Final Fantasy XIV Cheats – PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series (Heroes & Villians)

final fantasy xiv cheats

Today there are many games and even these varieties of games are now available worldwide. All these games are different from each other and they have their features and specifications that make each game unique and different.

So many Gamers are super excited for new games that have been going to launch nowadays. So in today’s article, I will give you information about Final Fantasy XIV. I hope the provided information below is useful to you.

Final Fantasy XIV Cheats

Final Fantasy XIV is published by Square Enix and this game was directed and produced by Naoki Yoshida. It was released worldwide for platforms like PlayStation 3 and Windows in August 2013 and it has replaced the failed 2010 version. It also supports PlayStation 4, OS X, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series X and series S.

The designer of Final Fantasy XIV is Naoki Yoshida and Nobuaki Komoto and it has been programmed by Hideyuki Kasuga.

Final Fantasy artists are Hiroshi Minagawa, Akihiko Yoshida and Takeo Suzuki and it was written by Kazutoyo Maehiro.

final fantasy xiv cheats

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the greatest redemption stories in all the gaming as the title of this game is one of the second series of transitions from the single-player experience to an MMORPG.

Final Fantasy XIV has successfully Relaunched the part of Creative Business Unit 3 as it has CPU 3. The same team is responsible for all the development of the Final Fantasy XIV as it has an average number of 30,000 concurrent players on Steam and Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the most popular MMORPGs outside the world of Warcraft.

Final Fantasy XIV Premise

Final Fantasy XIV has lots of layers that have a creative character in the realm of Eorzea.

It also has a high fantasy setting that includes 5 potential races. In addition to these races there are 10 based jobs as these jobs act as the game RPG classes and each of them has their stats and abilities.

The title is an MMORPG and it has been intended to be played online for a better experience.

Final Fantasy XIV also has features for main Campion side missions and other activities.

Even Final Fantasy XIV has story machines and expansions that help to differentiate it from other MMORPGs on the market and similarly, it helps to show Final Fantasy has been narrated storytelling in its single-player releases and even it has carried the same torch for its MMORPG side.

Final Fantasy XIV has an Eorzean Adventurer who joins the Adventures Guild. Even players also have some face-off in the game.

final fantasy xiv cheats

Final Fantasy XIV Main Characters

In addition to this game, it has the player created as they have plenty of other important actors in the storyline of Final Fantasy XIV. There are also several dozens of characters and Quest gives us the main realm reborn version and its expansions. The main characters from Final Fantasy XIV include:-


The Warriors of Light

The Final Fantasy XIV has players that have been created characters of one of five Eorzean races and that can be male or female.

It also has an additional 10-based job that has been chosen from the behaviour of the characters’ play style and even the players have created the characters that have been customized so that they can work or interact with other players to create their characters.

Estinen Varlineau

Estineam is also known as Estinen Wyrmblood as it embodies the dragoon class in Final Fantasy XIV.

After getting its initial introduction in The Realm Reborn it has become one of the main players in the heavens world and the expansions of Endwalker.

G’rahala Tia

G’rahala Tia is another resident historian and marksman who has resided within the Crystal Tower.

Even he serves an important story role in both Shadowbringers and Endwalker extensions.

It is shown as one of the greatest gift marksmen as he accompanies the warrior’s light on several quests.

Y’shtola Rhul

Y’shtola Rhul is one of the main characters from Realm Reborn she is one of the most common characters that has been used in the game as she plays the pivotal role in the story of the FFXIV.


Cylva is a shadow keeper and is one of the important characters in the Shadowbri Gers expansion.

Even she has a barrel that she can see grooms the warriors of light but doesn’t play amazing all in the main story quest.



Emet-selch is one of the board important it is in the game Final Fantasy XIV as it is also known as Hades.

He is an Asian working man who brings a series of calamities that give signals to the end of the world.

He is also known as one of the main antagonists of the Shadowbringers expansion.


Elidibus is a mysterious masked man who claims to be an emissary for the true God of the Eorzea. Even it appears as an antagonist as he reveals himself to be devoted to balancing the light and dark.


Athena is one of the main antagonists as she has an ambition towards godhood that results in acting against the interest of the Eorzea.

final fantasy xiv cheats

Games In the Final Fantasy Series

At the beginning of 1987 Final Fantasy XIV was a series that has continued to be a preeminent RPG franchise. It has been one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time with 180 million units that have been sold across its titles.

The games in the Final Fantasy XIV series include:-

Main Numbered Entries

  • Final Fantasy in 1987
  • Final Fantasy 2 in 1988
  • Final Fantasy 3 in 1990
  • Final Fantasy 4 in 1991
  • Final Fantasy 5 in 1992
  • Final Fantasy 6 in 1994
  • Final Fantasy 7 in 1997
  • Final Fantasy 8 in 1999
  • Final Fantasy 9 in 2000
  • Final Fantasy 10 in 2002
  • Final Fantasy 11 in 2006
  • Final Fantasy 12 in 2009
  • Final Fantasy 13 in 2010
  • Final Fantasy 13 (A Realm Reborn in 2013)
  • Final Fantasy 14 in 2016
  • Final Fantasy 15 in 2023

Gameplay Of Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that has been featured worldwide as the players can interact with each other while playing the game. Players can even create or customize their characters in the game and it also includes gender, race, name and other facial features.

The players can also choose to be disciplined by the war or magic and even they are allowed to select a game server for each character so that it can support different languages as it is available on every server.

The supported languages have been located in specific regions like Europe, Japan, North America and Oceania and even players are advised to choose a server in their region.

The Players in Final Fantasy XIV can use a large library automatically so that it can translate the game’s terms and general phrases as it allows the player to speak in different languages so that they can communicate with different players.

Interface in Final Fantasy XIV

The home console and PC versions can use the user interface and control scheme. They are a combination of the keyboard, game controller and use that can be used for other console players as it is wireless which has been required for the forward.

On the PC and MacOS, the game has defaults to drag and drop Windows while on the control versions of 14 the default interface resembles the PlayStation 3 as it also has a bar option like menu, maps, locks and configuration options. It also has a display for both versions that includes the party status menu, mini-map, minimum action bar and message log.

The action and Battle commands are different from the PC and Mac OS versions as they support both point-and-click and keyboard input for commands. macro commands are customizable in action allowing the player to execute the desired abilities at the same time even if it has home control versions.

Some groups can be accessed through a combination of the shoulder button and the directional pad or the face button as the player can use the shoulder button so that they can cycle through the cross and the player can have quick access to command.

final fantasy xiv cheats

Armoury and Job System

Final Fantasy XIV is under the Armoury system as the characters are well equipped with different weapons that determine the character of the classes and the players can change their class by changing weapons.

Even the classes have been divided into four disciplines: discipline of Magic, discipline of War, master of physical compact and practitioners of the magical art, discipline of the handicrafts and hand man and so on.

The job system builds upon the Armoury system for the disciplines of War and magic as it allows for powerful skills, magic, weapons and armour in the game. This game has been based on classic Final Fantasy character jobs that have been suited to party-based combat.


So here I conclude and I hope the given information about Final Fantasy 14 is useful to you. I will try my level best to provide all the important and necessary information about this topic. Thank you for coming and sharing your valuable time in reading this article. That means a lot.

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