How to Reset Google Nest Outdoor Camera – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to reset google nest outdoor camera

How to Reset Google Nest Outdoor Camera?

Nowadays we are using lots of cameras or electronic devices and due to this we have to reset them it is the same with the Google Nest outdoor camera too as for some reason the camera gets off or goes offline and sometimes it starts acting strangely as before plugging we must have to learn few things about the process so that we can manage everything well. Here is some of the information that will help you to reset your Nest camera.

How to Bring Google Nest Outdoor Camera Online?

The first thing that we must see is whether you need full reset or reconnection but the process for this will be quite different as it depends upon the camera whether it is indoor or outdoor or video doorbell cameras.

You can easily check your Google Nest cam and start re-establishing to link it to the Wi-Fi network and have a device so that you can easily check on the Google Home. This reconnection will solve the problem as this connection starts with a troubleshooting step that every IT professional loves.

how to reset google nest outdoor camera

The question arises of how or where to start first remove the plug from the power outlet and then slowly count up to ten and once your countdown reaches ten plug the Nest wire again. Then the Nest cam will start to start and then reconnect to the network as this process most of the time is very useful and resolves the problem in seconds.

If the above procedure doesn’t work then the problem might be more complicated if you are sure about your Wi-Fi connection that it is working properly and that there aren’t any issues and you are tired of reconnecting and plugging the device then it’s time that you should try a factory to reset.

Hard Reset Google Nest Cam Outdoor

People face a lot of problems when they try to hard reset Nest Google outdoor cameras and if the problem arises like if you are unable to connect to Google Nest Cam outdoor in the Google Home app or if you are facing many problems like your camera’s images quality is getting worse then try to restore your factory settings. So here are a few steps that you can follow to set up a Factory reset Outdoor camera and I will show you step by step.

  1. First, go and open your Google Home app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then see and click on the Nest cam outdoor image to open its dedicated menu.
  3. Next, just tap on the gear icon to open the settings.
  4. Then scroll down to remove the device sign and then click on it.
  5. Then confirm all the things by just tapping on remove.
  6. Finally, you can configure the whole Google Nest cam outdoors from scratch.

how to reset google nest outdoor camera

Google Nest Camera Factory Resetting

Resetting the Nest camera is more serious as you are removing the connection or settings that you made earlier and you are returning to Nest cam settings but it’s important to know that if your camera created setting gets reverted that means that your history and entire video history will be deleted permanently so before resetting go and save the video before you do a factory reset.

Factory reset Nest outdoor camera

Nest outdoor cameras are one of the most amazing cameras as these cameras give us an amazing overview of our house and with this camera, there is no need to worry about our homes as these cameras give us amazing video quality as well as pictures.

The Nest outdoor camera also helps us to view at night as we can see the night vision as these cameras are quite amazing.

If you want to reset the Nest outdoor camera and you face a problem or other things arise on the Nest outdoor camera then you need to reset it.

If you didn’t reset it then you will face many software issues with the gadget and this problem will not be solved.

Even when you sell your Google Nest outdoor camera to someone you should reset it for your security so you should reset it before selling it and it is very important to reset it on your own for your security and privacy.

What happens when you reset the Nest outdoor camera?

● If you reset your Nest outdoor camera then you will get all the personalized settings of the camera as it will revert to the default setting.

● Once you have reset your Nest outdoor camera your video history as well as snapshots of the camera will be deleted automatically and then you can’t recover it.

● Even after resetting the Nest outdoor camera, there is no system to back up the data as all the data will be deleted.

● Even once you have reset your Nest outdoor camera your wifi network name as well as password will be removed permanently.

Even if you have the first generation nest subscription and if you want to cancel the subscription before factory resetting the camera then you must cancel the subscription as all your activity zones will be deleted.

Steps to reset the Nest outdoor camera

Here and some of the steps that you can follow to reset the Nest outdoor game as these steps are as follows:

● The first process is to unplug the power adaptor that is connected to the camera so that the camera gets disconnected.

● Then after unplugging the adapter wait for ten seconds.

● Then you should plug the power adapter back into the power outlet and then the camera will restart again.

Resetting The Nest outdoor camera by using the Google Home app

If you want to reset your Nest outdoor camera by using the Google Home app then you can easily reset it as this process is quite simple and these steps are as follows:

● The first step is to launch the Google Home app.

● Then tap on the Nest outdoor camera icon to access the settings.

● Then you can tap on the gear icon and go to your settings.

● Scroll down so that you can remove the device and then tap on it.

● Then you can tap on the option so that you can remove it and confirm the factory reset.

If you want to reset the Nest outdoor camera then you can reset it if you face some technical issue then you can reset it. I hope these guides about resetting the Nest outdoor camera are useful to you.

Here are the steps that you can follow:-

  • Press and hold on to the reset button that is slightly located on the back of the Nest cam battery.
  • After about 10 minutes light will blink in yellow four times and then you will hear a countdown beeping.
  • After 12 seconds the light will be steady and get a solid yellow color while the camera is resetting and you will continuously hear beeping and then release the button.
  • Then the camera will go back to its factory settings.
  • If your camera has a reset pinhole then insert a paperclip or you can even use a small device in the reset pinhole and then push the reset button then you will see the light turning yellow and then after a few seconds, it will begin to pulse.
  • Hold that button down until the lights turn blue.
  • Release the reset button and wait while the light is off and on.
  • Then the Nest will keep and the light will pulse blue which means the process is fully complete.

how to reset google nest outdoor camera

Resetting Nest Cam By Using A Push Button

As we know the reset or the push button is located on your camera firstly be sure to keep a pin or any other paperclip and then follow these steps:-

1. First detach the camera from its holder where it is plugged on.

2. The second step is to press and hold the reset button.

3. Then hold down the push button for 10 seconds so that the status light on your camera becomes yellow.

4. Then you will listen to a confirmation tone from the camera.

5. Now you have finally succeeded in resetting the Google Nest camera to its original settings.

How to Reset Again After Fail Attempt?

If your reset attempts fail it’s alright. Don’t worry if you are unable to reset the Google Nest camera. Do follow these steps

1. Make sure first that you are using the Nest app on your phone or tablet.

2. Then make sure that the device you are using to reset the camera has a proper network connection.

3. Make sure that you can follow the instructions carefully to avoid hassle.

4. Ensure the reset button if you are using the push button to restore factory default settings.

5. The location of the reset should be according to the model.

6. Most cameras have a reset button that is inside the frame but some come with a button outside the frame.

7. If you have a model that supports the reset button inside the frame then you can press it with the help of Paperclip.

8. Press the button and then you will feel it in your hands.


Before learning how to reset the Google Nest outdoor cameras it is equally important to follow the steps carefully so that you can’t face any other issues that’s all about resetting the camera and how you can troubleshoot any other possible issues that can occur on your camera. You can even use the reset button to reset the camera and even you can reset it without the reset button that is mentioned above read this article carefully and I hope the above information that I have provided is enough and will help you out.

Thank you.

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