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Our eyes are one of the most beautiful and important parts of our body and its our duty to take care of them. So, In this Article we will share with you the best tips of How to improve EYESIGHT and some foods to keep your eyes healthy  and help you to get away from glasses/spectacles. Now let’s get started.


Eye Disease and Treatment

how to improve eyesight
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Now a days, even children are facing Eyesight problems. Some are wearing glasses for clear vision, either from far or near. So, we are telling you a 100% solution for eye problems. Firstly you have to Practice Anulom Vilom regularly. Make your child practice Anulom Vilom for half an hour daily. This will help your child get rid of glasses within a week. And secondly, press the point in between the index and middle finger. This will help children get rid of glasses in maximum 1-3 months.

Heal your Eyesight Naturally Healthy.

Early in the morning after waking up I belive that majority of us do splash some water on eyes. However, while treating serious medical condition like: lost vision. It is important that you take your eye wash routine to the next level.

  • First fill your mouthful with water. This expands the eye muscle properly. Now splash cold water on the eyes of few times. This will give you an instant cooling effect to the eyes. You can feel it but wait its not over yet.
how to improve eyesight
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Once your eyes wide away then you can cool Rose water wash is the next thing to do. You need to one eye wash cup. Which is easily available in optical or cosmatic shops. Now, put about of 15 drops of pure Rose water along with cooled water in it, Now place it on anyone of your eye first and shift it and make sure don’t spread the water on the face then open your eye and let the Rose water mix water touch the eye. After that open your eye and move the pupil around. Spend about one minute doing this.

  • Now throw this water away and fill the cup in the same way with the fresh water and Rose water. Place it in a same way on the other eye and follow the procedure for 1 minute again. Now this complete your eye wash routine in the early morning.

After the Eye wash, the next tip is to drink the power full home made tonic or remedy that will directly nourish the nerves of the eyes and helping restore the lost vision.

  • Take 7 soaked and peeled Almonds. Not the regular california Almonds but the Gurbandi Almonds. Because it is the small size almonds native of Indian sub continents which are way more richer in oil, Vitamin-A, E and other nutrients helpful for the eyes. Along with this you will need 4 seeds of WHOLE BLACK PAPER. Put all the things in the Mortar and Pestle is the traditional way of grinding the medicines. And crush them to form of smooth paste.

Now take a Pan on low flame and put one glass of milk in it. Add the paste in it. Now let the milk boil for 10 minutes on low flame. After 10 minutes of time, Turn of the gas and put it in a glass. Do not strain out the mixture. Drink this powerful formulae slowly sip by sip. Let it nourish the Eyes cells.

how to improve eyesight
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  • Working in Office that is extreamly important take care of your eyes. Of course, it is fit to set in Office infront of the computer screen and continuously work. We can’t ignore that. Even though this best routine only releif your eyesight but a few measures taken can speed up the recovery by 2 times.
  1. Takes breaks every 45 minutes close your eyes for a while and sip some water before you get back to work.
  2. You should also rub your palms together and place it over the eyes.
  3. Whenever, free press some hands points, move your pupils around. Do exercise.
  4. Whenever, you go to the washroom. Be sure to wash your eyes after filling mouth with water.

Did you know? The people wearing spactacles has increased four times in the last 10 years!!! And the reason found out is the to be excessive exposure to the computers and mobile phone. Which will never seen in our older ones.

Just like this There are few more things which can really clear you How to improve eyesight and the recovery of your eyes.

  1. AVOID WALKING BAREFOOT (weakens in the eye muscle).
  2. BLINK MORE OFTEN (prevents drying of eyes).
  3. SLEEP IN DARK ROOM (avoid dim lights).
  5. CONSUME ONE AMLA A DAY (excellent for eyes).
  6. USE SCREEN GUARDS (protect your eyes).
  7. EAT EYE STRENGTHENING FOODS (carrot, green vegetables etc).
  8. DAILY EXERCISE (increases blood circulation).

Bringing bluriy vision back to normal is not a joke. But if you really want to improve your eyesight and get rid of glasses. You have to seriously follow this routine for the next three months. So, if you do this, then defenatily you will get literally 100% visible results from this routine.


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