Microsoft Buys the Activision Blizzard – What It Means for the Future


Microsoft Buys the Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has announced its $69 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard as it brings Call of Duty and more into the Xbox fold. As in the post on the Xbox site, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the work has begun as they brought Activision Blizzard games to game pass.

On January 18, 2022, Microsoft officially announced Activision Blizzard at $68.7 billion and it is under the agreement that Microsoft has owned Activision Blizzard Entertainment the King is under the Microsoft game and it also includes Call of Duty, Warcraft, Crash Bandicoot, starcraft, diablo, candy crush and even overwatch.


Here are some things that you must know about Microsoft Activision Blizzard

● It is one of the largest video game acquisitions in history as Sony has publicly argued against the merger and also claimed that the company has combined and it would also deny the PlayStation platform of games like Call of Duty and that’s why it makes its console more exclusive to the Xbox family. However, the agreement with Microsoft to keep the call of duty on the Playstation is more than ten years.

● Several regulators have approved this including the European Commission, the Competition and Market Authority CMA and even China state administration for the market regulation SAMR.

● In September 2023 the CMA approved that the deal on the revised terms will be in October 2023 and now it is reviewing and even approving the deal as it allows the deal to be closed and it is going to be closed on 13 October 2023.

● Even the fans who love Activision Spencer has delivered a message for fans that Blizzard and the king games I want to tell you that he said today is the good day to play as you are the heart and soul of these franchises and now we are also honoured to have these community as whether you play on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, mobile or on PC, you are welcome to play the game and even if the Xbox isn’t where you play your favourite game as if anyone plays it’s all win.

● This way of playing will change the world for more ways of playing.

● The competition of Microsoft Activision is a clear signal that the several years of government have been around by big tech companies who have done little to curb the power and the growth or abilities have linked into mega deals and these deals provide them with big mega tech companies and they become successful.


Hurdles in their Path

Microsoft has come through lots of roadblocks in multiple countries from government officials as they have gone through many competitions in the video game industry. These challenges were part of the effort of the government that has taken action against tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and even Meta which owns its own Facebook.

Meta has stopped from buying the startup that has marked a virtual reality fitness game and even last year the justice department has stopped health tech companies as it would give one of the nation’s latest and largest data to the competitors.

Both the challenges have become unsuccessful as the regulators have succeeded in forcing and blocking the companies to abandon some of the deals as it also includes publishing semiconductor manufacturers and aerospace.

In the middle trial against Google argued that the company even abused its power as a monopoly in online search as this monopoly has its meta to argue the company used the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp to stamp out future competition.

In September, it sued Amazon by saying that the company has some hindered competition and it also favoured its services. Microsoft had a tricky process as it included the security approval from dozens of countries and it also agreed and continued to access one of the Activision flagship franchises, the call of duty on such game platforms from companies like Nintendo and Sony.

In April a British agency had a competition and it dealt a significant blow by blocking its approval in Britain but the regulator reversed its decision as Microsoft agreed to license the rival part of the Activision business that has been associated with so-called cloud gaming and a small but it also promises a new area for the industry.

It was unsuccessful in FTC as it sought a preliminary injunction against Microsoft in the US as it also includes a delayed deal that closed and is potentially doomed to be drawn out through a legal appeal process the agency has also appealed the ruling but the deal was able for the legal process to play out.


Original Story

Microsoft has a lot of running pursuit of Activision that looks set in the end today and after the UK it has also finally cleared that the deal and stock in the call of duty has been halted.

In April the UK competition the CMA competition and the market authority blocked the acquisition this competition also concerned cloud gaming and then Microsoft defeated the US Federal Trade Commission FTC in the county and it also obtained approval from the key regulator of the European Commission and it is secure by an agreement with the console of the rival Sony for the provisional of the Activision games on the Playstation for the decade.

In August Microsoft submitted a new Activision Blizzard deal for review to the CMA as it involves selling the cloud gaming rights to the assets in Creed Maker by Ubisoft and even it is free to port the cloud version of the Activision Blizzard game to the platform. The CMA has also cleared the tweaked $69 billion deal as it is the largest in the video game history and its way has been paved to buy the Activision.

The CMA has framed it as a victory for its preservation of the prices and for the better services in cloud gaming and in August Microsoft confessed should see Ubisoft instead of Microsoft as it buys Activision cloud gaming rights.

Microsoft Activision Blizzard

  • It is one of the biggest games that deals and closes after the approval of the UK.
  • UK regulators CMA blocked the acquisition in April.
  • Microsoft also has agreed to sell the streaming rights to win approval.
  • CMA also says that it is a sticking point for the guns to pay off for the gamers.

Therefore the acquisition requires 20 months of battle with the regulator in the UK and even in the US but Microsoft has closed the Activision deal after defeating the Federal Trade Commission in the US federal court and the deal of restructuring to appease the competition and the market authority in the UK.

Microsoft will also add some more games i.e. nine game studios from the Blizzard side in its Xbox game studio as this studio is in more than 11 locations for mobile gaming and it has also transformed into publishing the powerhouse after its acquisition with more than 8,500 Activision employees joining Microsoft.

Microsoft Acquired Activision Blizzard as the story so far

Microsoft owns Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush as Xbox has expected to add the Activision Blizzard game to its subscription service and game pass. The FTC is soldiering on its attempts to unravel the deal and losing it on the high-profile court case in the summer.

FTC is also waiting for the decision for the trial verdict appeal before moving forward with the own house trial as both of them have come after it seals the deal.

The new development has been submitted to reopen the order to gain more information on the Microsoft cloud gaming and it also deals with Ubisoft and the deal with Sony will ensure the call of duty to remain on the PlayStation.

The FTC spokesman said in an email that Microsoft and Activision signed a new agreement with Ubisoft as it presents a new face to a merger that will affect American consumers and with this assessment the FTC will continue to believe the deal is a threat to competition.



Microsoft Activision Blizzard has finally finalized the deal with the publisher of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Diablo. The Verge reported last week that it had planned to close today but now it is official and even Microsoft has also planned to publish the powerhouse after the acquisition with more than 8500 Activision employees that are joining Microsoft.

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