon’s huge resources for the development of the product, marketing and distribution.

5. SAFE:-

It has high protection as it protects the device with shield attacks precisely and all the blink cameras have secured security systems usage of WPA 2 encryption to protect the footage and it also has encrypted recorded footage.


The blink weather is a resistant device that can withstand outdoor use and contact with water under certain conditions. These blink cameras are not meant for water as they are not waterproof and they may also experience some temporary effects by water or other weather conditions.


Blink cameras come with equipped infrared LED sensors, which let us see clearly in black and white at night.


In Alexa integration, all the cameras work with Alexa, which lets us control them with our voices.


This long battery is powered for blink indoor and blink outdoor cameras as it has a year battery life and it is the longest wireless security camera.

10. FREE APP:-

Blink app is a free app that is used to monitor the app with all blink cameras and it also enables us to see the live footage and all necessary alerts. It is free as it is a free app.

Use Of Blink Home Monitor App

  • Blink Home app is used to check what is happening at home from anywhere at any time.
  • This app connects your home to your phone in full HD video so you can see what is happening in your home.
  • You can even use Blink to watch your home, vacation, home, or business all at the same time
  • Blink app has affordable smart home security cameras and systems that help to monitor your home directly from your smartphone.
  • It is powered by two included AA lithium-ion batteries and works over Wi-Fi, sending alerts and recording video clips from 5 seconds to 60 seconds long when triggered by motion.
  • Blink app is free as it is comfortable with clearing your space on your device.
  • The Blink Home monitor app connects your phone to your phone for the ultimate peace of mind.

Blink Pricing: Monitoring and Storage

Blink has a wired floodlight camera, outdoor, indoor and mini that we chose for one of two subscription plans. This plan starts from $3 per month or it also has a plus plan for $10 per month.

It also has 60 days of cloud storage which means that the camera will record every motion and it can keep the clips in the cloud for 60 days and even can download ocean share these clips.

We also have skipped the subscription option and by not signing up for the subscription we will still get motion alerts and access to live footage but we will not be able to store, share or download video.

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Blink app gives at least some free cloud storage without a subscription, with Blink local video storage still an affordable and convenient option. We can also get a 30-day free trial on a Blink Plus subscription with the purchase of a Blink mini, blink outdoor, or Blink indoor camera.

If you want to buy a Blink Outdoor 4 system then you’ll get even more from the subscription plan, namely person detection.

However, this feature works only on the outdoor 4, and without actually testing it yet, we couldn’t confirm how well the feature works. Still, we recommend getting a subscription for that 60-day cloud video history so that you can see or prevail over the features.

Blink Home Monitor Security Camera System Costs And Pricing

These blink home monitor cameras come with a security camera as these cameras give amazing performance and these cameras also include outdoor, Indoor as well as Mini.

Blink home monitor cameras have gained a lot of attention from its users and even for years they have been sold out exclusively but as you know these cameras are best suited for indoor as well as outdoor.

Blink Home Monitor App: Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

As for many homeowners, one of the main things that comes to mind before going out is home security as it is their priority and for this, they want advanced technology so that they can keep their home secure and even they can keep an eye on their home.

So with the help of the Blink Home monitor app, they can keep an eye on their home as the tool allows them and even it provides all kinds of images as well as videos from time to time.

Blink home monitor app is a smartphone as it is well-known a smartphone application and even it gives a whole security camera that helps in the security of our homes.

Once the Blink home monitor is connected to Wi-Fi then it gives an amazing overview of the home and even you can go outside or even you can travel anywhere as there is no need to worry about your home security.

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Benefits Of The Blink Home Monitor App

The Blink Home Monitor app has many benefits as it is one of the best tools that is used for our home security and even there are many benefits these blink home monitor app and some of they are as follows:

Easy to use:

The Blink Home monitor app is super easy to use and anybody can use this app. It also allows you to see live footage and anybody can control the camera as it is super easy to use and control.


The Blink home security camera is one of the most affordable cameras that is available in the market.

Even these cameras have many options that are used for security and even these cameras don’t need a lot of money.

Customize Alerts:

The Blink Home monitor app also has customized alerts and you will get a notification or alert if any detection is detected by the camera.

No Contracts:

The Home Blink app is one of the security apps as it doesn’t require any contracts and even this app has many features that make this app amazing.


The Blink Home security cameras are wireless as these cameras are best for homes and even it is super easy to install and set up.

24/7 Monitoring:

The Blink Home Monitor app allows you to monitor your home continuously and it has many more secure features.

Remote Access:

The Blink Home app allows you to monitor your home anytime and you can easily keep an eye on your home anytime and anywhere.


Blink provides home security without any harm and at affordable prices it also has indoor, outdoor, mini and even wired floodlight cameras but they are priced but they are perfect for folks on a budget. Without a subscription, we can still access a live video and turn on the alerts from the home monitor app.

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