Why Should You Invest in a New Citizen Moon Phase Watch?


New Citizen Moon Phase Watch

Now Citizen has introduced a new collection of new citizen moon phase solar watches which is a very new Tsuki-yomi A-T collection. It is a new moment highlighted by its accurate moon phase that uses the timekeeping of the atom to just adjust the display of the watches.

It also calculates the phase of the moon every day and it is based on the signals that are received from the transmission of the radio even the moon phase indicator is adjusted automatically at 6 clocks. It also has both north and south shifts.

It is an Eco-drive movement that is powered by the light source and it can last for up to two and half years in the low power mode.



This watch is a solar-powered watch that is well equipped with the solar cell in the watch dial that helps to convert light energy to electrical energy it has lots of features as described below:-

  • It has a rechargeable cell that is used to store electrical energy.
  • Even these rechargeable cells are super clean and it doesn’t contain mercury or any harmful substances that can harm others.
  • It is a multi-watch that displays the time, month and day.
  • It has additional features to add to the display of the moon phase.

Before Use Of Moon Phase Watches

Before using the watch make sure that your watch is fully charged by solar cells and once it is fully charged you can change or keep the time in the display for six months. If you want to use this watch comfortably then make sure to charge it well as there is no risk of overcharging it is also recommended to charge this watch every day.

Components Of This Watch


The month corrector button is located at the 3:00 position as there are only two types of the month corrector button ie one is screw lock type and the second one is recessed lock type month corrector button


It has a very flat and smooth end as it has a screw lock type that operates the month corrector after turning the button cover around the outside of the button to the left of the screw if the button is not loosed properly then it will not work properly and if you finished the button cover then turn the button cover from the right and tight it securely.


You can simply press and release the recessed type button with a narrow pointed object as there is no screw lock mechanism to release that type.


You can set time and date simultaneously as the parameters are set for day, month, date and time. You can even read the moon phase for a more accurate time and date. So here is setting to set accurate time and date:-

  • Pull the crown out of the date correction position.
  • Set the accurate time or month.
  • The date hand comes right when the crown turns to the left side.
  • Even the month changes when the month corrector is pressed.


  • Pull the crown out of the time corrector position when the 2nd hand reaches the zero second position.
  • Turn out the crown to the right and set the time accordingly.
  • Even the day changes accordingly after about 5:00 A.M. and sets the time at AM or PM when the day time is changed.
  • Then return the crown to its normal position with the help of your telephone or other device.


Unique Features Of The New Citizen Moon Phase Watch

Overcharging Prevention Features

When the rechargeable cells are fully charged as a result of exposing the watch dial to light, the overcharging prevention is a feature that is used to be activated automatically to prevent the battery from being heated or further charged but there is no degradation in the performance when the watch is overcharged.


It has quick start features and the watch will stop working automatically when it is not fully charged the hands of the watch will start moving every 10 seconds and it will continuously stop again and again if it is not charged properly.


● Warning: water resistant performance:

This watch is totally water resistant and you can wear this watch while washing your face but it is not used underwater. This type of water is moderately water resistant and you can wear it while swimming as it is not meant for skin diving.


Keep your watch neat and clean:-

● Keep the watch far away from dust or any other dirt as a result it would be difficult to pull the crown out.
● Remember to clean the watch with a soft cloth or wipe it off softly and to clean the leather band use a soft cloth to clean it.
● To clean the metal, plastic or rubber wash it with some mild soap and soap and even touch can use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt that is jammed on the surface if your watch is not water resistant then take the watch to the dealer.


● Model: 865

● Type: Analog solar-powered watch.

● Timekeeping accuracy: within +- 15 seconds per month.

● Battery: Rechargeable cell.

● Additional features: It has an insufficient charge feature and overcharging features and even it has quick start features.


Super Accurate Atomic Powered Moonphase Watch

There are different watches in this world and each watch has different features as well as uniqueness but this new Citizen Moon phase watch is quite different as this watch has an atomic clock and it also ensures consistent precision in timekeeping.

In 1993 Citizen introduced the world’s best and first multiband atomic timekeeping watch. This watch has overcome new technical challenges and due to this, it has gained many achievements in the market.

It has a new setting of new standards and it also provides accuracy as well as reliability. Even these atomic clocks have come out with renowned waving accuracy and also align with the brands of citizens and it also commits precision as well as dependability.

How To Change The New Citizen Moon Phase On My Citizen Watch?

If you want to change the new citizen moon phase on my citizen watch then the steel is very simple these steps are as follows:

  • You just have to pull the crown out of the date at the correct position.
  • Then just turn the crown to the right clockwise.
  • Then you can easily set the current moon phase.
  • The moon phase of a particular day can be read in any newspaper.

Precision Of Moon Phase Calibration

Many men’s watches are determined as the moon phase as every day it clears the standout quality in its new collection and it also has some accomplishment signals that have been gleaned from the radio transmissions that result in automatic adjusting of the new citizen moon phase indication at 6 O’clock.

The capacity of the New Citizen Moon phase watch depends upon the adjustment of the new Citizen Moon phase and you can also watch it from the north or south hemispheres as it gives you a mind-blowing performance and even this watch is unique as compared to other watches.

The new Citizen Moon phase watch provides more elegance to the citizens as it has two two-tone watches it offers you a perfect blend of classic as well as modern style.

Craftsmanship Meets Durability in New Citizen Moon Phase Watch

There are some physical dimensions in this new Citizen Moon phase watch as these features make this watch more impressive. This watch has a diameter of 43mm, is quite slim and has a total thickness of about 10.9mm.

The design of the new Citizen Moon phase watch is quite different and it also assures the user about comfort as when you wear it it gives you a fit design on your wrist.

It also enhances durability and aesthetics many Citizens want to choose a titanium watch as it is known for its strength as well as it is lightweight.

Thus the new Citizen Moon phase watch has water resistance that rates at 100 meters which makes this watch suitable for various environmental activities like a hike in the Alps or it has a quick dive in a cold water lake.

The new Citizen Moon phase watch is equipped with a titanium bracelet. It provides both comfort as well as resilience. This new Citizen Moon phase watch gives you more elegance when you wear it and the timepiece is the apex of watchmaking as it is more capable than other watches.


The above information about the New Moon phase watch is accurate as there are lots of features of this watch it has a beautiful design and has atomic clocks for accurate measuring of the time that help us to know the accurate time, date, day or month.

Sometimes electron states in the atom have different energy levels as they interact with a very specific frequency of electromagnetic radiation because of the accuracy and atomic clocks that have been used or satellite networks, GPS, and even you can even set an analogy moon phase display at 6 in the new Tsuki yomi A-T.

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