Exploring the Features of Fitbit Charge 6

fitbit charge 6

Fitbit Charge 6

Fitbit Charge 6 size is the same as the size of Fitbit 5 as the charger of Fitbit 5 can also work for Fitbit Charge 6 and even the bands of Fitbit 5 can be used in Fitbit 6 as both are the same in size and even the weight is also same.

The Fitbit 6 has a 1.04-inch full-color AMOLED display and has all health tracking sensors as it has the most accurate heart rate on the fitness tracker and it is even more compatible with gym equipment.

We can even control Google Maps, YouTube, Music and Wallet from your devices. With the help of AI and machine learning, we can learn the heart rate of our body which makes Fitbit 6 more advanced and accurate and even allows us to cool down the new features that are released in the gym.

Fitbit Charge 6

Fitbit hasn’t disclosed how much memory is there on the Fitbit 6 and even they haven’t shown how much data it can handle. Detailed information by the minute motion for the past seven years, it has daily health tracking for 30 days and it has an accurate heart rate at one-second intervals.

Fitbit is made up of Aluminum, glass and resin and has a touchscreen, even though it has an operating temperature of 14 to 113 degrees F. Most of the Fitbit products are water resistant to 50 meters as they are even used in gyms so the sweat of the workout doesn’t damage the Fitbit 6 charge.

Features Of Fitbit 6


The Fitbit 6 supports more than 40 exercise routines and even we can access it right in the tracker. But Fitbit 6 is quite different from Fitbit 5 as it only supports 20 plus activities and received the ability for all of them in the June 2023 update after 2 years when it was launched.


The Fitbit 6 also supports Google Maps as it helps the driver or the person to know the exact location of their destination. Even though it shows turn-by-turn directions on the Fitbit tracker you just have to connect your smartphone to the tracker so you can see the directions.


As we all know if we play music on our smartphones then with this tracker we can just start, pause or stop the music right from our wrist but we need to start the music just from our phone.


On some certain gym equipment, we can share the heart rate with the machine and even we can connect our Fitbit 6 to the Peloton to see the heart rate on the screen of the Peloton But it is only read data and even we can use it in public gym gear.


Many exercises can be tracked with the help of the Fitbit 6 and some of them are as follows:- running, workout, outdoor bike, walking, swimming, weights, treadmill, intervals, yoga, hiking, spinning, stairclimber, pilates, circuit training, golf, tennis, outdoor workout, boot camp, dancing, stretch training and so on.

Fitbit Charge 6
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Fitbit Charge 6 Price

The Fitbit Charge 6 comes on September 28, 2023, at the price of $159. The price of the Fitbit 6 is low compared to the original MSRP of the Fitbit 5 which was $179. However, Fitbit 6 has lots of features as compared to its predecessor Fitbit 5 and even it is available on Amazon and rebooking of the Fitbit 6 has been started.

Fitbit 6 Design, Color And Bands

The most notable change in the Fitbit 6 is the reintroduction of the physical button as Fitbit has done the same with sense 2 and versa 4 and even the charge series is back by using a regular button instead of the capacitive groove of previous models. The Fitbit 6 has three colours as described in the introduction of Fitbit 6 and we can even take the band from Fitbit or other companies.

Fitbit 6 Charger And Battery Life

The Fitbit 6 charger has the same battery life as compared to Fitbit 5 and it also promises 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

We can use the tracker to see how much battery has been used and the only on display needs to be off as you just have to track the limited number of exercises. It also has brightness and bunches of notifications and we can even expect three to seven days of battery life as it depends on the usage habits.

Bring The Helpful Tools That You Need On The Go:

The Fitbit 6 has Google Maps, Google Locations and even Google Wallets and it makes it more convenient to go on for workouts or anywhere. Google Maps shows the directions step by step which makes it far too easy to find the exact location of our destination.

The Fitbit 6 has many features. Our first accessibility feature on the Fitbit device is the zoom + magnification with just a couple of taps on the screen you will magnify on-screen words if it is far too difficult to read small texts and even you can use the large font.

The Fitbit Charge 6: A Return to Fitbit's Roots
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The Fitbit 6 has the most compatible apps and machines that help us to stay motivated at home or in the gym as it is more secure, able and easy to connect to the most compatible exercise equipment with encrypted Bluetooth.

Fitbit Charge 6: It is One Of The Advanced Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 6 is one of the smarter and more amazing gadgets and it is even available for pre-orders so you can buy it anytime.

It has a more personalized way of tracking and it also motivates you while working. You can also choose the modes of exercise as 40 exercise modes also include continue options.

While working out you can also use your YouTube music and when you start your workout music will motivate you. You can start, stop and skip over 100 million songs right from your wrist.

Here are some features of Fitbit Charge 6 and some of them are as follows:

● Fitbit Charge 6 helps in tracking as it helps to track your goals and even this charge has advanced health sensors.

● It also gives us the most accurate heart rate that you can track on your Fitbit tracker.

● The Fitbit Charge 6 can connect it to gym equipment and even you can connect it with the fitness app so that you can see your heart rate during your workout.

● The battery life of the Fitbit Charge 6 remains up to 7 days and it also can give more.

● The Fitbit Charge 6 has many features of apps that you can use like YouTube music and even you can choose Google Maps and Wallet.

● The Fitbit Charge 6 gives an Amazing heart rate as it shows accurate heart rate and also shows the calories that you have burned at the gym or at home.

● It also can show your daily routine and even sleep that is needed for your day-to-day life.

Fitbit Charge 6 Helps To Take Care Of Your Health

The Fitbit Charge 6 takes care of your health as well as fitness. The Charge 6 has advanced sensors so here are some steps that will help you keep tabs on your health.

1. After waking up you can see how well you have slept and each morning you can also assess how you will have slept on the time as there are different sleep stages.

2. This new Fitbit app also helps us to focus on our health as well as goals and it also monitors our day-to-day activities.

3. You will get 6 months it Fitbit Premium as it includes some workout sessions like cycling, dance, cardio and so on.

4. You can also access your health metrics like oxygen, blood, saturation and other heart rate.

5. You can also manage your stress with the help of electrodermal activity.

6. You can also check your stress management score so that you can see how well your body is and how much stress you can handle.

7. Fitbit Charge 6 works on many phones and even on your Android phones.

The Fitbit Charge 6 is available on pre-order so I would recommend you to buy it as it is very useful for you as well as you can keep an eye on your body.

With Fitbit Charge 6 no need to go to the doctor as you can easily access your body with this device.

The Fitbit Charge 6 has different features and specifications and it is even best for your wrist. It is quite useful to you as you can easily keep an eye on your goals.


The Fitbit 6 charge has been quite popular as the Fitbit 6 without bands comes in three colours that look very attractive to wear i.e. they are black aluminium, silver aluminium and champagne gold aluminium.

You can choose thousands of bands from Fitbit or third-party companies but Fitbit 6 only have these three colours with itself which makes it attractive.

The black aluminium bands come with the obsidian infinity band, a porcelain infinity band comes with the silver aluminium band and the coral infinity band comes with the champagne gold variant. These three colours look very unique when we wear them.

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