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In this Article we will tell you How to relief from Headache. Before this we have to know, what is headache, its causes and its types. Headache are very common element in Human body. They are the most often described as pain in the hairs or upper neck and can be felt in some specific area of Head or at the upper side of the Skull. There are the survey of USA estimated that 45 million people in US suffer from high pain headache annually.


  1. Allergy.
  2. Emotional stress.
  3. Eye strain.
  4. High blood pressure.
  5. A hangover.
  6. Infection.
  7. Low blood sugar.
  8. Nutritional deficiency.
  9. Tension.
  10. Presence of Toxins.

Types of Headache and its Symptoms:

relief from headache
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A tension headache take may any appropriate painkiller, but in some cases you should take them occasionally. If headaches occur frequently, you have to consult from your doctor. This is the most frequent type of headache. The main symptoms of Tension headache are:

  • You feel like you are wearing a tight band around your forehead.
  • You feel spasm around your eyes, under eyes and upper forehead.
  • You feel a dull gnawing pain.


There are number of treatments the available to help the ease of symptoms. Moreover, regular exercise will help you to improve your health significantly and prevent from Migraine. All Symptoms occurs during a Migraine attack that progresses through four stages:

  • Prodrome (1 to 2 days). You feel irritable, and have an increased or decreased appetite.
  • Aura (up to 30 mints.). You become sensitive to light, and might have speech disorders.
  • Resolution (up to 24 hour). You feel fatigued, and have trouble concentrating.
  • A headache itself (up to 72 hours). You feel severe troubling pain constantly.


The best remedy of Hangover is to take a medicine or painkiller. Take plenty of water, drink at least 1 Liter of water bottle and get some good sleep. Alcohol causes blood vessels dilation and affects serotonin level in your body. The main symptoms of Hangover are:

  • Throbbing or dull aching pain.
  • Tightness.
  • Heaviness.

How to get relief from Headache.

Headache can be avoided by exercise, a healthy diet, proper sleep and rest. Most importantly, natural headache remedies are most affective pain relievers, which can work wonders!  There are many ways and home remedy which you can use and get better relief from the various types of headaches. But the tricks or exercises  that we are going to tell you are the best exercise, you can do easily and comfortably.  Normally as well as gently pressing these six pressure points can reduce and help to relief and ease from headache pain. So, the pressure points are given below.

Relief from headache
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  • Press the space between the eyebrows where the forehead and the bridge of the nose meet.
  • Locate the soft area behind the eyes | between the forehead and the ears – and press firmly.
  • Find the soft depression along the inner wrist, in line with the thumb, and push it down.
  • Press on the soft area where the thumb and forefinger meet.
  • Find a soft area about a thumb-width from where the first and second toes connect, press firmly.
  • Use the thumb to press the soft area on the side of the neck, at the base of the skull.

Hold or massage each pressure point for one minute. Follow these basic steps to help receive tension. Simulate circulation and alleviate headache symptoms.

Do these……

  1. Drink water, stay hydrated.
  2.  Eat Watermelon.
  3.  Eat something spicy.
  4.  Apply Ice to your Temples.
  5.  Drink a cup of coffee or Ginger mint tea.



Want to know about Benefits of Coffee…? Click on this link :- Health benefits of Coffee – according to TOUTzone.




Let us tell you the best home remedy for Headache:-

Lemon juice As Headache Remedy:- The juice of three to four slices of lemon should be squeezed in a cup of tea and taken for a patient for treating this condition. Applying the yellow, fleshing pared off rind of a Lemon to each temple also gives you relief.


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