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meta dragon quest 3 ( vr headset)

Meta Dragon Quest 3 ( VR HEADSET)

Meta Dragon Quest 3 is a next-generation mixed reality headset that has been announced by Facebook’s parent company and it is going to be released on 10th October 2023, as this Headset provides improved performances.

The Quest 3 is a mixed-reality MR headset that uses meta-reality tech but it also supports virtual reality that’s why it is used in both apps and games.

Finally, the wait is over as it is going to be released in October Meta has just announced the release date of Meta Quest 3 and this will give you improved performance in both games as well as apps. Quest 3 has few similarities to Guest 2 in terms of VR experience and it has come with various new upgrades that make this headset workable. Zuckerberg has said that more information about Meta 3 will be shown on 27 September as much information will be revealed super soon.

Meta has officially announced about Quest 3 VR Headset through Mark Zuckerberg’s official website Instagram.

Meta Connect will be typically shown in September, Meta Quest has a lot of improvements in their performances and has a slimmer, comfier design which gives mixed reality experiences. This play is a virtual board game on the real life of a gaming table by your side.

Zuckerberg showed off this new product in his keynote during the Internet Company 2 Days virtual meta-connect event which has a main focus on AI and virtual that has mixed realities.

meta dragon quest 3 ( vr headset)

A big update from the connect stage is that the pre-orders are available now you can even book it now as it is the world’s first mass-market that has a mixed reality Headset that starts with the price of USD 499.99 for the version 128GB and USD 649.99 for those people who wants large or more storage capacity of 512GB.

This Headset is mainstream with mixed-reality headset which has been designed to blend the digital and physical world. Even this header allows the user to experience the stranger things and explore the unknown realities and even it has a plan to take revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.

Zuckerberg has shown that how this game is best and can open the portal to Netflix series. In addition, Zuckerberg said that Microsoft X box cloud gaming is going to be organized in December 2023 and features hundreds of titles Halo and Minecraft other types of headsets also include the new Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR which has a title Lego Bricktales as it is an AR game that we can play with virtual legos and new Reblox experience.

The new Quest 3 device is the complete headset for the market that can compete against the Apple Vision Pro Reality headset that is going to be shipped in early 2024 at the price of $3,500.

Meta Quest 3 is the first mainstream headset which has mixed reality capabilities as this device has a display of 2064 by 2208 pixels per eye this headset is 40 per cent thinner and it is compatible with its entire library that is more than 500 games, experience and apps.

Meta Quest has a processing unit that delivers more than twice the performance as GPU in Quest 2 which results in smoother performance.

The Most Popular Dragon Quest 3 on the switch is worth it

Dragon Quest 3 is one of the most amazing as well as one of the best original Trilogy games as the story in Dragon Quest 3 is amazing and even the game has improved its gameplay.

Due to its game place, many players want to play this game over and over again due to its features as well as its amazing storyline.

Dragon Quest 3 was set up many years before the original The Dragon Warrior in the world as it has been separated from the first two games.

Dragon Quest 3 may be slightly more expensive than its younger brothers on the Switch but Dragon Quest 3 has become one of the most amazing Dragon Quest games in the world for the first time and even this Dragon Quest 3 is worth being able to switch so you can play this game with enthusiasm and can enjoy it.

 Meta Dragon Quest 3

How long we can beat Dragon Quest 3 on Switch?

Dragon Quest 3 takes much slider time to beat Dragon Quest as it takes 28 hours. Dragon Quest 3 on the Switch can also customize its party members, a job system as well as twists that have occurred on its way through the story.

Dragon Quest 3 can also take about 40 hours to complete the process so it can give amazing feedback to many players.

Can we play the Dragon Quest 3 game without 1 and 2?

If you are looking for a Dragon Quest 3 game to play without one and two it is quite impossible as most Dragon Quest games don’t connect with others for example 1, 2, 3 or 1 Trilogy and 4, 5, 6 are another trilogy but both are separate as they are not same so there is a multiverse of shots that helps the game to use so it is important to know that dragon Quest 3 game cannot be played without one and two.

What are the main characters in Dragon Quest 3?

There are many characters in Dragon Quest game 3 but the hero of Dragon Quest 3 has become the central name of Dragon Quest 3 as it has become one of the most famous names as Erdrick or Roto in Japan.

But the name of the hero in Dragon Quest 3 is not the actual name but it is treated as such in a lot of games. But in reality, his name is Arus as this name seems to be one of the most commonly used ones and even the novel also gives his name as Arel.

Is Dragon Quest 3 easy or hard?

As many games are hard to play if you are looking for Dragon Quest 3 this game can be played in easy mode as this game has post-game material that gives us a high level of legacy Bosses.

Dragon Quest 3 is one of the most simple games that players can play as a result it has lower stats as well as this game has become more likeable by many players as they find this game more simple and easy and for this they want to play this game over and over again.

meta dragon quest 3 ( vr headset)

Mixed Reality Features

Meta Quest 3 has mixed reality features as Quest 3 is not fancy as compared to Vision Pro but still it allows us to let do things like watching immersive games and even watching a portal of another dimension from the couch.

The Quest 3 has been powered with two cameras in front that give us a clean and colourful view of the surroundings as Quest 2 gives black and white footage.

Enhance Performances

Meta Quest 3 is the first device that has a feature of the Snapdragon XR2 gen 2 platforms which has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. This chip boosts the graphics power of Quest 3 more than Quest 2 and it sharply delivers details and has faster loading of games.

New Titles

It has improved graphics which has 100 new and upgraded titles that are going to be at the end of 2023. But half of these are brand new apps, and the rest are existing titles that we will get upgraded on the Meta Quest store.

Smart Mapping

Meta Quest 3 can map the space automatically and it also recognizes the important elements like walls, furniture, and other kind of objects so it helps them to interact with the virtual world. This creates many possibilities for fun experiences that connect the world around us.

meta dragon quest 3 ( vr headset)

Enhanced Display

It has an enhanced display as Meta Quest 3 boosts 4k plus infinite display which has two LCDs with pancake optics that helps to deliver stunning resolution and even has been increased in 30 per cent of resolution as compared to the previous models and even this display offers a wider field of view that is 15 per cent more than Meta Quest 2.

Sleeker Design

Meta Quest 3 has a sleeker design and it has also an improved pancake lens that makes Meta Quest 3 40% sleeker than Meta Quest. This sleeker design is more comfortable and fit and is better in weight distribution.

Superior Audio

Meta Quest 3 has a superior audio system as it has also received an upgrade this year with a spatial audio system and even 40% louder audio than Meta Quest 2 this means you can enjoy clear and richer sound quality and bass performances.


Quest 3 has been featured greatly as compared to Meta Quest 2 as Meta Quest 3 is easy to use and even more comfortable and it doesn’t require any wire or other batteries to function. The only thing that you need is your smartphone to set up for the main process. Even it has touch controllers for getting rid of tracking and other added true touch haptics along with more ergonomic shapes.

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