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Coronavirus are a family of RNA viruses that are important viral pathogens in animals and humans. There are four classifications of coronavirus, with two that are important causes of infections in humans. coronaviruses can cause both respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal infections in adults and children. It is very harmful virus or disease.

Here, the 6 New symptoms of Coronavirus are :

The CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) have added six new symptoms as possible indication of coronavirus.

The initial symptoms of coronavirus were being described as dry cough, high fever and respiratory problems. But now many more symptoms of this disease have been comes which have been listed by the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention).

Coronavirus 6 New Symptoms:

1. Chills.

2. Repeated shaking with Chills.

3. Muscle pain.

4. Headache.

5. Sore throat.

6. Loss of Taste or Smell to the list.

Chills are caused by rapid muscle contraction and relaxation. They are the body’s way to producing heat, when it feels cold. Chills maximum predict when fever comes or increases body’s cum temperature. CDC has mainly showed this symptom for coronavirus disease. They said that if you feel chilled but don’t have a fever. so, there are the possible reason of coronavirus. There are some people experience chills almost constantly and without any perceivable cause. condition that might cause chills with no fever feel cold. If you feel chills, cold, chillness, you have to need treatment your body.

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Repeated shaking with chills either feeling really cold or really hot with sort of cold sweets etc. It comes after chilling, The CDC listed different symptoms on world Health Organization website. They said thai it is literally same as chills. The CDC also says that if you have this symptoms, you have to immediate medical attention should be sought.

New symptoms of coronavirus
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Muscle pain are very common disease. some people will experience the muscular pain at some point in the lifetime. It is commonly found in old age people. But after the coronavirus disease the CDC explained that the Muscle pain is also the symptom of this disease. It can be controlled by resting these days either going outside and for sometimes have to do physical workout in your home.

Muscle pain new symptoms
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Headache are the most common form of pain. Not every type of headache is the symptom of coronavirus and some how not all headache need a Doctor’s attention, but when they start to your daily activities or quality of time. So it may be the symptom of coronavirus. Now, that time to talk to a Doctor. Headache is also the one of the main symptom which was CDC indication of coronavirus.

Headache symptom
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Sore throat is caused by viral infections. Like dry air, pollution and smoking etc. Pain and irritation in the throat that can occur with or without swallowing. It is very painful or scratchy feeling in the throat. It is mainly found when season going to change. We should prevent to the Sore throat. To away from sore throat disease we should take daily morning a plenty of liquid, gargling with warm saltwater. It can help us to keep smooth throat full day.

sore throat symptom
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Loss of taste or smell recently CDC have seen reports of patients with COVID-19 losing their sense of taste or smell. so, what could be causing this?

well, we don’t know exactly. but we can say according to the centers for disease control and prevention that it is also the new symptom of coronavirus. so, we have to noticed this symptom rapidly. It have the restored solution to us that is Garlic is very useful in restoring the sense of taste or smell. Its very easy task but not simple. Finally, cut two or three Garlic cloves and put them in one cup of water and cook it for five minutes. Now mix or strain and drink it. You can do it procedure two to three times a day.

no taste or smell symptom
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So, this was the 6 New Symptoms of Coronavirus. You have to take serious intensition of these Symptoms.


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