Exploring the Features of Garmin Vivoactive 5 Watch/Band


Garmin Vivoactive 5 Watch/band

The Garmin vivoactive band is very unique and looks very elegant when someone wears it. Garmin has launched its latest design and latest model of health and fitness smartwatch that is vivoactive 5. This watch is very new and unique as it is designed with very lightweight and made up of an aluminium bezel and a silicone band.

Its display is about 1.2″ with an AMOLED display that helps us to see our health or other fitness data and we can even receive notifications and many more.

This watch has an impressive 11-day battery life and it also has a sleep tracker to track sleep including naps even this watch monitors pulse ox and also monitors HRV and the next morning when you wake up this watch summarizes the sleep and when it is connected to your smartphone it also suggests the optimal nap times as well.

This watch has many specialities as it can track your body’s energy level throughout the day and even gives instructions to sleep if you have stress then it helps you to plan your activity and suggests sleeping.


More About This Watch

This watch suits various activities as it supports meditation and it also offers two font sizes for the notification and other workout data.

Vivoactive 5 watch gives you clear information about your health as well as to access health and fitness data in the vivoactive watch you just have to connect to the app and just have to download the app.

This watch is fully water resistant up to 5 ATM.

Even though this watch has 11 days of battery life, there is no need to charge the watch full day or night as it has an efficient battery of 11 days. You can enjoy your music or other kinds of work on your phone. Even this watch has more than 30 preloaded GPS and it also has indoor game apps you can even follow your passion you can walk, run and do all the activities that you want to do. This watch has more than 1,600 exercises in the Garmin Connect app and you can easily send it to the watch.

Message Or Emails

With the help of vivoactive 5 watch, you can stay connected with text messages, emails and other types of alerts on your wrist as you can connect your watch with your phone and no need to scroll on the phone as now you can just click on the watch and get your alerts on your wrist. It has all safety and even your smartphone can also respond to text messages by using the on-screen keyboard of the watch and you can easily see the photos on the screen of your watch.



This watch shows a live location and you have an option to share the location with your friends or close friends. Now with this watch, you can share your location and anyone can know what exact location you are in and now no need to worry if you are lost you can share your location or you can open your Google map so that you can move to your destination.

If you feel unsafe or if you have any kind of problem then your location will be sent to the selected people that you have selected before and your location will be sent to them.


You can even enjoy free listening by just downloading your favourite songs from anywhere like Spotify, Savan, my Jio app or any other music app. With the help of this, you can listen to unlimited songs anywhere and anytime.

Music gives joy and happiness and good music makes your day more beautiful with this watch, you can enjoy your music anytime.

Pricing And Availability

The Garmin vivoactive 5 has various features but the price of this amazing watch is USD 299.99 or $ 499.99 as it has a variety of colour combinations like white, black, cream gold, ivory, slate, metallic navy, orchid, metallic orchid. You can purchase this watch in the U.S. on the official website of Garmin and you can even buy this watch at Amazon.com.


Here Are Some Of The Features Of This Watch:-

1. This watch has an AMOLED display that makes it easy to read the data related to your health or fitness and you can even receive smart notifications and many more.

2. It has a greater battery life of 11 days which means you can enjoy your time on this watch with less charging.

3. This watch also has a sleep coach as it can score your sleep and tell you how much sleep is recommended to your body and it also detects different stages of sleep.

4. It also gives a morning report as it provides you an overview of last night.

5. It automatically detects your nap and tells if it is beneficial for your health or not.

6. This watch tells and monitors the body’s energy level throughout the day tells the best time to rest and also tells personal details like when to sleep, nap, daily activities, fitness and health.

7. You can follow its guided steps to recover from stress, anxiety or depression.

8. Even this watch tells how much exercise is needed for your body and how much time is needed to recover and it also gives a fitness challenge for a fit and healthy body.

9. While sleeping this watch even monitors the heart rate of your heart so that it can provide the user with accurate information about their health.

10. Many women can track their menstrual cycle or pregnancy and can receive the nutrition guide.


Vivoactive 5 has lots of improvement as compared to its predecessor vivoactive 4 as it was launched in 2019 but the features of vivoactive 5 watch are quite different as the band of the watch looks beautiful and gives a comfortable feel as it is weighted and has a slighter design on it. Even this watch has intuitive sensors and fitness or health-detecting matrices so that you can check your health anywhere and anytime.

You can buy the Vivoactive watch anytime and it even has sleep coaching and other features too. This watch is brilliantly designed, no need to scroll on your phone for messages you can now receive or send messages and even you can receive your calls or listen to your favourite music anytime.

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