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10 free horror games on ps4

Free Horror Games on PS4

We all love to play horror video games as horror fiction provides a scale to the players by the feelings of terror and horror as it focuses on the demonic, evil, death and afterlife in the person as most of the horror games take place in the fictional environment where the player is unable to prepare his avatar with weapons.

Free Horror Games on PS4

Even during this game, the players have various factors that make us a Limited number of firearms as this game is a centre of non-compact challenges and solving many puzzles of the world to the specific locations in the terrifying world in this game the players have to collect some multiple objects and even tools while he is exploring the land to manage his game.

Even this game can be played from either the first person or the third person as this game also includes ghosts, vampires, creatures and so on. As this game is the most horrifying as it takes most of the players on some epic adventure that is full of horror and terror and even some of them also enjoy playing this game very much.

Here are some of the best free horror games for PS4

1. The Bunker

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The Bunker is one of the most adventure horror and single-player video games as it was developed by Splendy Games and was published by Wales Interactive.

The story of this game revolves around the protagonist who has lost his memory and it takes time in the fictional world to play It’s the role of John as a protagonist and even in this game this protagonist has to follow some daily routine when an alarm is triggered.

Even though he has to explore the area to recover his memories and even on earth the mysteries of the bunker this game has various levels of action and it also engages the users in the adventures and gives experience of this horror gameplay.

This game has many features such as some hidden secrets, life action, a fantastic soundtrack and even many more you can enjoy this game while playing it.

2. Little Nightmares

free horror games on ps4

Little Nightmare is one of the most adventure games as it has a puzzle platform and a single-player video game system with some horror that is created by Tarsier Studios and is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

In this game, many terrific environments are also known as the maw that have some powerful and strange creatures.

The story in this game revolves around a 9-year-old girl called Six in this game he is stuck in a strange environment and when she wakes up as a protagonist he finds herself in Maw depth and then she makes a decision to explore the world.

Soon they discover that the janitor has captured The Innocent children and sent them to the overhead hook by using a belt you can assume the role of the female protagonist and their main work is to manage food to satisfy hunger and even solve some of the complicated puzzles.

This game is full of horror and terror even the players have to encounter many deadly creatures and have to face many problems and challenges and have to solve some puzzles in the game.

3. Sherlock Holmes: The devil’s daughter

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The Devil Daughter is one of the best adventures and it is a single-player video game. It has a lot of adventures that are created by Frogwares and it is published by Bigben Interactive.

In this game, the player has to find some close and they have to explore the crime scenes and even in this game the player has to find the clues and the player is in the role of the protagonist who has to explore the environment from the third person perspective and even has to interact with NPCs and solve some mystery clues.

This game has lots of features such as playing Sherlock Holmes and even exploring the open environment, and has to face some open challenges and many more.

4. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

free horror games on ps4

This game is a full action-adventure game and horror it was developed and published by Nicalis. This game supports both single and multiplayer modes as it expresses an exciting story of the binding of Issac that is inspired by the childhood of McMillen’s growing religious family.

In this, you can take the role of the young boy known as Issac and his mother locks the protagonist in his room and she is convinced that she is doing the job of God. She wants to sacrifice Issav to show her faith but Issac becomes scared and escapes from there.

This game is full of Monsters and strange creatures in this game the player has to fight against the Monsters and other creatures and have to pass some missions and earn points so that they can unlock the upgrades it also has some addictive gameplay that has some brilliant visuals that you can play and enjoy.

5. Deadlight: Director’s cut

free horror games on ps4

This game has been developed by Tequila Works and it is published by Microsoft Studios as this game is a full action game with lots of horror.

This game takes place in 1986 and it revolves around the story of the protagonist that name is Randall Wayne he is a former Park Ranger his family is in the aftermath of the zombie and he has left the group where he has connected as he has to struggle a lot to find a safe zone, where he can leave his family.

Even the Zombies are threatening the world and the player has to save the world from the Zombies and he also has to survive as long as possible to save his own family. In this game, there are various puzzles and an exciting story that is one of the best games that you can play and enjoy.

6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

free horror games on ps4

This game is one of the action-adventure games as it was developed and published by Capcom on multiple platforms. This game is the 11th instalment and is the 24th title in Resident Evil.

This game is played from the first person view and the story centers on the protagonist’s name as Ethan as he finds his beloved wife named Mia which leads him to the plantation by the Baker family.
The player has to fight with zombies and other creatures by using flame, throwers, shotguns and so on.

In this game, there are many levels and each level requires a completion for progress they have to fight with enemies and the Baker family has to rescue his wife from danger.

7. Metro:2033 Redux

free horror games on ps4

This game is an adventure horror game and is the first shooter game that was created by the 4A games and was published by Deep Silver.

The game has an exciting story that can destroy almost humanity and it transforms the earth into a wasteland even the civilization of human has entered into a dark age with lots of dangers and challenges in future in 201333 a new generation will be born and rise in the underground environment in this game the players can use a variety of weapons to kill the Animesh and on points as there are lots of features in this game.

8. 15 Resident Evil 4

free horror games on ps4

This game is a horror survival video game for players who love to play horror games as it combines elements of Zombie and action and it was developed and published by Capcom. Even this game supports single-player mode and it is the 6th entry of the series of Resident Evil.

This game mainly focuses on the special event of the USA government named Leon S. Kennedy the female and she is sent to a motion to save Ashley Graham. She is the daughter of the USA president as she is kidnapped and the game mainly focuses on the role of the protagonist and the fight that happens in the game.

You have to explore the world from a third-person perspective and you can use different weapons for slaughter you can be the centre of the action by shooting as it has Messi crowds. There are many missions that you have to complete to get new weapons and you can get some extra points to upgrade.

This game includes many features such as Global leaderboards, customisation controls, challenging missions and many more.

9. Kholat

free horror games on ps4 2023

This game is a full-action adventure horror game and you can play it as a single-player video game it is developed by IMGN.PRO for multiple platforms. This game has a breathtaking environment and it follows the female protagonist who is struggling to find nine missing Russian students.

These 9 Russian students were found killed and this whole game revolves around the efforts to find the missing students and the progress of the game in this game you have to investigate the event to find clues and solve the puzzles as there are several levels and each level has different theme tasks and characters to interact with.

10. Outlast 2

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This game is full of adventure and is based on 1st person perspective and single-player video games and it is developed and published by Red barrels.

This game was released in 2013 as the story follows a journalist named Blacke Langermann who is roaming with his wife Lynn to explore the murder of his pregnant woman Jane Doe.

But the helicopter crashes and goes into a haunted village as this game revolves around finding his wife. The game is full of terror and fear and it has a variety of levels.


So here I conclude I hope the given information is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary and important information regarding this context thank you for sharing your valuable time in reading this article and I will try my best next time.

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