How to use the universal Randomizer the Pokemon on your PC


How to Randomize the Pokemon?

If you want to randomize the Pokémon ROM on Windows or your Mac windows then you have to use the universal randomizer program for this game on your computer but the Windows user can only randomize the sixth generation and even seven by using the PK3DS randomizer.

There are many methods to randomize and these steps are as follows:-

● Randomizing Generation one through five

1. First you have to make sure that you have a ROM and an Emulator

In the Randomize Pokemon game, you need to have a ROM for this game and you also need an emulator that should be installed on your Windows or your Mac computer many steps are required to play the game and these steps are as follows:-

● You can download this by using both ROM and the emulator from any place like LoveROMS and even from EmuParadise.

● But you can’t randomize this game while you are playing on your console or any other game platform.


2. Download the Universal Randomizer Application

You can download it on its website and even the universal randomizer supports the randomization of Pokemon games from one generation to every game generation to five.

3. Install the Universal Randomizer Application

This process currently depends on if you are using a Mac or you are using Windows. As in Windows you just have to open the download ZIP folder, click extract, then click on extract all and lastly click on extract.
In Mac, you just have to make sure that you have the java JDK installed and then you just have to double click on the download ZIP folder and then just wait for the extract.

4. Open Universal Randomizer

Double-click on the randomizer first that is inside the unzipped folder and then the universal folder will open.

As on the Mac, the universal randomizer has a Java file which means that it can resemble the coffee cup.

5. Then just click on the open ROM as it is on the upper right side of the universal randomizer and then click on the file explorer or the finder so that it can open.

6. Just select the ROM and then go to the file location of the ROM and then just click so that you can select it.

7. Then click on the lower right side of the window so that you can import the file on the randomizer and even you can unlock various other randomizer options on the page.

8. Randomizing the preferred aspects of the Rom:-

You can randomize the Pokemon heading and it will completely randomize the game you can select a few random options and you will create a familiar experience, even you can randomize and select additional traits.

9. Then just click on the randomize save as it is on the upper right side of the page and then you can save it on your window.

10. If you want to save it on your ROM then you have to follow these steps first you have to save your location enter your file name and just click on the save button later just click on the yes when it prompts.

11. You can play this game on the randomized ROM as when it is saved you can play it on your ROM file by just opening the emulator and then file and just open and then double click on the ROM.

How to randomizer the Pokemon games


● Randomizing the generations six and seven


As this generation 6 and 7 includes games like X, Y, sun, and even Moon it has been difficult to randomize and then you can use a randomizer that is called PK3DS and this tool is also called a pack hack as it can randomize this game.

PK3DS randomizer is available on Windows computers.


You just need to have an emulator that is capable of playing 3D games such as Citra and you will need a 3DS ROM for the preferred Pokemon game along with the emulator.

If you want to find the torrents for 3DS ROMs you must have a popular ROM site just don’t carry a 3 DS ROM file that can be downloaded directly.

The Citra is one of the most popular choices for the 3DS Emulator.


You can rent it and can support most of the games from the Pokemon generation 6 and you can also support the generation of 7. You can open this on the computer link as you can follow the instructions.


You can click on the right of the downloaded zip folder and just click the extract all then extract then double click on the PK 3 DS build 337 folder you can extract at the top of the window and then extract all as you can click extract when you are promoted.


This program is one of the most important as in order can save the 3DS ROM you can you can randomize the version and just go to the computer browser click on the Pack English v12.rar and then extract the pack hack Rare file.

● Double-click on the exact pack English we want to hold and then double double-click the folders side and then double-click the pack hack button.

● Click the 3DS file by just clicking it and pricing ctrl + c then press ctrl + V while in the Pack hack holder.

● It is an important package folder that can promote the 3DS file to begin extracting.

● If the file is set up in running then click on the file ctrl + A and then press ctrl + c and copy the pack hack folder.

● Then create a new folder so that you can extract the English V 12 folder that opens this folder and press ctrl + v.

● You can see the popup window by getting an alert from an unknown program then just click on more info and then click the run away at the bottom of the window.

● Click on the top left corner of the window.

● You can see the option when you click open in the drop-down menu.

● Select the ROM by clicking on the 3D game.

● Just click on the new folder 10 click the new folder to do so.

● You can even send my specific attributes for the same question by just selecting and tapping at the top of the window.

● Leave PK 3 DS open and you can save the file. You just need a couple of things to save your file as a randomized scheme so make sure that it doesn’t close.

● Once your file is created in the extracted ROM FS folder display on the ctrl c.

● File into the pack hack folder by just pressing ctrl + v and Juice to replace the conflicting file name.

● Just click on the high King toolkit option and then open the command prompt window.

● Then Rebuild the Pokemon 3DS file just type D and press enter then type in the unique one-word name for your Pokemon ROM then press enter and just press any key when it is promoted.

● You can play your and my room once it is complete and you can open it on the emulator.

How to Randomizer the Pokemon Games

How You can use this Pokemon Randomizer on your PC?

● many questions arise about how we can use a Pokemon trend randomizer on the PC as it also works just like a game console as the range of this console is like the original PlayStation and the N64 as a player just needs to have an emulator that will mirror and appropriate the console of this game as the room can emulate and in also find its sides such as love ROMs and EmuParadise.

● Even the universal randomizer uses the Pokemon generation for 1 to 5 and it is also required to download the zip file that can simply extract the file and the zip file and the universal randomizer will be ready to use. You can also use the unzip Universal randomized application once it opens just tap on the right side and these players will be able to select the specified Pokemon game ROM to use the players need to locate the room file and just simply select it you can load the ROM in the universal remote and you can even unlock the various options for the game.

● There are various types of the universal randomizer as the range traits and even the strong players can select the options for their better experience and they can also select everything.

● Click on the randomize button for more options and then you will open a safe window select the same location name of the file and then save its version of the Pokemon ROM open the emulator select the ROM and enjoy your new random Pokemon journey.


So here I conclude I hope that you will like the information regarding this contact and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary information regarding this topic thank you for sharing your valuable time and I hope and wish that you will like reading this topic and maybe it is useful to you guys thank you for reading.

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