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Importance of Feet.

Your feet are important. so, you have to get rid of the foot pain. They are the ones that give you mobility and have the ability to get you from point A to point B. Your feet are also prone to injury and infection. When something is not right with your feet, you notice it. Even something as small as a blister can make it difficult to walk and wear shoes. So, feet are very important in our daily lives.

  • Our foot is undoubtedly small yet a very important part of the body. Without it, our body is totally lifeless and incomplete. The entire human body is dependent on the foot as it helps us to stand still and walk for long hours. We can do anything with the help of our foot like: running, jogging, walking, playing games like football etc.


Get rid of foot pain
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Common problems of the Feet.

Most of the common foot problems listed below can be avoided or their discomfort can be reduced with proper foot care which includes hygiene and wearing properly fitting shoes.

  • Here are the problems which you face;


Get rid of foot pain
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The blisters are soft, clear fluid-filled skin that results from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Blisters are often painful and make it difficult to walk, run and wear shoes. Regular blisters can be pricked and dried with a sterilized needle. Blood blisters, which are filled with blood instead of clear fluids, should not pop and dry.

Hammer toes

Get rid of the foot pain
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If you have one or two toes that point at unusual angles or are bent between the joint of the foot, chances are you have hammers. Like blisters, hammers are usually the result of ill-fitting shoes. If treated early, the alignment and turning of the hammers can be corrected. If enough time goes by without treatment, the toe will be permanently bent.

Claws to claws

Toes with toes (with the exception of the big toe) that curl at the joint where the toes and feet meet and which curl downward at the end of the toes from the toe joint. Sick-fitting shoes and nerve damage are common causes of claw toes.


Common problems of the feet
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If you have bunions, it can be painful to wear shoes. The buns are located at the base of the big toe, in the joint where the big toe connects to the foot. This joint becomes crooked, often protruding from the toe side, causing the big toe to turn inward. Sick-fitting shoes, heredity, arthritis, deformity and trauma are common causes.

Togrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur when the corners of the toenails dig and develop into nearby skin. Foot fungus, ill-fitting shoes, improperly severed toe and abnormal foot structure are common causes.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that causes itching, burning, peeling, white, papular rashes under the feet or between the toes. Poor foot hygiene such as not wearing or changing socks and not washing feet is the biggest culprit.

Tonsil fungus

Toenail fungus is easy to spot with disordered, discolored toenails. These ugly toes are the result of inadequate foot care and hygiene and exposing the feet to moist, unclean environments such as pools and locker rooms.


Gout is a painful type of arthritis that often results in red, hot, swelling and pain around the joint of the big toe. Gout is caused by the build-up of uric acid, which can worsen with certain foods including alcohol, seafood, and red meat.

Corns and Calls

Corns and calluses are painful, hard patches of dead skin that occur as a result of repeated rubbing of the toes and feet, usually by tight shoes. Corns are often formed on the feet and toes as well as the middle toes. Calluses are usually formed downwards for the heel and ball of the foot.

  • Taking care of your feet is important. Regularly washing and drying the feet, wearing and changing socks, quick treatment and wearing properly fitted footwear can help in the formation of many serious body problems.


  • Spares – We often encounter this foot problem, which occurs after extreme physical activities, including long walks or running, exercising in the gym, or even when you accidentally bend your leg. . A sprained leg may be minor, but in some cases can be quite severe. A sprain can be reduced by gentle massage with any oil or after applying pain relieving spray and covering with crepe bandage.


  • Plantar fasciitis– This problem occurs when you put too much pressure on your foot. As mentioned earlier, our foot is a very complex structure and can be easily affected. Plantar fasciitis can cause pain as well as stiffness. This can be prevented by giving proper rest to the foot and not extinguishing it too much that it starts giving excruciating pain.


  • Ingrone Toilets– This problem usually occurs when the corners of the fingernails of the feet start growing inside or close to the skin. This happens when we avoid biting the toe. This usually causes redness and frequent bleeding. This can be prevented by timely biting the nails and not allowing them to grow too much.

PES PLANUS– This happens when you have a flat foot and you stand for a long time. It hurts when you do too many physical activities. To prevent this, you should always wear flat footwear that does not have heels because it can cause major pain in the long run.

  • BUNIONS– Ever noticed your big toe? This is when your foot starts bending down instead of staying upright. It is considered an abnormality of the bones of the foot and when you walk without sleepers or shoes for long time. This can result in a lot of pain and to prevent the same one should wear comfortable shoes with soft and padded soles or take appropriate painkillers.


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