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Sony PS5 New Look Console

As of now, Sony has officially announced its new PS5 model with the detachable disc drive and it also has 1TB of internal storage. People are eagerly waiting for its launch date as PS5 was launched in 2019 and it has been in demand since its launch. its initial console was unavailable for months but the storage is long and players have been enjoying the newest console Sony has confirmed its PlayStation 5 slim.

This model is slimmer and shorter than others and it replaces both PS5 as well as PS5 digital edition.
In the US this model costs $499.99 with a drive while the other PS5 digital edition is $449.99.

The new PS5 has new features as it has reduced its volume by more than 30 per cent and it also has reduced its weight by up to 24 per cent. it also has a disc drive which you can’t remove or replace with the side panel. There are four types of separate cover panels as its top has a glossy look while its bottom remains matte. if you purchase the base of the PS5 digital edition then you can add the Blu-ray disc drive as Sony is selling it separately at the rate of $79.99

It also has two slits on each side with dual USB – C ports in the front and has a single USB – C and has USB – Port as they all are available in this PS5 model.


It has a total number of 1TB of storage instead of 825Gb which is found in this existing PS5. This model is going to be released in November in the US at selected retailers and the Sony PlayStation at the rate of $499.99 but without a drive or with $499.99 with one.

The official announcement of the model was made a few months and after that, the device was leaked the reports also suggest that Sony is working on a PS5 with a detachable drive. Even Sony is ready for its sale with the steep price drop in India, the UK, Germany and even elsewhere.

Features Of PS5 New Console

Game Hub

Each of them has a game hub on PS5 and it collects everything that is related to the game and also takes the community broadcasts to the new game content. it has space that you can evolve and adapt throughout the game lifecycle.


PS5 can be created by many gamers so you can jump straight to your specific missions, quests, and modes and you can even jump straight from the console’s control centre.

Control Center

You can check or access your used game content, activities, and even features without leaving your game you just have to press the PS button when you are playing, and after you can see the control overlay.


You can play your game and you can find your next adventure with recommendations that are based on the types of games that you like.


Take a special challenge in the game that is supported by the PS5 game and then share the results with your close ones on PS5 to see if your feelings can do better or not and even if you can beat your friends on the high score or on time and you will also get notified and you will get a chance to beat them again.

Cross-Generation Chat with PS4

It doesn’t matter if your friend is on PS4 or PS5 as your cross-generation voice chat means you can chat with everyone with the account of your PlayStation and even you can easily chat with the players on your mobile phone devices.

Game List

Gamelist is very important and you must optimize it as your group has a favourite disc, streaming or digital as these lists can name and even can be accessed via your collection by just a tab on the game library.

Remote Play

Access yourself on your console by just streaming them to another PS5 console or in your PS4 console or you can also stream on Apple iOS or Android mobile phones.

Game Base

First of all hangout space for yourself and other players with your account on the Playstation, you can share your content, play session, plan and even you can jump into the games and even you can allow some features on the web and even on your mobile phone with this PlayStation app.

Sharing the Screen with Multitasking

While playing online players can see or view the party members’ screens and even they can play their own game as they are watching but they can continue the game at the same time.

External USB Drive Compatibility

It has compatible storage and the PS5 games have USB drives that support the superspeed USB which means you can even save the internal ultra high-speed SSD and time by just reinstalling the PSS games from your external USB drive and if you are ready to play games on your external USB drive then just transfer the game back to your internal SSD via option and then you can play the PS4 game directly on your external USB drive or from your internal SSD.

PS5 M.2 SSD Storage Expansion

You have the storage capacity of the PS5 console by just installing the compatible M.2 solid drive and you can even play on your PS4 and PS5 games and the apps directly with the high speed of SSD expansion and you can also download, store, or manage your content.

3D Audio support for Built-in TV Speaker

You can experience the virtual support sound with 3D audio support on your TV and with 3D audiotech you can directly access your built TV speaker when you are playing games or watching videos on your PS5 console.

Variable Research Rate (VRR)

You can better the visual performance of PS5 games by just enabling the variable refresh rate on your console and even it allows your PS5 to sync the fresh rate for your display as the gameplay will be more compatible and it will be smoother and the graphics look crisper with the frame pacing issue and screen minimizing.

You can also improve your video quality for some of the games and you can also enable the VRR results for an unexpected visual effect that you want for your game and later you can turn it off at any time whenever you want.

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)

You can enjoy smooth gameplay and you can reduce the lag on your Playstation 5 console with this auto-low latency mode as it also has many features and it also sends a signal to your TV when you are playing your game for a better gaming experience.

It is also available on compatible TVs with HDMI 2.1 but its features don’t work when you are using a media app or watching TV the display of your TV should revert to its previous mode when your gaming is stopped and you can turn ALLM off when the variable refresh rate is not enabled.

1440P HDMI Video Output

You can enjoy your game with the support of 1440p resolution and your game will have a higher native resolution. you can also get the benefit from upscaling by the PS5 console. Your HDMI device is more compatible with 1440p select and output 1440p under the screen and video options in your PS5 settings.


Price And Availability

The PlayStation 5 is slim and now it is finally announced as it has been announced on its official platform blog and it is going to be launched in November. This model is as powerful as the base model as well as in the price but it I slightly different in its design and it provides more options to purchase an ultra HD blu ray disc drive to the PS5 edition

The price of this model is $499.99 but the PS5 slim digital edition will be available at a cheaper rate of $449.99 as Sony will offer an ultra HD blu ray disc and the disc drive at $79.99 making it cheaper to buy in the US than it is in the UK.


The design of the PS5 is slim and it has reduced its volume by more than 30per per cent and its weight by 18per per cent and 24per per cent compared to the previous model as they have four cover panels.

The new size and weight are slim and it remains almost the same as its original model which means it has the same RDNA 2 that is based on the GPU and it supports the 3D audio tech as well as Dolby atmos.

The most important change is that it has changed its original 825 GB of storage and upgraded to 1TB. That means it now has extra space that has been added to it.



The PS5 is a slim model that is going to be launched in November 2023 Sony hasn’t provided a concrete date yet but it will be released in November with the holiday as you will also get various sale events. This model has a new size and weight with panel specs and this model remains the same as its original model but one change is done its original 825GB has accessible storage that has been upgraded to 1TB which means now you have extra space.
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