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Sleeping pills like zolpidem may be good for a shorter medication to improve insomnia, but Do you know what are the side effects of zolpidem ?

People take zolpidem when it comes to sleeplessness, but do you know that taking too much of it also has many disadvantages.  Let us know what are its advantages and disadvantages!

If you suffering from insomnia and you are searching for tips to improve your sleep then this article is for you. If you are taking  Zolpidem, then you must know about the side effects of this drug. Zolpidem tartrate is considered as one of best sleeping pills and if you want to know more about this drug then this article is especially for you.

What is Zolpidem !!

Zolpidem is a sedative drug which is used in case of insomnia. This drug affects the chemical in brain which is unbalanced in insomniac people and create sleeping problem.
In general we can say that it is a hypnotic drug. This drug cause immediate release of ambein, edluar and zolpimist which makes you falling asleep.

There are several types of Zolpidem like Zolpimist , Edluar and Ambien.

To know which type is best for you, you need to Consult your doctor.

Another type of Zolpidem is Intermezzo, which is used to help you fall in sleep if you are waking up in middle of night repeatedly or you are facing trouble in sleep.

Ambien Addiction: Long Term Side Effects of Ambien

Uses of Zolpidem

It is used in case of insomnia.
This drug (Zolpidem tartrate) helps people to fall asleep who are facing problem in normal sleeping routine.

Who should / Should not take Zolpidem ?

Persons who are suffering from insomnia are prescribed to take this medicine by a specialist doctor.

Zolpidem can cause several allergic reactions so do not take with your own.
Never share this medicine with another person even if they have same symptoms you have, because the dose and the medicine composition may vary from person to person.
This drug is not approved for the person below 18, so aware of it.

Always remember that the dose of Zolpidem is not the same in men and women, so before taking it always consult a doctor.
Don’t take Zolpidem if you are consuming alcohol because alcohol itself create sedation and this will enhance the the effect of drug.
Don’t take this drug longer than prescribed or in larger amounts .

Important note: Zolpidem is not approved for children so don’t ever prescribe this medicine to children.

How Zolpidem should be taken ?

Take this drug exactly as prescribed by your physician. Misuse or overuse can cause addiction and lead to death , so be careful about that.

Keep in mind that, Zolpidem is for short term use only. If your insomniac condition is not improving or it is getting worsen, tell your doctor.

Read and follow all instructions by doctor carefully and do not improvise the dose time yourself.

side effects of Ambien Abuse: Can You Get High on Ambien? - PAX Memphis
image source: paxmemphis.com

Overdose of Zolpidem can cause ..

Well this is the one of most asked question that anybody wants to know that what will happen if anybody take overdose of sleeping pills !
The answer is here, It will work as poison if it is overdosed. Excessive use of zolpidem can be fatal as it create heavy sleepiness which may result in fainting or coma.

Side effects of Zolpidem

Well this is the most important part of this article, here you will find out the same for which you are here !

Here are the side effects of zolpidem:

  • Daytime Dizziness (without your will)
  • Tired feeling and loss of coordination
  • Headache and muscle pain
  • Dry mouth, throat irritation and stuffy nose
  • Weakness
  • Lightheadedness

Apart from all these side effects, one of the most side effect which is known is its Allergic reaction. If it happens, stop taking it immediately and consult your respective doctor.

And in last we must say that do not take any medicine without consulting a proper doctor.

The Ultimate Guideline to side effects of Ambien Detox
image source: StonegateCenter.com

Some FAQ about Zolpidem

When we get information about any medication and it’s property, then we automatically develop curiosity that we should be very well known about it.
Here are some frequently asked questions (faq) with their respective answers.

1.Does Zolpidem cause Brain Damage ?
-Yes, we can definitely say that there is little effect on the brain, especially when it is taken immediately.  But so far there have been few such cases where there has been permanent damage to the brain.  It affects the elderly people more.

2.Can Zolpidem cause addiction ?
-Of course yes, It can cause addictions and negative health behaviour. The risk of causing hazards increase if a person doesn’t follow the instructions properly ie. if dose exceeds.
In some cases, Hallucination have been reported during 1-7 hours of drug intake.

3. What are the best alternative to Zolpidem (Ambien) ?
-If talking about Pharmaceutical alternative, Lunesta, Silenor , Rozerem are the alternative to Zolpidem.Any antidepressant and antihistamine may be  used instead of ambien.
Melatonin is also a natural sleep aid , which also helps in Jet lag can be considered in place of Zolpidem.

4.Can zolpidem cause liver damage ?
-Not so far. Zolpidem has rarely been indicated as liver damage causing agent.

5. What happens if you take sleeping pills and stay awake?
– Well that means, you are making yourself awaken forcefully. You will stay awake but you will perform work unconsciously and you will forget things after the sleep.
Our suggestion is that if you are not willing to sleep, than you should not take any sleeping pill. That would be better for your health.

Something more about zolpidem:

Zolpidem are available in market as both type generic and brand name drugs. (Ambien is such a brand name)

Zolpidem also comes in Spray form, which is taken orally.

Now, You are almost aware of Zolpidem, and we believe that you will not take this drug with your own.
Take care of your health, spread awareness among people and come forward to build a better society.
I hope you all enjoyed this. Do share this informative article with your friends and family.
Thanks… Stay Healthy

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