HUAWEI watch 3 pro – Features, Specs and Price

huawei watch 3 pro

HUAWEI watch 3 pro

The HUAWEI watch 3 pro is very unique and has lots of different features that make this watch quite different from other watches. This watch is a combination of both style and function and has lots of unique features.

This watch has a powerful battery life of 21 days which helps to save time from charging and it even has an AMOLED display that makes this watch more beautiful and it makes it more comfortable to view the display screen.
This watch is extremely different from other watches and it is extremely comfortable to wear even though this watch is waterproof the total weight of this watch is only 63 grams.

This watch has special features and even it motivates you to be fit and it keeps a regular check of your health and also tracks your physical activities and even the intake of your calories. This special feature also includes calories burned, the distance you have travelled, exercise you have done, how many steps you have walked, heart rate and even your sleep quality. It keeps a clear and accurate check on all your physical activities.

huawei watch 3 pro

HUAWEI watch 3 pro can run on Android v6.0 and iOS operating systems and even we can sync the watch with an Android or iOS device so that we can receive the notification of the clock and even all the necessary alerts or reminders of our day-to-day life.

This watch was released on 2nd June 2021 but it was announced on June 2, 2021, and we can buy this watch on Amazon as the price of this watch starts from 37,710 in India. With the help of this watch, we can place calls by just connecting Bluetooth to our phone as it supports Bluetooth calls and eSIM calls in many different situations when your phone is connected with your bluBluetoothen you can easily answer any call through your phone number and this process is super easy.

HUAWEI watch 3 pro gives a special feature to place a call and reject the calls and it also supports the messaging system. Both microscope and voice control are available in this watch.

Features Of Huawei Watch 3 Pro

1. Time To Look Professional

The best part of this watch is that this watch is in a classic circular style that gives a professional look and has a precision polished titanium case. And every second this watch gives a professional look in all the outfits and looks super hot and cool when you wear it. Even it has an ultra-vivid 1.43 AMOLED display that gives you an outstanding feel when you see it.


As style is changing why not in watches as HUAWEI watch 3 has a huge response on its touch-sensitive screen and it has a side button with a fully relatable crown. You can even rotate the crown for easy scrolling on the display and you can even change the features and even settings of the volume according to your mood.


Every day wear different clothes as we always try to wear trending clothes that give a beautiful look so why not with an atch face HUAWEI watch 3 pros has a comed with 30 cool, pre-installed faces that include animated faces plus you can even choose 1000 plus designs that are available on the HUAWEI watch face store so go and grab it.


You can design your look by creating fun animated watch faces using only a few seconds of short videos that you have taken from your phone and you can turn your watch face into something that you want to make.


HUAWEI watch 3 pro has full flow and they are organized in clear and have a simple navigate grid display on the top that can interact with each app and it feels natural and smooth. It has different apps and each app has its own specifications.

huawei watch 3 pro

2. Reach Out Through Your Wrist

New technology has been quite vast as now you can connect with your close ones with a watch and even you can connect through a call. It has a contact list of your friends and family and you can easily place a call to whomever you want to talk to just at the flick of your wrist.


It keeps you up to date as you can listen to your favourite music, call and even stop the watch. You are free to change the settings according to your taste.


So if you need any help then HUAWEI gives you a personal assistant. You just have to install it on the watch pro itself and then Celia will help you to make calls and even control your devices and you can use the voice memo feature to record the important information.


With just a few simple steps you can control your incoming and outgoing calls as clenching your fist and then taking a call or turning your wrist to the side if you want to mute the call.


Download all the apps straight to your watch as the gallery gives you unforgettable memories and makes your life full of colours You can even find third-party apps for music, fitness, travel and so on.

3. Health

Health is very important as this watch keeps up to date regarding our health and fitness so with this watch, you can view your progress easily and clearly.


With this watch, you can use your skin to detect the temperature of your body and you will know if your temperature is high or not you can even keep track of your health and take care of yourself in the best possible way.


If you’re not well or feeling anxious or have short breath then with this advanced technology you can detect your blood oxygen molecules and even your low temperature.


You never know when there might be an emergency so you should set a plan as it will switch it into emergency mode and a clear alert will be designated to the contact and then press 5 times on the up button and then send a call to the emergency services.


This watch has a special fitness tracker on your wrist and it has hundreds of workout modes and has nineteen pro modes for both indoor as well as outdoor sports and 85 custom modes.

huawei watch 3 pro

4. Real Power Of The Watch

This watch has amazing features and awesome processing power with amazing endurance.


This watch has a dual chipset architecture that enhances the perfect power and it also has balanced performance it is combined with a battery or power saving algorithm 3.0 that gives you good battery life and it also gives support 24/7 for your health and other fitness activities and even it monitors your day to day activities on time.

Straps For Huawei Watch Series 3

There are different straps and each strap gives a unique and elegant look like a professional the steel type strap is good for business men even the breathable nylon is perfect for sports. The fluoroelastomer keeps the wrist of the man more comfortable and even the leather used in these watches is genuine leather which gives elegance all the time.

These straps are interchangeable and easy to fit and the changing process is so easy that with a gentle press, you can easily change the strap and even the metal strap can be easily changed or removed.


● The dimension of this watch is 48mm×49.6mm×14mm.

● The case size of this watch is 48mm.

● The wrist size of this watch is 140-210mm.

● The weight of this watch is about 63g.

● The display of this watch is about 1.43 inches.

● The resolution of this watch is about 466×466 pixels, PPI of 326.

● The material used in the watch case is Titanium and ceramic.

● There are only two types of watch straps one is an eather strap and the other is a Titanium strap.

● There are different sensors used in this watch such as the YRO sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor, Barometric pressure sensor, Temperature sensor and Acceleration sensor.

● The internal ROM of this watch is 16 GB and the Internal RAM of this watch is 2GB.

● It has two buttons, one home button to rotate the crown and the side button.

● It has wireless charging.

● It is 5 ATM water resistant.

● We can connect the watch with WLAN, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth.


HUAWEI WATCH 3 is a smartwatch and has unique features that make this watch different from other watches this watch has unique features and specifications that even connect your watch to your social media so that you can get updates or notifications just on your wrist and even you can place calls or receive calls from the watch itself.

Even the straps used in this watch are super easy to change as it takes hardly a few seconds to change even the charging process of this watch is wireless and it has 1.43 inches of touch screen and the strap material used in this watch is leather and it is totally water resistant and the most common this watch can be worked by both men as well as women.

The HUAWEI Watch 3 Pro gives a professional look and looks very elegant and it looks very different when you wear it.

I hope the above information about HUAWEI watch 3 pro is useful to you so here I conclude and I will try my level best to provide accurate information to you.

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