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One of the biggest supplements that has been debated over time and time again when it comes to building muscle is creatine. The biggest concern are the side effects of creatine and the potential damage that it could have on the human body. While creatine has been praised for allowing new muscle growth and providing extra bursts of energy, the side effects of creatine are still somewhat hidden in the dark.

What is Creatine?

Creatine has really gotten a bad name by some, not because of any proven side effects but because of the fact that a lot of people just simply have a lack of knowledge about what creatine is and how your body uses this incredible amino acid.

Side Effects of Creatine

First if you’re someone who’s been lifting from six months to a year or if you play any competitive sport at any level. I do recommend creatine.

Creatine is the one supplement that actually delivers on all its promises you ask any experience lifter anyone who’s been in the gym for a while they’ll always recommend creatine and that’s because it’s the most effective supplement out there.

A lot of people actually afraid of taking creatine because they don’t have the correct knowledge about it. Creatine has no side effects remember guys anything fitness and health related don’t listen to a single individual but listen to science.

So first let’s get into the science of creatine.

The first thing you need to understand about creatine is that is present in all our bodies. Therefore, someone who’s into any kind of sport or someone who lifts weights it’s all about those explosive movements on a molecular level. when you break it down your body actually has a bunch of different systems for different activities for activities that involve these explosive movements your body’s main fuel source is the molecule called ATP. which is present inside your muscle cells and this is where the creatine gain comes into play.

side effects of creatine

Now to understand the use of creatine as a supplement

You haveto understand ATP or adenosine triphosphate so essentially. These are like little batteries in your muscle which come into play when you’re doing explosive movements.

so every time your muscle wants to do some kind of an explosive movement any movement that lasts under 10 seconds it uses these ATP batteries. so every time your muscles want to do an explosive movement like doing a dash or lifting weights your body actually breaks down those ATP molecules into adenosine diphosphate or ADP.

A free phosphate and that free phosphate actually helps in contributing to the energy and contributing to the movement.

Now if you’re not supplementing with creatine that’s what happens if you are supplementing with creatine there’s a high concentration of something called phosphocreatine in your muscles. so if you’re supplementing with creatine and there’s a high concentration of phosphorylating in your muscles.

The ADP that’s formed from the original TP will recombine with the free phosphate group from the creatine and we form ATP. so it actually creates a little more ATP and gives you a few more batteries to use in that explosive movement.

So essentially this is what it means for you as a gym or a sports person. so suppose you’re a gym or doing a bicep curl and you burn out at ten reps while supplementing with creatine you’ll actually burn out at 12 reps.

Basically it just makes your body a little more explosive and it lets you push a little harder and this actually has a carryover in sports for someone like Virat Kohli. if he’s supplementing with creatine he’ll probably be able to hit the ball a little harder or he’ll be able to run a few more runs between wickets something like that okay so that’s one effect of creatine it makes you a better athlete it makes you more explosive the second effect of creatine is that it goes and sits in your muscles and draws water and that’s why supplementing with creatine you need to be super careful about your water intake.

Remember, if your water intake is not on point while you’re supplementing with creatine that creatine in your muscles is actually going to draw water from all the muscle cells and make you dehydrated and that’s what a lot of people say they get cramps and things like that while using creatine but you can completely avoid that if you’re hydrated.

So how do you know you’re hydrated again go by the color of your urine as long as your urine is clear for most of the day you’re in the safe zone now how often do you hear jimbros say this yeah bro I don’t wanna take creatine because you don’t look old bulky and bloated and I want to stay lean you know on the lean look. Remember guys creatine does not make you bulky or bloated if he Taine’s a bit of water in your muscles that doesn’t make you bulky that just makes your muscles look a little bit fuller and that’s why a lot of people even while they’re cutting. They choose to take creatine just so that the muscles don’t look very flat it kind of gives your muscles are more rounded look but it’s not rounded to an extent where you look bulky so keep that in mind also creating super cost effective about 600 bucks of.

It will last you around two to three months and most of the brands are priced at around the same range my personal favourite band for creatine is muscle blaze. which I’ve been using for like the past year with great results remember my name deal of beer biceps is that I’m honest with my viewers. so I wouldn’t recommend a bad product.

side effects of creatine

Creatine monohydrate and Stomach Discomfort side effects?

Because creatine particularly in its monohydrate form is particularly concentrated, some users report having stomach discomfort if they happen to take creatine doses too close together during the initial ‘loading’ phase. Of course this is easily solved by spacing your creatine doses appropriately or reducing the doses if they become a burden on your stomach, everyone is different.

How you can make best use of creatine supplement?

keep in mind your body’s like a glass and creatine is like a liquid that you’re putting inside that glass initially your job is to just fill up that glass with the liquid until you’re loaded and this is where the concept of loading with creatine comes into play now a lot of supplement companies will write on the box that you’re supposed to load initially for the first week you’re supposed to take like 10 or 20 grams of creatine for the first week until you get loaded and once you’re loaded you reduce your dose to about 5 grams a day.

Now this way works and it kind of gets your body more loaded faster it fills up the glass faster but the other way that also works is that you just take a steady dose of about 5 grams a day and this will just make you get loaded a little later.

So instead of one week you get loaded at the two week mark the whole point of loading is to see the effects of the supplement on your body. so if you do a loading phase where you’re taking a bigger amount of creatine initially you see the effects faster. you’ll be able to push in the gym much harder in the first week itself if you don’t load you probably see the same effects but two weeks later that’s the only difference and as for what you’re supposed to take creatine with you can take it as water or any beverage of your choice. It’s completely your call and you can take it at any time of the day it doesn’t make a difference at all.

Now let’s talk about what happens to your body after you’re done supplementing with creatine.

First things  I only recommend that you take creatine while your jar of creatine loss. once it’s done you should stay off the supplement for at least three month. Honestly a feeler is not a great idea to stay on the same supplement throughout the year you kind of want to give your system a break they’re coming to the long-term effects creatine has on your size and strength now remember creating sits in your muscles and retains water this gives you a swole look so you lose about 20 percent in terms of size but that’s not really a big deal because in the long-term game creatine is giving you a lot of benefits.

Now when it comes to strength

The effect of creatine is something like this so initially before creatine if you were on the ground flow creatine would take you to the 10th flow in terms of strength gains and just how hard you can push in the gym and once you’re off creatine you kind of drop to the eighth flow but hey in the overall scheme of things you’ve still gone from the ground flow to the eighth flow and that’s still a jump so in the long term supplementing with creatine. while your jar of creatine last will actually have strength gains which will have carry over to your long-term gybing and your long-term physique games.

so it’s always a great idea to supplement with creatine and finally I want to end the article by saying that there’s a lot of people who don’t handle creatine.

Well some people who get bloating or a stomach upset or they just get a lot of cramps. so, if you’re one of those people it’s best avoided but in saying that remember we live in India and unfortunately there’s a lot of adulteration when it comes to supplements so whenever I’m buying a supplement for myself I make sure I buy it from a trusted brand and a trusted source my recommendation.

so make sure you check it out. so that was the article for today if it helped you make sure you share it with your gym partner and now remember building lean muscle mass is a complicated process and it’s not as simple as just taking supplements. so if you want diet advice training advice and just general scientific knowledge about building lean muscle make sure you check out my lean muscle building tips.

so if you want to follow my personal fitness journey make sure you follow me on instagram at abhinandan_ck.

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