Pokemon Go Community Day List: All Exclusive Move List and How They Work?

Pokemon Go Community Day

There have been a lot of games in today’s world as all these games are quite different from one another i.e each game has its uniqueness with different features, weapons, equipment and different specifications but it depends upon what kind of game you want to play and one of the most amazing games that I will discuss with you is Pokemon go as they are going to celebrate its community day so here I will provide you all the important information about this so read it carefully.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day is going to be celebrated on 5th November 2023 on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on its local time as the announcement date has been announced by Wooper the water fish Pokemon and Wooper the paldean fish Pokemon as it has been featured as the community day.

Pokemon Go Community Day is a monthly event that has been highlighted by specific Pokemon as it ensures the players can get out and play together worldwide.

In each event, you will see some increased spawns of the Pokemon for some Limited period as it will give you some exclusive community day move for the final evolution and you will also get some bonus that you can take advantage of during the event.

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Watch For Wooper and Pokemon Wooper During Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day:-

Pokemon Go Community Day is going to be celebrated in November 2023 as it is going to be a super duper due to its double features that have been given by the wooper. Water Fish Pokemon will shine on November 5, 2023, on Sunday during the initial time from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Gamers are quite excited as they will see both Wooper and Paldean as they will appear frequently in the wild and lucky trainers might encounter a shiny one.

Some bonus points have been added to it as they are as follows:-

1. There is a 2x candy for catching Pokemon.

2. Even it has ½ hatch distance when eggs are placed in the incubators during the event period.

3. 2x will get the chance for the trainers to level up 31+ so that they can receive candy.

4. XL to catch the Pokemon.

5. In the last three hours lure Modules were activated.

6. You can also take a few snapshots during community day for the surprise.

7. There is an additional trade that has been added for the maximum two for the day from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the community day.


You can get your community day research on some special theme field and the special research story even complete your research task by just earning some rewards such as Stardust Ultra balls encounters with Wooper and Paldean Wooper and many more.

This community day has become a special research story as Muddy Buddy is also available for US dollar 1.00 and you can even buy the tickets as tickets are available in the game shop so you can purchase or gift.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Bonus Raids

You can make the community day more funnable with both four-star raids as battles have been featured by Wooper and Paldean Wooper from 5:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Due to this battle raid, wooper and Paldean will appear around their gym area that has been hosted to wait for 30 minutes as these four-star raids are not accessible so they can only be accessed with rate passes and with premium battle passes.

What is Community Day in Pokemon Go?

Community Day is going to take place on a weekend day every month as it has a total of three hours.

Even the highlights of Pokemon are increasing day by day as there are many bonuses during the course period such as double XP, Stardust or Lure modulus it also has distance incentives so that you can get out from there and you can also play the including highlights that have been increased in the game.

It is one of the greatest ways to get resources and a rare version that has been highlighted by the Pokemon but it also suggests its name as it has been a great way to team up with other players.

You have a full choice to choose other players so it will make it easy to coordinate with other raids or do trades in the game.

How Useful Is this Community Day?

I believe that Pokemon Go Community Day is one of the best events as it makes community day better as it includes the release of shiny Paldean Wooper and Clodsire.

It is due to shiny rates that have coned with the Pokemon Go community day and you can easily find these new shiny Pokemon if you just keep catching the Paldean Woopers.

You can also spend some time catching the original flavours of Wooper that have lots of benefits and Pokemon Go Community Day has increased its shining rates as November is a perfect time for the community day.

How to Prepare For the Pokemon Go Community Day?

There is a secret of Pokemon Go Community Day that has been introduced by Shiny version of highlighted Pokemon as it has boosted its rate during the event time and it also has combined with increased spawns that make it super easy so that it can Shine across 6 hours.

There is also bonus field research that Community Day has its own special field research task that has been based on specific Pokemon Day highlighting. It also has additional things that will help you to play.

Pokemon Go Community Day offers 3 hours of Lures. It is one of the perfect days that will help you to catch as many Pokemons as physically possible and it also has increased the spawn rate making your chances of finding them shiny.

Pokemon Go Community Day

One of the best ways to take advantage of this is to get the bonuses that you can find a set of poke stops so that you can quickly walk in distance. you can even walk between the stops by taking advantage of the lower and ensuring that you don’t run out of Pokemon balls or berries.

There is no specific bonus that has been added for each community day as it has reduced its hatching distance to increase Stardust and XP. Even without the bonuses, remember Pokemon Go community day is an opportunity where you can catch a lot of creatures in a short space of time.

You can also get a bonus on eggs and if you have an egg in an incubator before the event starts then its hatch distance will stay the same and if you don’t hatch before the event ends then the distance will be reduced.

Pokemon Go Community Day List: All Exclusive Move List and How They Work:

Every feature Pokemon during the community day weekend will offer an exclusive move that has evolved to its final evolution.

It doesn’t only have exclusive weekends but they also have some more often best moves in 3rd evolution.

you have two hours after the community day so that you can evolve the Pokemon to get their move but don’t worry about having to sort through your collection during the 6 hours of window.

If you miss evolving the Pokemon once the community day weekend is over to get the Exclusive move don’t panic you can also use an Elite TM or even you can wait until December so that you can get a special weekend that will give you another chance to catch and evolve the previous year community day Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day Classic List and all Exclusive Move List:

Community Day is a classic event of Pokemon Go that has been highlighted by the past Community Day Pokemon and just like the regular event it also offers you a chance to get a Pokemon with an exclusive attack.

If you want to earn then some rules for exclusive moves are the same you just have to reach the final evolution for the chosen Pokemon and said evolution mistake place during the event or within the two hours after it ends.

But sometimes these moves are not always the best to attack for this Pokemon but if you want it and if you missed out on the event then you can also use an Elite TM on the final evolution so that you can teach them how to move.


I hope the provided above information is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide all the important and required information about Pokemon Go Community Day.

Thank you for coming and sharing your valuable time in reading this article. That means a lot and if I have skipped any important information about Pokemon Go Community Day then please tell me in the comment section so that I can add it later.

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