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Difference Between Cold and Flu: At first glance the flu and the cold can be seen as very similar conditions. However, there are several basic variations in the severity of the two conditions and the symptoms in which the patient suffers. Colds and flu are the same because they are both respiratory conditions. The flu is a very small illness that usually goes away in a few days, while the flu is very strong, and usually lasts a long time. In addition, there may be serious health problems with the flu, although this is not uncommon with the flu. Some symptoms are common in colds and flu, but there are several variations in other symptoms that can be a good indication that you have a cold or flu.


difference between cold and flu
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Fetching details about if you are suffering from cold or flu-influenza? Here rests your search. Talking about cold and flu the basic difference between the both is- their lasting time periods. where cold last for maximum 5 or 6 days, flu can last for 2weeks .

Generally flu is worsen than cold with more intense symptoms such as diarrhea much more common in children’s than adults.  For being more clear let’s first talk about their symptoms.

Symptoms of common cold

Since cold and flu shares or reflects the common symptoms it’s little tricky to clarify whether one is suffering from normal cold or serious flu.

Cold is most common thing most people will be affected during the winter seasons and few of them are also seen during the summer seasons it is a most common thing which  is an infection of the upper respect where most of them present to us as:-

  • A running nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Block nose
  • Headache
  • Throat pain Cough can be dry
  • Joint pains muscle pains and sometimes weakness

Symptoms of flu-influenza

As mentioned above cold and flu shares nearly same symptoms so judging on basis of symptoms alone will not clarify whether you are suffering from cold or flu but still you need to keep an eye upon your signs your body is reflecting. The common symptoms are:-

  • Fever
  • Aches
  • Chills(fairly common)
  • Weakness
  • Sneezing (sometimes)
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Some may have vomiting or it can even cause diarrhea

It’s not necessary one who is suffering from flu will have fever

Can cold turn into flu?

The first question that comes in our mind sometimes is whether cold can turn into flu? or if I am suffering from common cold is it possible that i can develop flu?

The answer is ”No,” although cold and flu is caused by viruses but different strain of virus so it is not possible that if you are having cold it can turn into flu. cold is caused by many viruses but the most common of them are rhinoviruses whereas flu is caused by influenza virus infecting nose ,throat and lungs.

Difference between cold and flu

Now you must be wondering what is the difference between a common cold and flu allergies? let’s throw those in there two versus the regular flu strain we’ve been seeing and common cold

What is the main differentiating factor know runny nose typical allergy symptoms or your regular coughing and so it’s important to note that flu is presenting somewhat differently from what we would expect with those more common types of infections that were all used to coded  flu-influenza , the hallmark symptoms right now are a dry cough shortness of breath and fever and then down the list are all the other kinds of flu symptoms like muscle aches and weakness and the things that most people would get with the flu.

There are basically four types of influenza viruses as such A,B.C &D. Among these four Human influenza A &B viruses causes flu.

 Prevention And Medication

Prevention of common cold and flu are the same as what we are doing right now for covert 19. flu manners could be as simple

  • As washing our hands often
  • Not touching our hands to our face
  • When we are outside wearing a mask especially if you are not feeling well avoiding contact with people who are suffering from a bad bout of cold
  • Also we must work on our immunity it is the people with low immunity who are at a higher risk of having complications with a common cold these high-risk people are asthmatics diabetics people who are above 65 years of age or children less than two years of age those suffering from chronic illnesses like chronic liver diseases chronic kidney diseases cancers these are the people who should make it a point to wear a mask in public places and keep washing their hands or using a hand sanitizer.
  • When you are sick try to be at home for the first two or three days so that you do not spread the infection to others.
  • Work on your immunity ,immunity can be brought up by not just having any medicines or vitamins it is a sum total of our daily lifestyle adequate sleep adequate water intake having good healthy food including fruits vegetables a balanced diet maybe sometimes vitamin supplements do help in upping our immunity
what is the difference between cold and flu
image source: Dettol

Now about the vaccination

“Yes”, the severe flu illness can be prevented by vaccination vaccination is maybe 50 to 60 effective and every year a new vaccine is released by the government because the virus mutates(meaning the influenza virus change its shape and change its form )so the previous year’s vaccine is no longer effective and hence an influenza vaccine has to be repeated every year.

Who needs the vaccination?

Again vaccination is required more by the people who have low immunity because of having chronic illnesses which i had mentioned earlier so they are the people who should get vaccinated so that their severity of viral illness is less and they are less likely to suffer from complications of influenza.

Pregnancy and flu

Pregnancy is a stage when you have to be more carefully with your body as anything happening to you will not just affect you but to your unborn baby breathing inside you. Taking medicines is prohibited in the  first 12 weeks of the pregnancy by the doctors as this the time when your baby is developing vital organs. So. before going for any medication, do consult your doctor.

You can opt for medicines after 12 weeks of your pregnancy and even don’t go for all-in-one medicines to tackle my symptoms rather chose a single medicine for the symptom your are facing .

Home Remedies To Try During Pregnancy

Before going for medication you can also try out these home remedies to give you relief:-

  1. Adequate amount of rest.
  2. If having problem of sore throat ,gargle with salt water.
  3. Drink handsome amount of water to prevent dehydration.
  4. chicken soup to relive inflammation.
  5. Using packs(hot/cold) to overcome sinus pain.

Food To Boost Immunity Against flu and cold

We are always advised to eat healthy because 70% of our immune system is made up of our digestive system. Our eating habit decides the rate of infection any disease can cause our body whether it is normal cold or flu .

Consuming food enriched with probiotics helps our body to prevent harmful bacteria to reside in your intestine and thus preventing infection.

Probiotic foods are yogurt, kombucha miso with probiotic ensure you have prebiotic supplements too in your diet to enhance the multiplicity of beneficial bacteria’s  as such bananas and very specially  garlic( it contains compounds that not only prevents infection but also boosts immunity against common cold and flu ) onions dandelion green.

The fact is that cold and flu are preferred this season! There are many things we can do to promote health and prevent disease. With a healthy diet, exercise, stress management and proper exercise you may be able to pass this season without spending even a single day of illness! Sometimes, I admit, our lives can go away from us and before we know it or the flu has entered our body and we get the smells coming in. The next booklet will talk about flu and flu treatment so stay tuned!

A cold, flu or coronavirus – which one do I have? – BBC News



  • The flu is not as dangerous as the media and the medical community make you think.
  • The flu vaccine is less effective as it leads to faith and can cause serious side effects.
  • How healthy you are, your internal condition, determines the risk of a cold or flu. A bug (virus or bacterium) is the smallest of worries. They cannot thrive on a healthy system.
  • Control stress because stress is a powerful toxin in the immune system. If depression is a major issue, read the book “How to Stop Worrying and Get Alive” by Dale Carnegie.
  • Vital Adapt is a powerful herbal formula that helps the body adjust to stress. This formula helps to keep the immune system strong during difficult times. 2 is taken twice daily and 2 tablets of Desiccated Adrenal by Standard Process.
  • Only use whole healthy vitamin C as Pure Radiance C by The Synergy Company. Two pills two to three times daily.
  • For further protection use elderberry extract to add an extra level of protection against viruses.
  • Use herbs such as Echinacea, astragalus, andrographis complex to promote immune function.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your mucous membranes healthy, these layers are your main protection against irritants.


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