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ray ban smart glasses

Ray Ban Smart Glasses

In India Ray Ban smart glasses have been owned by Luxottica India Eyewear Pvt. Ltd.

Ray-Ban is a smart glasses or eyeglasses that have a camera and audio. These glasses have been powered by the all-new Qualcomm snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 platform that gives a higher picture or video quality.

Ray-Ban smart glasses are created for the collaboration between EssilorLuxottica and Meta platforms. These glasses have two cameras with open-ear speakers, a touchpad and a microphone and all of them are built into the same frame.

These glasses are wireless and have wireless chargers to connect to your phones or Android smartphones as we can even receive calls when we connect our phone with it. We are even able to access the contact so that we can make free calls from the phone with your glasses.


Ray-Ban smart glasses even record up to 60 seconds of video and even double the previous limit of 30 seconds. Even any user can toggle between 30 to 60 seconds for maximum recording length.

Even for more attractive experiences, these glasses allow the device to use AI that has a more interactive experience. And with these glasses visually challenged people can easily read books or write anything with the help of these glasses.

The starting price of Ran Ray glasses is $299 or $329 for polarized lenses even preorders of these glasses are also available and these glasses are going to be shipped on 17, October 2023. Even with these Ray Ban sunglasses, we can take photos, and videos, listen to music and calls and we can even share content directly on our social media accounts it has over 150 different custom frames and combinations of lenses that are very lightweight and are more comfortable.

We can even live stream from the glasses to our social media accounts and even can use “hey Meta” so that can engage with Meta AI which has advanced conversational assistants just by using your voice.

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These glasses are redesigned for new generations as feedback has come with excitement over Ray Ban glasses as it is hand free convenience have an open ear audio system and have quality and comfort and the features of these glasses have been modified for the new generation people.

So here are some of the features of Ran Ban glasses.

1. Improved Audio System

We all know that these glasses have customized and designed speakers with a bass with higher quality volume with no noise and have improved the audio system and reduced the leakage of call details, music, videos, photos and other necessities. Even the newly designed five microphone supports audio recording with the help of microphones. We can record video and record the actual sound.

2. Power Up

These glasses are meant for the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 gen1 platform which enables us to take higher quality pictures and videos and it can even compute faster. This glasses comes with a redesigned and sleek charging case which has 8 additional charges for about 36 hours to use and even this charger is slimmer and even smaller to catch.

3. Look Of Glasses

These glasses come with the collection of wayfarer style and they also have a new headliner design for a retro look these glasses are available in matte black and shiny black. They have introduced three new transparent colours in rebel black, Jean’s and caramel and it has over 150 different custom frames and lenses for Ray-Ban glasses. Now you can own or see these beautiful collections of glasses on

4. Comfort And Control

The weight of the glasses has been removed and they are now slimmer and even lighter and more comfortable. Ray Ban glasses are now water resistant and even these glasses respond faster and accept the commands more reliably. These glasses are more comfortable and lighter in weight as we can it anywhere without any disturbance or hindrance.

5. Hands-free Live Streaming

A unique feature has been added in Ray Ban glasses as now we can livestream from our social media accounts and we can even see comments and likes as we just have to tap and hold on the side of the glasses to hear the voice. It also helps us to see what is going on our social media.

6. Meta A1

Meta A1 is an advanced conversational assistant of Ray-Ban glasses as these glasses are smart and are well optimized as it is hand free, on the go experience we just have to say “Hey Meta” then we will engage Meta A1 automatically. Meta A1 features have been available in the US in beta only at launch.

7. Share Point Of View

It has an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and has improved the quality of photos and videos and 1080p videos up to 60 seconds. You can even share photos and videos with your close ones and even with your friends at any time with simply commanding audio, send the photos and the photos you have selected will be transferred to your friends or your family members.

Ray Ban Smart Glasses; Ray-Ban Stories, Features, Prices & More
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The Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses That Make Future Look More Cool

Ray-Ban meta smart glasses have become one of the most demanded glasses as the technology used in these glasses is different and even they are tested by several pairs.

The Ray Ban meta smart sunglasses have many features as well as new technologies that have been used and these sunglasses are quite different from others as it has many uniqueness as well as features.

You can easily import your videos as well as photos from the glasses to your phone and you can even connect your glasses with Wi-Fi networks. You can also import 143 videos and photographs but for this, you need to have a stable connection of about 5 minutes so that it can work properly.

On these sunglasses you can also watch reels, YouTube shots, Tik Tok and lots more as these Ray ban smart sunglasses are quite different and you can buy them anytime.

Here Are the Features Of The Ray Ban smart Meta Sunglasses

Here are some of the features of the Ray-Ban Meta sunglasses and they are as follows:

● The Ray Ban Meta smart sunglasses have improved photo, video and audio quality and even they have advanced technology that makes these classes more compatible as well as luxurious.

● When the call rings you can explore your sound quality as the sound on the call is good.

● The Ray Ban smart sunglasses are stylish and decent glasses and have many options for frames as well as lenses.

● These sunglasses have unique features as they can also import videos as well as photographs and this process takes only a few seconds to import.

● One of the best features of the Ray-Ban smart glasses is its charging case design as this design makes it more unique and much better.

● The Ray Ban smart sunglasses look good when you wear them as it comes in 150 style variation with two frames styles.

● The Ray Ban smart Sunglasses have seven colors and they also have multiple lens options.

● The camera of the sunglasses has been upgraded from 5 MB to 12 MP and even there is a photo resolution that has been improved to 3024 x 4032 pixels.

● Even the videos are also available now at 1080p in 30 frames per second.

● These glasses also have 5 mics instead of 1 so that you can get better sound quality on calls and even speaker quality has also been improved.

● You can easily send normal text as well as contact numbers on WhatsApp or Messenger.

Here Are Cons Of Ray Ban Smart Sunglasses

There are many features of Ray Ban smart sunglasses but there are also some cons of ray Ban smart glasses and these cons are as follows:

● The Ray Ban smart sunglasses voice assistant is slow as compared to other sunglasses.

● In these sunglasses the AI feature is not available as yet.

● The battery life of the sunglasses is better but they can also be improved.

● The LED privacy indicator is still too subtle as compared to other sunglasses.

● The battery of Ray Ban smart sunglasses is lighter as it takes 6 hours on a single charge.

● The charging case is a lot slimmer than its previous version.


These glasses are available to Irish customers and even though these glasses are legal but these glasses are a little expensive as these glasses are made up of high-quality materials like titanium, stainless steel and acetate to make frames and high-quality material that is used to make sunglasses. As they also focus on design, innovation and accuracy. These glasses help visually challenged people to read or write books as these glasses are very useful for them but they are a little expensive.

Ray-Ban glasses have shared and captured millions of moments like music, festivals and birthday parties. These glasses are new generation Ray ban sunglasses with different improving features and have additional capabilities that have never been seen in other sunglasses. You can even purchase these sunglasses online in retail stores from 10 October and you can pre-book your favourite colour of sunglasses.

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