MSI Afterburner – Exploring Advanced Features of MSI Afterburner

msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner

MSI afterburner for a good reason is used for graphic card software. It is one of the best tools that are used for overclocking the graphics card, and for monitoring the temperatures and the speed of fans.

MSI afterburner is the most popular application for all kinds of gamers and players. MSI can also measure the CPU temperature but it depends on the motherboard support and the capability of the CPU censor.

Some of the motherboards allow MSI afterburner to access display temperature and data. It also gives an option to GPU fans speed in two ways. The simple method is to add the percentage of the RPM that you want your fan to spin on.

msi afterburner

How To Take Screenshots And Record The Screen By Using Msi Afterburner?

We can use MSI afterburner to take screenshots on our PC and even we can set up screen capture by these steps:-

Follow the following steps :

1. Go on the setting icon and go to the screen capture tap.

2. To take a screenshot, set a hotkey like ctrl+shift+B.

3. Press the apply button and select OK to save the settings.

MSI afterburner also allows us to record the screen and it also includes plenty of video formats that include MJPG, RTV1 and NV12 compression.

If you want to select your favourite gameplay then follow the following steps:-

1. Click on the setting icon and see and click on the video capture tab.

2. Then press the key combination that you want to start and then just end the recording and use ctrl+shift +R.

3. Apply and click on the OK button.

4. Click on the tray icon and select the detection level to none if you want to record your screen when no games are running.

How To Change The Msi Afterburner?

If you want to change the theme of MSI afterburner you can customize the app by using several skins and themes. Follow the following steps to change the MSI afterburner.

1. Click on the setting icon and go to the user interface menu.

2. Click on the arrow button.

3. Click on the skin list to open a drop-down that contains different themes for MSI afterburner.

msi afterburner

How To Monitor Hardware By Using Msi Afterburner?

We can use MSI afterburner to keep our eye on the hardware such as CPU temperature and GPU. Assume that you have installed the Rivatuner statistics server extension for MSI afterburner.

Here are some following steps to customize the on-screen display of the games.

  • Click on the setting icon and go to the monitoring app.
  • Then select the checkmark and choose to modify its properties.
  • Click the show on the screen display box so that you can add hardware matric to the OSD.
  • By clicking item type choose the graph.
  • Switch on the on-screen display enter on toggle on the display and then use ctrl+shift+N and it will enable the screen display.
  • If you want to open the hardware separately then press the detach button on the MSI afterburner.

How To Change The Fan Speed With Msi Afterburner?

MSI gives the option to change the speed of the fan in two ways. One of the easy methods is to enter the percentage of RPM that you want your fan to spin on.

  • Enable the manual control speed of the fan by just clicking on the (A) auto button under fan speed.
  • You can even use a slighter to disable the automatic fan.
  • To slow down the fan you can drag the fan speed slighter.
  • Dragging a slighter to the right side will increase the speed of the fan.

If you want to change the fan speed at different temperatures then follow the following steps:-

  • Click on the setting icon and then go to the fan tap.
  • Then enable the automatic fan control checkbox.
  • If you click on the left side anywhere then it will generate a new node, moving it horizontally will change the temperature of the fan.
  • Press the apply button and then click on the ok button when you finish the fan profile.

msi afterburner

How To Overclock Your Graphics Card By Using Msi Afterburner?

Overclocking is a process that is used to push GPU cores and memory. Sometimes it is risky to modify the setting but nowadays MSI is a safer app that we can use if your PC has adequate cooling the graphics will never get damaged and if you want to unlock the GPU then follow the following steps:-

  • Drag the power limit slider on the right. By default doing this, we can max out the temperature limit of the GPU.
  • By dragging the slighter on the right side the power limit and temperature limit will be maximum.
  • To increase the power use the core clock slighter.
  • You can even use the overclocking scanner tool that is located on the left side of the MSI afterburner.
  • Run the PCmark for the stability of the overclock. It is a good process to run some graphics that demand games to ensure that the overclock settings are working properly.
  • Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until PCmark shows graphical glitches.
  • Follow the same procedure to boost the GPU of the memory clock. The extent of the GPU depends on the manufacturer of the memory that we have.
  • If our PC crashes during the process of overclocking then reset the settings and start the process from step 1.
  • If you are satisfied with the process of overclocking then just click on the save icon and then select the profile slot to save the settings.

MSI Afterburner Screen Display, Monitoring As Well As Features

In this article, I am going to tell you about MSI Afterburner as it has shown the interface for both overclocking as well as undervolting. There are many features like screen display, custom fan profiles, hardware monitoring as well video capturing.

But you should be more careful about the MSI Afterburner from both given sites like as well as, as these sites have come with modified installers who have stolen the data so you should be more sure about downloading its real version.

The best part about downloading MSI is you can download MSI Afterburner from the website or even from Guru3D.

How Do I Use MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner can do a lot of stuff here. I will mention some of the things that you should know about MSI Afterburner.

MSI Afterburner is quite easy as you just have to open the program and then you will be greeted by the UI that looks like a dashboard. There are different heavy themes on the top which reminds us that it has different themes like Windows Media Windows 98 that the player has to use.

After opening you can see stats on your GPU as it will also show you a clock speed that is currently running on your device and even the temperature. Some sliders at the bottom part are getting some deep details but these sliders also have GPU and even at that time you can also do other things too.

You can also see on the left side that there are many buttons and each button has different features. If you want to open the Afterburner website then you have to click on the spaceship logo. The K logo will open the MSI kombustor as this information will give you information about the CPU as well as GPU.

The OC scanner tool helps to scan the GPU and you can overclock it as it is very easy even you can go to the setting of the button as well as the monitor button so that it will be easy for you to see the graphic card’s temperature.

Various numbers are on the right side and these numbers are also known as profiles so here you can see the GPU with this you can save all the information as your profile and you can also click and apply it any time.

How to Overclock Your GPU With MSI Afterburner?

If you want to overclock your GPU with the MSI afterburner then there are two ways as these ways are quite simple and even involve using the OC scanner feature.
You can even automatically scan the GPU so that you can get the best overclocking settings.

First, click on the OC scanner button and then tap on the scan button as this process will take some time so you should wait for it then you can quick the sliders to overclock your GPU then move to the temperature slider as it will allow for the headroom for overclocking.

You can manually tweak the memory clock as it is a best practice as they are light tweaks and you can also play around to find a perfect balance between stability as well as performance without damaging hardware.


MSI afterburner is known for its overclocking features and even the software allows it to overvolt the GPU. Even it has the option to tweak GPU fan speed in two ways. MSI afterburner keeps an eye on hardware statistics such as CPU temperature and the GPU in RAM usage and in-game FPS. MSI afterburner is used for graphic card software and it works on any card and keeps complete control. It is completely free of charge.

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