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Qualcomm announce snapdragon with 768G 5G processor

California [USA], May 11 (ANI): Qualcomm announced its new Snapdragon with 768G 5G and fast gaming processor, a follow-on to the Snapdragon 765G, which is designed to bring a next-level performance that enables in new smartphones, immersive gaming experiences with the integration of truly global 5G. And offers better CPU and GPU performance than its procedure.

For best performance enhancements, Snapdragon 768G is designed to deliver superior gaming performance, 5G connectivity, and intelligent multi-camera capabilities, while also preserving long time battery life. Snapdragon 768G is also pin- and software-compatible with different Snapdragon 765 and 765G.

For full specifications on Snapdragon 768G, visit here;


Qualcomm announce snapdragon with 768G 5G processor
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Its battery life cary significantly based on device, setting, usage and other factors.

Qualcomm snapdragon 768G features and specification

When Qualcomm had announced the Snapdragon 765 and 765G the main difference happened to be the Adreno 620 GPU on the latter which offered 20 percent increased performance over the former and it is literally big difference. With the Snapdragon 768G many of the features have remained the same while the company has claimed to increase the GPU performance by a further 15 percent. Apart from that, the clock speed of the Kryo 475 CPU has also been bumped up to 2.8GHz from 2.4GHz

It remains to be seen when devices with the 768G chipset start arriving in India and possibilty to considering the country still has some way to go in its plan to develop a viable 5G infrastructure and networking.

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