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Google Pixel Buds

We all want best buds for ourselves, don’t we?

As technology is growing very vast and it’s quite surprising that there are different types of wireless buds in the market so many people get confused about which buds have the best features and whether are they suitable or preferable or not, so don’t worry here I will provide you with all necessary information about the Google pixel buds so read it carefully.

The Google pixel buds will be released on June 17, 2021 and the original price of these buds is $99 USD and the total weight of these buds is 52.9g but it is totally lightweight and comfortable to fit and has touch control to work great.

Google pixel buds give you the best quality of volume and fantastic music that relishes your mood and even you can connect to work meetings, catch up with your family as this pair of buds is very new with lots of new features.



You Can Connect The Buds Within Seconds

The thing about these buds is you can connect it with your phone within seconds as we all want devices to get connected easily without wastage of time but it takes hardly less than a minute to the phone. You just have to open the charging case and then a notification will appear to connect the buds and then you can easily connect your buds to other devices on different operating systems like laptops, mobile and so on as you just have to press and hold the pairing button to connect.

The Ear Tip Seal Check Personalized And Fit

As many people face a lot of problems with the buds as they are either too small or big and make ear throb or just fall out. But these pixel buds came with the three differently sized eartips to test and it is very useful. As the check is automatically detected and is measured how these buds can fit to you and even it suggests trying different eartip for perfect ear size. These earbuds are quite comfortable and reliable and you can even wear them for hours.

I Can Use My Buds To Find My Phone And Vice Versa

Sometimes we forget where we have kept our small things like earbuds and it happens to everyone, right? But something very appreciable about these buds is you can finger your device in the pixel buds app and then you can ring the right bud and left bud or both as it depends on which one is missing and even you can use your buds to find your mobile phone as you just have to say “Hey Google find my phone” when your buds are on and my phone will start ringing.

These Buds Can Translate Real-Time Conversation Into Different Languages

The best part about these buds is these buds can translate your convert in different languages as it is a new feature that I have seen in any bud and it is quite very interesting. You just have to turn on a live translation and then you can translate your text lesson chat apps and even all the translations can take place on the device. You have to switch on the original chosen language and then tap on the language bubble. You can translate your text with a camera.

I Can Switch Between Two Paired Devices In Seconds

You can unpair your phone so that you can connect the buds with your laptop and vice versa without wastage time with multipoint connectivity these earbuds are automatically switched between two concurrently paired devices and it includes laptops, TVs, tablets, android and other iOS phones and this means that if you are watching a YouTube video on your laptop with your buds and suddenly you get a call then your buds will automatically be switched to your phone when you will pick it.

I Can Go Fully Hands-Free On Runs

The best thing about this buds is if you love to go for walk or runs in the garden with your dog and the best music at that motivates you more with good music but you also want your one hand for your dog to hold him and with the help of the Google assistant you can say “Hey Google next song” and your music will change automatically without grabbing your phone and you are also able to use voice command to make quick calls and send messages and you can check your battery that is left and the best part about these buds is they are water resistant and they are perfect combination for workout.

The Long-Lasting Battery Keeps Up With Me

Nothing hurts but when your bud dies it hurts alot and it always seems to happen at your favorite part of the song or if you have an important call but these buds can last upto 11 hours on average single charge and with 31 hours wireless charging case. You can easily pair it with the Bluetooth 4.0, Android or iOS device and it also has long range connectivity that lets you use the pixel buds even if your phone is not by your side and it can remain connected three rooms away indoors or the football field distance away outdoors.

I Can Trigger A Bunch Of Actions With A Touch

These buds have rounded outer pieces of the buds that show off more fun colors and it depends how you touch the bud as it increases and decreases the volume and even play or pause the music and also go for the next track and even it can answer or reject the calls. You can even cancel the noise and also talk to Google assistant.

I Have Got Cinema Style Sound Right In My Ears

Whenever you go out for a movie or plan a movie night with your friends you always want good sound quality as it feels great when you are surrounded by the best sound and the same feeling we get from these buds with spatial audio and even deliver surround sound as if you feel like a helicopter behind you while you are watching a movie.

My Family And Friends Can Hear Me Clearly On Calls

We all love hangouts with our friends and family and then you just come home and make dinner so you don’t have time to chat these buds have solved your problem as with these buds you can chat and can even hear a clear voice no matter how much noisy environment it is and it is the best thing about these buds.

Google Pixel Buds

What’s New In The Google Pixel Buds?

These buds have premium AMD have an immersive sound that adapts to you and it also has noise cancelling with the silent seal and even it blocks outside sound so that you can listen your music without any interference or noise and even it adjust the tuning to balance the sound at every level and if you want to avoid the hearing damage then you must avoid listening music at high volume for long period of time as it may be harmful for you ears. The battery life of the buds is approximate and it is measured by using music playback with the pre-production hardware and software with full charges pixel buds and other features are disabled and when the battery is depleted you have to charge your pixel buds and you can even other features that will decrease your buds battery life as the battery of the buds depends on the device, usage and the features that you have enabled and many other factors.

How To Set Google Pixel Buds?

Here are a few steps that you must follow to set up the Google pixel buds:-


● Open your phone and look at your mobile devices home screen then just tab on the setting then connected device then bluetooth.

● Then make sure your Bluetooth is toggled on


● Place the charging case next to your phone with the Google pixel buds still inside.

● Open the case.

● Press and then hold the pairing button on the back of the charging case until you have the white earbuds status on the light pulsing.If you have a blinking white or orange light instead then try closing the lid of the charger case And then re open it and then press and hold on the pairing button again.

● You will get a pop up notification on your phone that will guide you through the rest of the setup.

Google Pixel Buds


Google has created the pixel buds for those people who don’t want to think about their earphones while using them as they are available at reasonable prices with lots of features and good fit into android friendly set of earbuds. These earbuds are water resistant and easy to use with a lot of comfortable features as the charging case has USB – C connection and even it has a magnet.

I hope the above required information is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide you accurate and exact new information and updates about Google pixel buds and I hope you liked this information.

Thank you!

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