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Bose Unveils Smart Ultra Soundbar Dolby Atmos

Now Bose has introduced a new and advanced smart ultra sound bar which has an advanced dialogue processing system and Dolby Atmos. It replaces the smart soundbar 900. Bose has released a new flagship soundbar that is meant to deliver all types of sounds from the compact speakers and even the impact of the brand is renowned with all the new AI-inspired dialogues mode and this is designed to make sure you can’t miss any word during the louder action scenes. 

The new soundbar has the new AI dialogue mode which uses machine learning to learn how to balance voice and how to balance the surrounding sounds and even it uses dipole transducers and spatial techniques so that it can widen the soundstage. 

Soundbar 900 is similar to the Bose ultra soundbar as it is in the tongue depressed shape with tempered glass on the top surface up to 2.3 inches high and 4 inches deep and it is quite wide at 41 inches.

Bose ultra soundbar connectivity includes Spotify, Wi-Fi connection,  HDMI eARC, and Bluetooth. Even it has the feature of Amazon Alexa onboarding as with the Bose voice video you can even turn the TV into a channel or input asked for. the best part is it also allows control with the separate Google assistant. 

This Bose smart ultra soundbar is now available in black and arctic white at the rate of $899 and you can easily buy it on the official website of Bose at cost of the speakers can range from $50 to $1,000 per speaker depending on the type and quality of what we choose. We just need at least six speakers to set up a basic Dolby Atmos system which may cost a maximum of $300 and $6,000.

Bose Unveils New Flagship Dolby Atmos Soundbar

As we know Bose has unveiled a new flagship soundbar both have it will deliver one of the big sounds from its compact speaker and it is an impactful brand that is renowned for all the new AI-inspired dialogue modes it is also designed so that it can make sure that you will not miss any world during the loud action scenes.

The new smart ultrasound war has become one of the top of the Bose Sound Bar range as it has the previous flagship model IE smart Sound Bar 900.

It is a single-bar solution and it has no external rears or any other subwoofers as it is wireless and has rear speaker modules that are available as one of the optional extras.

Bose Unveils Smart Ultra Soundbar Dolby Atmos

Bose unveils Smart Ultra soundbar Dolby atmos features:

Bose has unveiled its smart ultra soundbar which has many features and some of them are as follows:

● It has clever audio processing that creates an effect of multiple sound dimensions.

● You can also hear many sounds that are coming from the other side of your seating position.

● The phase guide also helps to play some specific position details accurately.

● Even phase-guide has become one of the best with Dolby Atmos soundtracks that have been given by an object-based approach.

● Different sound effects have been placed with three-dimensional sound as Bose has claimed that this technology only works efficiently with horizontal spatial effects of the non-atmos mixes.

● The Bose unveils smart ultra soundbar as a new AI dialogue mode as it uses a machine that used to develop from listening to millions of content clips that continue automatically to adjust the smart ultrasound bar.

● This new system has become more careful as it knows how to balance the surround sound channel information in the doll by Dolby Atmos mixes with the dialogue channel.

● The smart ultrasound bar has clever processing that makes it more compatible than ever before.

● The smart ultrasound bar can also optimize the sound automatically as it responds automatically to change the setup in your room.

● The smart ultrasound bar also carries an HDMI port with eARC functionality and even with Wi-Fi assessing features such as airplay 2, Bluetooth for direct playback from smartphones or tablets and even Spotify connectivity.

How you can control the smart ultra soundbar by Dolby Atmos?

If you want to control a smart ultrasound bar then you can use voice if you wish as Amazon Alexa support and it also built an ability to connect it with external Google Assistant devices.

The hardware is used to deliver all the smart ultrasound war as it has various unique processes that make the Bose smart ultrasound war as custom arrays.

It has been tucked inside the bar as it is 41 inches long by 2.3 inches high and it is 4 inches Deep. It is oval and wrapped around a metal grille.

The Bose smart ultrasound bar is now available in the US and in the UK it will be available on 10 October in either Black Or Arctic white finishes so you can grab it anytime.

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Here are some of the features and specifications of the Bose Smart Ultra soundbar:-

New A.I Dialogue Mode:

  • AI dialogue mode debuts in the Bose smart ultra soundbar.
  • it uses the machine to learn to listen the millions of content clips and the soundbar automatically adjusts the tonal balance.
  •  it even makes spoken words easier.
  • It is an ultra soundbar that is very easy to hear without losing any other impacts of harsh or immersive sound effects that are very unsuitable. 

Dolby Atmos And Bose Spatial Technologies:

  • As you may know, the Bose smart ultra soundbar puts you in the centre of your movies or music system in an entirely different or new way by combining the custom arrays, dipole transducers, and even the low profile transducers with the Bose spatial technologies.
  • It also produces a new layer of realism as no other speaker can duplicate it.
  • Dolby Atmos creates the sound overhead on the other hand the smart ultra soundbar does more. 
  • Phaseguide technology adds new dimensions for precisely, pinning and placing to the right and the left where there are no speakers so while actors run past you not across the screen it was helicopters hover around you 
  • Even if the singer or any other artist is standing in the centre-left and performing and you can hear them performing centre-left in your room there is no doubt that the spatial effects are just effective.
  • The Bose truespace takes over the vertical experience by remixing signals to add height without adding ceiling speakers to it.

Size and Design

  • The Bose smart ultra soundbar is a mere of a maximum of 2.3” high and it is just 4′ deep and is long about 41′.
  • The main feature of this soundbar is that it has an oval-shaped design that looks unique.
  • The ultra soundbar is very beautiful with a wraparound metal grille, tight seams, clean lines, and polished impact-resistant glasses temperature on the top.
  • It fits beautifully under the television at 50′ or longer.

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Simplicity, Compatibility, Controls:

  • The Bose smart ultra soundbar delivers instant gratification across the board.
  • It is also set up straightforwardly with HDMI eARC and one cable that we can plug into the TV with our Wi-Fi that accesses the Spotify connection and Airplay 2 and it is super easy with Bluetooth. 
  • You can even pair it to your phone or other tablet and it takes just seconds for voice control the smart ultra soundbar works with the Google Assistant functionality.
  • The ultra soundbar has Amazon Alexa built and the feature that is used in the Bose voice4video with Alexa turns on the TV to the channel with just one single command. 
  • The smart ultra soundbar works with flexibility and it is wireless with Bose bass modules and has rear speakers for complete home theater experiences.
  • The Bose speakers have a multi-room or whole-home system.
  • You can pair select the headphones of the Bose by using just simple sync in the Bose Music app for a better and more personal experience.
  • Even the independent volume controller allows you to mute or lower the soundbar which keeps the headphones as loud as necessary.
  • The music app also helps us to pair with the personalization and updates.
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The Bose smart Ultra soundbar has the smart ultra soundbar new AI dialogue mode that uses machine learning development from listening to millions of clips that is automatically and continuously adjusted to the smart ultra is available at great prices and even we can buy it online or on the official website of

It has high sound quality that will enhance our listening is very different from other soundbars and it has a stunning look the technology inside the premium Dolby Atmos soundbar is truly astonishing as it has nine speakers that are precisely arranged in the cabinet that includes two upward-firing dipole transducers and even it makes the setup very easy with a single HDMI eARC port by just enabling the connection to Dolby atmos enabling source. 

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