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How to Lose Weight Fast?

It is a misconception that you have to spend a lot of time if you want to lose weight. However, it is not completely true. To help you out with this, here is a best ways that how to lose weight fast. In this article i have tried to explain full day diet plan or meals in a low budget. It doesn’t mean that there is any compromise with nutrition. However, all the micros and macros have been taken care of.

Diet plan-

Now, This diet plan is both for Men and Women. I show you through all meals of the day giving the plenty of best options to choose from. Trust us this diet plan is very practical and theoretical if you stick to it, then you will get great result.

How to lose weight fast

The first thing that I will suggest you upon waking up. Either you have:

  1. Fat cutter drink.
  2. Water. (warm or normal)

Drink a lot of water. Like if you can drink 3 to 4 glasses of water that would be great. It will kicks of your metabolism, which is very essential for weight lose. If you drink Tea or coffee early in the morning. I will tell you to rather skip it at this point of time. You can have later in the day.

● Breakfast

After waking up, our breakfast should be low in complex carbohydrates and high in protein. Low in carbohydrates because you if you have high carbohydrate diet it will ultimatly get stored as fat. Now, we also want to be weight loss in the forms of fat and not in the forms of muscles. So will keep protein intake high. So, some of the healthy breakfast option could be:

1. Customised Oatmeal and Eggs

Along with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Now if you are vegetarian the only replacement to the egg white is to whey protein isolate. It will also make your oatmeal taste because isolate whey protein comes in flavor.

2. Chickpeas spinach egg Bhurji 

3. Moong daal dosa 

4. Whey protein isolate in milk

So, few of the quite healthy breakfast options.

Now, 1 hour after breakfast 40 minutes before lunch try to drink at least 1 liter of water. If you are out of home (outside) keep a water 1 liter bottle with you. If at all you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch. You can eat one hand full of unsalted roasted peanut with green tea or Indian tea. But make sure you avoid sugar. If you want sweet then you can use natural sweeteners. Please remember for weight loss sugar is your first enemy.

● Lunch

Start your lunch with Salad. Now in salad you can take: carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, cabbage etc. Not only it will give you the essential Vitamins, Minerals, fibers but it will also a make you little full. This is the great way to eat less. Now after this salad you can have a small portion of complex carbohydrates along with protein. Then you have Brown rice with protein source(The almost perfect recipe) , you can also add low fat curd with it.

Now, again 1 hour after lunch and 40 minutes before evening snack try to have 1 Liter of water. Now comes to the evening snacks.

Now this is one time when we comes to outside and we do not have healthy options with us. Well I will give you some options. Let’s start with simple option first;

  • Apple with green tea.
  • Two hand full of roasted chickpeas & peanut & green tea.
  • Roasted lotus seeds & green tea.
  • Boiled chana chat.
  • Banana peanut butter.
  • Small portion of opma/oats.

Then they are some evergreen options like egg white mixture or egg white aumlate. So these are the some of the great evening snack options that will help you to stay away from the outside food. Now this diet plan will work even you do not work exercise but exercises will make the weight lose process faster. And we are sure you want that.

After 8 PM

If you are going gym then the post workout you should have small piece of fruit along with lean protein source. If you are non vegetarian then you can have 6 egg white. If you are vegetarian then you should buy whey protein isolate from supplement shop.


Now all the lunch options that are very much valid for dinner as well. All you can do is further reduce the quantity of COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES. So you should definatly start with Salad have one Roti or little amount of brown rice along with the protein rich like low fat cheese, you can also include grill chicken, grill fish.

Now the last one is before Bed

Before Bed if you feel like having eat something you can take half glass WARM MILK or ALMONDS before half an hour to going sleep.


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