Google Nest Outdoor Camera | Battery Review

google nest outdoor camera

Google Nest Outdoor Camera

Google Nest Cam With Battery In 2023

Google has introduced the Nest Cam with a $180a battery in less than two years it is Google’s recent and best home security camera as it is made for your home with Google or Nest assistant devices.

When we go out we all are very much worried about what will be happening behind our back as it provides full security and we can keep an eye on what’s happening behind our back.

If you are addicted to Google devices then you will find this camera cheaper than others and even more capable for your home security it also stands for all human needs that we want in any camera and that’s why it is perfectly suitable for our match.

The battery review of Nest Cam was published on Aug 24, 2021, and here are some of its details that are discussed briefly.

Google Nest outdoor Camera 2nd Generation NEW

Next Cam With Battery And Its Review

This camera is battery-powered and rated for indoor or outdoor and it stands for both the rival Arlo and Wyze it has smart features and tech specs but it has the best features.

It is the most or least expensive at $180 and the specs of the camera are midrange and has a smart cam course and even has smart alert features and an on-device processing system.


The Nest cam is also known as the Nest Cam indoor or outdoor battery but it is small and it is very easy to adjust as these cams are designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is IP54 rated and it is water resistant but not water but this camera comes in only one colour white in colour.

We can even buy a $35 weatherproof power cable and it has magnetic and snaps onto the base. This camera is about 14 ounces as the magnet strongly keeps the camera on the base. The Nest cam is 3.27 inches wide and it is about 1m25 inches larger than the Wyze cam v3.

google nest outdoor camera

The design of the camera is simple and sleek.

Specs And Its Battery Life

It has 1080p HD video quality has night vision of 130 degrees and has 6X digital zooming and two-way audio system the 1080p quality serves very well and gives HD quality view and clear photos and videos and it even works very well at night vision.

This camera is very adjustable on the magnetic stand and it is very adjustable you just need the right height to view my living room but not on the ceiling.

Battery life is a good question as it has smart home devices like camera lock systems and doorbells. The estimated battery is at least 1.5 and seven months.

If you charge 100% and later 24 hours then the battery goes down upto 97% with the automatic battery saver enabled this camera has automatic saver of battery and it has four months of battery it has the option in the Home app so that you can adjust the frequency of the recordings and it has video quality and it also has a length of the clips and even these cameras has three battery modes.

The Google team provides estimates for the battery life :

1. BUSY:-

It has about 1.5 months battery life and it records 20 to 25 events per day.


It has 3 months of battery life that can record 9 to 12 events per day.

3. QUIET:-

It has about 7 months of battery life and it can record about 2 to 4 events per day.

Features Freebies

You can get free alerts without any subscription and you can set it in the apps it has camera settings and each zone has its alerts on the group for example you can now set half to notify for the animals and the other half to notify for the vehicles.

And even it creates a zone of alerts if the dog leaves the yard or escapes in the driveway and it has lots of alerts for people and the general motion.

You can see a three-hour event history without any subscription and you can download it anytime you can even subscribe to a Neck for $6 per month and you will get a familiar face detector and sound alerts and even can call 911 from the google home app and it has 30 days event history and if you upgrade on Nest aware plus for $12 a month you will get 60 days a video history and 24/7 video recording.

google nest outdoor camera

Privacy And Security

Somehow we all are concerned about security but Google knows its promise as according to them there are many vulnerable points on the data lifecycle.

All the movements that are happening outside like processing of any animals, person, vehicle and even directions with face recognition all happen on this device as this Nest cam learning chip handles all the things but this thing is not encrypted on the market.

When the light turns into a green LED light it lets us know when the camera will start processing or streaming video to a viewer. You can even add the camera to your home and away routine and keep it on record video mode when you leave the home or if you are away but the presence is detected by Mobile phones or other sensors.

The other security that catches our eye is that when someone removes your cameras as it is easily done by magnetic camera base application and they can remove it freely but the question arises how you can catch them just go to the police station file a report and provide Google with a copy within 30 days.

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Did Google discontinue the Nest outdoor camera?

The Nest Outdoor cameras are one of the most amazing cameras that we can use for our houses as they keep an eye on our surroundings. These cameras are more expensive but they also have some of the advanced Nest cam IQ outdoors.

If you want to save money on cameras and if you want to buy one of the best or most amazing cameras for your home this camera is one of the most amazing cameras as it has a high-quality Google Nest camera and it also has 1080p HD video and even with the help of this cameras you can interact with Google Assistant or Alexa and a time.

You can take your time on the Nest outdoor camera

If you want to buy the Nest outdoor camera this camera delivers amazing features. It also has a solid camera feature and with these features, the camera gives us amazing quality.

These cameras are available at $199 for the device and it is one of the best choices for budget. So I would recommend you to buy this Nest outdoor camera as it has smart features at lower prices.

google nest outdoor camera

Benefits that we can get from Nest outdoor camera:

Here are some of the benefits that we can get from nest outdoor cameras These cameras are some of the best cameras that we can use in our houses as these cameras have different features and specifications some of the benefits are as follows:

● Great video, night vision and two-way audio system:

Nest outdoor cameras are one of the most amazing outdoor cameras as this camera has Great video quality and it also has a two-way audio system.

The Nest camera outdoors hits or exceeds industry standards for all these three categories. The night vision of Nest outdoor cameras is amazing as you can see everything at night without light.

● Integrations with Alexa, Google, assistant and more:

The Nest outdoor camera has great interactions with Google Alexa assistant and many more as this camera is fit for outdoor use.

● Highly rated app for Android:

The Nest outdoor camera has a Nest app as it has a 3.8 rating on the Google Play Store so it shows that this outdoor camera has vast qualities as well as features that make our home more securable.

What are things that are not likeable for Nest outdoor camera users?

There are many users of the Nest outdoor camera and there are also some that are not likeable by many Nest outdoor camera users some of them are as follows:

● No Local storage:

In nest outdoor cameras many users have faced this problem that they are not able to have the footage automatically as they have to use a micro SD card.

● Only paid person detection:

The nest outdoor camera has artificial intelligent capacities or capabilities as they are available for the nest camera outdoors and then you have to pay a minimum amount of $6 a month so that you can get it.

● Discontinued:

The Nest outdoor camera is now no longer selling the Nest outdoor cameras. If you want to buy them you can buy them from a third-party seller and if you like the Nest outdoor camera then you can buy this affordable camera anytime from a third-party seller.


The Google Nest outdoor cameras are the best and they seamlessly work as people have lots of expectations and people are working on it this camera has several nice upgrades but you can invest in this at $180 as this camera provides home security and stability both at the same time and the investment doesn’t seem to be so big as the features are very good and the price is workable.

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