INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz | Desktop Processor

INTEL CORE I9-9900 @3.10GHz

INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz

The Intel core I9-9900 is the best and excellent choice for all game lovers as it has high clock speed and a superior core count that ensures you the best and smooth gameplay that you will enjoy but it has an old CPU that has 8 cores and has 16 threads that can be paired with video card for good CPU gaming as the CPU is best to play most of the games.

It has a good and fast digital landscape and it also has the best and most powerful processor that gives good performance this processor makes Intel Core I9-9900 more compatible with its good performance and features it is packed with cutting-edge technology and it also has exceptional capabilities.

The Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz is a desktop processor with 8 cores and it was launched in April 2019 at a total MSRP is $423 as it is a part of core i9 and the core I9-9900 has 16 MB of L3 cache it also operates at 3.1 GHz but it can be boosted up to 5 GHz as it depends on the workload.

INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz

The processor is known for its game-changing power and even the Intel Core I9-9900 has lots of features, and benefits and gives the best performance that’s why it is one of the best choices that you can even buy for yourself.

Here are some points that you must know about the Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz and some of them are as follows:-

  • It has 8 cores and has 16 threads.
  • It has up to 5GHz
  • It is more compatible with its Intel 300 series and this chipset is based on the motherboards.
  • Its Bios is updated and it also requires the compatibility of the motherboard.
  • It also supports the Intel Optane memory system.

More Details About Intel Core I9-9900 3.10ghz:-

As the multiplier is locked on the core which limits its overclocking potential and with the TDP of 65 W the core consumes the typical power of a modern PC even the Intel processor supports the memory DDR4 with the dual channel interface and the highest support memory speed of the Intel is about 2666MT/a but with the help of overclocking we can go higher.

For communication with other components, the core I9-9900 uses the PCI Express Gen 3 connector as this helps the processor for best features with the UHD graphics and 639 integrated graphics solutions.

In Intel hardware virtualization is also available on the core I9-9900 which improves the virtual machine performance even the IOMMU virtualization is also supported so the virtual machine may host the hardware by using the advanced vector extension that can run the processor and it also boosts the performance for heavy calculation applications.

INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz



Blazing speed with a base of clock speed 3.10GHz the Intel core I9-9900 delivers fast light capabilities when you are multitasking or doing any kind of professional work or gaming the processor of the Intel core I9-9900 will handle it easily without any disturbance or interference.


Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz comes with the graphics of Intel UHD graphics 630 that delivers stunning visuals and it also supports 4k resolution but even it is one of the excellent choices for all content creators, gamers and even designers as they got the best graphics that they wanted for themselves.


Most of us crave more power and want the advantage of unlocking the multiplayer on the Intel core I9-9900 as the overclocking helps the user to push the processor for its default specifications and it also enhances the performance that every gamer and user wants to enjoy.


You can handle about 16 threads with the hyper-threading technology in the Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz and even it allows for multitasking and the smooth process of the multiple applications in the device and it also improves and enhances the performance for a better experience.


Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz is well equipped with the technology of turbo boost and due to this it dynamically increases the speed of the clock up to 5.00GHz when the workload demands and it also ensures the optimal performance and response during the process of demanding tasks.

INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz



so here I will discuss the advanced technologies of the Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz as it has an Intel opting memory support system and even it has an Intel thermal velocity boost system. The Intel turbo boost technology is up to 2.0 and the instruction set is about 64-bit. Even it has Intel identity protection technology and thermal monitoring technology for the best technology.


Its processor graphics is Intel UHD graphics 630 and its graphics base frequency is about 350 MHz. The graphic max dynamic frequency used in the I9-9900 is about 1.20 GHz. The graphic video max memory is 64GB and it also has 4k support at 60Hz the max resolution (DP)is 4096×2304@60Hz but in HDMI it has 4096×2304@24Hz. Even has Intel quick sync video, Intel 3D technology, Intel clear video HD technology, and Intel clear video technology.


The Code name of Intel is products formerly Coffee Lake and it has a vertical segment desktop, but the recommended price is $439.00 – $449.00. The total processor base frequency is about 3.10 Ghz its bus speed is about 8GT/s and its TDP is 65W. But it doesn’t have embedded options as it is not available. It has a total memory of DDR4-2666 and has a max 2 memory channel with a max memory bandwidth of 41.6GB/a but it doesn’t have an ECC memory support system.


Intel Core I9-9900 3.10GHz has Intel AES new instruction system, secure key, Intel memory protection extension, Intel OS guard, Intel trusted execution technology, Intel virtualization technology, Intel stable IT platform program SIPP and it has Intel boot guard.

Which Generation Is Intel Core I9-9900 3.10ghz?

Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz is a 9th generation of the Intel and it has a desktop processor with the technology of the Turbo boost technology and also Intel v pro technology that boosts the pro-level performance for all professional users, gamers, artists, creative users and even productivity. It has 8 cores and 16 threads and it also has a base clock speed up to 3.1GHz and has a maximum boost speed of 5.0GHz.

The Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz is the best and has all the required powers to handle most of the games in its high settings and HD resolution as it also supports Intel hyper-threading technology which gives better performance in all demanding works and games.

Intel Core I9-9900 3.10ghz Information

The Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz has the best performance and I will tell you the full details about the Intel core I9-9900 and its performance, here I have mentioned its performance that has been tested by using thousands of the performance Test benchmark results.

As according to the first graph the performance of the Intel core I9-9900 3.10GHz is best as its CPU is compared to the other single CPU in terms of the pass mark as CPU mark.

According to the second graph, the total value of this product in terms of the CPUMark is per dollar and the price history shows its data for the single processor and the multiple processors the multi price has been shown by the number of the CPU.

Is Intel Core I9-9900 Is Suitable For All Content Creation?

Before buying we all are quite nervous as we don’t know which one is best suitable for our content creation but this is good for the best and most powerful performance and it also enhances graphics making your content more and even you can edit your content according to your choice and you can experience best performance ever before.

INTEL CORE I9-9900-3.10GHz


The Intel core i9-9900 3.10GHz has true performance and has the best features that anybody wants it has the best performance to bring unparalleled power to computing tasks and even it is best for all kinds of work like professional or gaming, it is suitable for your passion and delivers exceptional performance as it stands top in the word of processors.

But before purchasing first consult the trusted retailer or any other online source before buying and checking all the things.

I hope the above-given information is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary information and details to you I hope and wish the above-provided information is appropriate for what you are searching for and thank you for sharing your valuable time for reading this article.

Thank you!

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