Shadow of the Colossus PC – Weapons, Tracking, Agro and Additional Information

shadow of the colossus pc

When we talk about games many games in the market are available for many Gamers to play. These games are quite different from each other and acquire different features and specifications.

But today I will tell you about one of the most famous games in the market, Shadow of the Colossus. We can play this game on a PC or console as this game is quite different from other games.

So today I will tell you about Shadow of the Colossus PC. Read this article carefully so that I can clear your doubts in this article.

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Shadow of the Colossus PC

Shadow of Colossus is a full-action adventure game that was developed by Japan Studio and Team Ico, in 2005. Even Shadow of Colossus is published by the most famous Sony computer entertainment on the PlayStation 2 and even on the PC.

Shadow of the Colossus PC was developed by Japan Studio and Team Ico. It is Directed by Fumito Ueda and produced by Kenji Kaido. Shadow of Colossus was released on October 18, 2005, as it is an action-adventure game and the mode of this game is single-player.

How to Emulate Shadow of Colossus on the PC?

As now Shadow of the Colossus is available on PC after the announcement for the last guidance by the renowned team ICU it has brought more attention that now it will be available on the PC. Even this game is one of the most acclaimed and highly recommended games.

So I will even talk about the process that how you can get the game running and how you can optimize the emulator so that you can play the Shadow of the Colossus PC. Even with these few tweaks, you can use other PS2 games in it.

So for this, you just have to hold an ISO of the Shadow of Colossus and a Bio for the PlayStation 2. But I can’t supply it as it is illegal and even once you have sourced these things then you can follow these steps as I have mentioned below:

● First, you have to download the latest PCSX2 and then emulate it for the PlayStation 2.

● Then you can install it so that you can run the program successfully.

● Then just set the settings up while pressing the next button and then you will eventually come to the screen automatically.

● You can even choose the same or similar plugins.

● Then press the configure button for the first option as GS and it is a new window that will open.

● In 3rd option down you should Render or make sure that it is a ser of the Direct3D10 Hardware or above.

● Now press the Ok button or just click on the next option as it will bring you to a Bios list and then you can find the Bios as your sources before the guide.

● Then just click on the finish option.

● Just simply go to the config option and just click on the Emulation settings.

● Then a new window will open up and then click on the speed hacks and it will sure that the EE Cycle rate and the VU cycle will steal and it will toggle to 3.

● Then press on the OK option.

● Just go to the system setting click on the Boot CDVD and then select your shadow of the Colossus ISO image.

● The last step is to run at the 60fps.

If You want more then I will recommend you choose a PS4 or Xbox One controller and you can also configure the buttons to it.

Even I have used the Xbox One controller and I must say that it is better to use than the keyboard.

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Gameplay in the Shadow of Colossus

It is a single goal of the shadow of the Colossus as in this game they have to find the sixteen colossi that are located throughout the world and they have to kill them. Even they have to face 16-ball battles. The wander begins the game with a Sword a bow and even an arrow as he has many weapons that have been provided to defeat all the colossi.

This game is full of puzzle solving as it also has different strategies that will be needed to climb the largest colossi and it will also help them to reach the weak points. Some of the battles also involve some environmental conditions as I have mentioned below:


The player in Shadow of Colossus PC has two weapons to protect himself or to kill the enemy as these two weapons are a sword and a bow.

● The player can hold the sword up to the sunlight in the direction of Colossi and even the reflection of Sunlight also reveals the location of the weak points in the shadow of Colossus PC.

● The bow in his hand is less than a weapon as this bow is a tool. And even the player’s arrows are ineffective against the colossi but this weapon attracts their attention towards them.

● Even the players have to find new weapons in their upcoming journey and they also have to collect new items and upgrades so that they can defeat and get a bonus in the game.

● Even there is a new item of whistling an arrow as it is capable two attracting the attention of the colossi to a queen’s sword from Ico.


Before fighting to the colossi the player first needs to track them down. It is a simple method they can wander a magical Sword and they can stand in sunlight pressing and holding the circle button that will result in raising their swords to the sky. Even they can point to the colossi as the player whom they have to hunt and even the player can navigate their way through the landscape towards their destination.


Wander is joined by the Agro as his horse and even his sole companion also joins him on his adventure.
The Agro is riding his horse players can use the bow and they can aim it independently in his horse direction and they can also fire arrows directly behind the wander. Many players can also perform some tricks and stunts so that they can stop the horse.

One of the main aspects that make Agro unique from all is that he seems to be a player as he gets spooked by colossus and loud noises that often navigate him away from the ledges on his own.

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The Colossi:

One of the most successful steps is to find these colossi as it is their main goal that they have to find their weak points and they can easily find them by raising their sword to the sky. There are 16 battles in total but each of the closing has a unique weakness which will need to be exploited to reach and attack their weak points. In this game, the player has to figure out the weakness of Colossus and they have to shoot them with the bow.

The player will be able to climb at the top of the Beast and clinging to their fur will help him. to throw the wander off. Wonderland will gain more strength by pressing or holding the square button and a second button press will help him to plunge into the Colossi for massive damage. The colossi eventually fall and the puzzles in this game will vanish and then they will achieve victory.

Sixteen colossi:

The Shadow of the Colossus PC has 16 official names that have been assigned for sixteen Colossus but fans have given the unofficial monikers to each of them.

The battle in Colossus is inappropriate after claiming to complete the game battle. The players can try a special time attack mode for each colossus during the subsequent play throughs game and they can also clear some of the challenges and also can unlock new items for wander to use.

Additional information:

The Shadow of Colossus also has some additional information as this game is featured in a movie called Region over Me that was started by Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle as it was chosen so that it can appear in the movie. Shadow of Colossus was chosen and it appeared in the film because of the following colossus’s resemblance to the falling of the Twin Towers in New York as it is a key concept in the movie.

Shadow of Colossus was also known as Nico while it was developed but it is also a combination of “Ni” as it is a Japanese word for “two” and “ICO” a previous game from the developer.

It also had fan speculation that it would indeed be a direct sequel to Cult-hint. This game was originally developed as a co-op game in which there are up to 4 players that can play together to take down Colossus.

shadow of the colossus pc


As I have mentioned above, there are many games available in the market but each game has different features and specifications that attract players to play that game. Players play the game for their satisfaction and enjoyment but different game developers develop different games so that they can satisfy the game players.

So here I conclude I hope the given information about the Shadow of Colossus on PC is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary and important information about Shadow of Colossus PC. Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this article.

Thank you!

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