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Do you have a burning or painful sensation during urination or ejaculation?

Are you suffering from frequent urination? Be Careful, these may be the signs of prostate cancer!

• What is Prostate Cancer?

Before knowing about prostate cancer we must know about the prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland, which is located behind the base of the penis, below the bladder. The main function of the prostate is to make seminal fluid and this fluid protects supports and helps transport sperm.

When healthy cells of the prostate change and grow out of control which forms are tumours then it is considered prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is different from The Other type of cancer because the tumours of the prostate do not spread quickly to the other parts of the body. Prostate cancer causes pain and fatigue and sometimes it leads to death, So it is important to know more about Prostate health.

• Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

There are various symptoms of prostate cancer depending upon the stages.

Signs for Early-stage cancer :

1) Frequent urination and interrupted urine flow
2) Symptoms like Erectile dysfunction
3) Pain and burning sensation during urination (Not so common)
4) Pain or discomfort in Sitting which is caused by an enlarged prostate
5)  Blood in urine and semen

Further stage signs after Cancer has Spread
1) Sudden weight loss
2) Pain in the back, thigh, Shoulders and Pelvic bones
3) Swelling in Legs and fatigue

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer and signs

• Cause of Prostate Cancer

Honestly, it is not clear what causes prostate cancer but here are some factors on which the prostate cancer risk depends.

1) Obesity: People who are overweight higher a higher risk of prostate cancer compared to one having a healthy weight.

2) Old Age: Prostate cancer is very common after the age of 50.

3) Family History: If a person having a family history of genes thainincreasehe risk of breast cancer then they may have also the risk of prostate cancer.

• Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

There are several methods of diagnosing tate cancer. Some of them are mentioned below

Early-stage prostate cancer:
If there is a suspicion of prostate cancer then a PSA test is is done in which a special type of protein that is released by prostate tissue is tested. If this protein level is found higher in blood then it can be considered as a rising prostate level.

Further Stages (finding out if cancer has spread)
After some of the early stages test if there is a suspicion of cancer then a CT scan, biopsy test is preferred. Some Diagnosis which necessary for prostate cancer are whole-body bone scan, PET CT scan and ‘Magnetic resonance imaging’ also called MRI.

And after all the diagnosis, the treatment of prostate cancer starts.

Treatment & Prevention (Prostate Cancer)

First, we will talk about some prevention because it is said that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and after that, we will also talk about the treatment.

– Prevention from Prostate Cancer
( looking after prostate health)

Here are the 5 simple steps to prevent prostate cancer.

1) Reduce Stress
Stress and negative Vibes affects tate health mostly. Generally, anger and stress tighten the pelvic muscles and if the tightening is chronic then it can cause state cancer.

2) Green Tea
Green tea is considered the top drink for prostate health as they have important antioxidants. In various studies, it is said that green tea can help prevent prostate cancer. If you are having tea then make sure that your tea doesn’t contain caffeine as consumption of caffeine can make a big difference in urinary health.

3) Walking and Exercise
Walking and exercise are the best methods to keep oneself healthy. Exercise reduces the risk of blood pressure, stress etc which also reduces the risk of Prostate cancer.

4) Lose Weight
Losing weight is one of the most important natural change which can improve our prostate health. It is considered that weight loss reduces prostate size and it also reduces the risk for prostate cancer.

5) Prostate Friendly Diet
Prostate friendly diet at the diet which slows down the growth of the cancerous cell. This prostate friendly diet should be followed for prevention. Diets like fish which contain Omega 3 fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, avocado and nuts are considered as best for a healthy prostate.

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

There are several types of treatment of prostate cancer some of them are written below.

1) Surgery
This surgery involves the removal of the prostate and some surrounding lymph nodes which are infected by cancerous cells. In this treatment, the specialised doctors cut off the tate. Surgery treatments are applied for people those who are at high risk of Cancer.

2) Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy means the use of chemicals (drugs) to destroy Cancerous cell. Chemotherapy helps those patients who are newly diagnosed and to prevent surgery it is preferred. There are several standard drugs that are used in prostate cancer, In general starts with Docetaxel(drug).

3) Radiation therapy
In Radiation therapy, High energy rays are used to destroy the cancerous cell. Radiation therapy is forthwith low-risk prostate cancer who have preferred normal treatment instead of surgery.

4) Hormonal therapy
In the section of this article, you have read that prostate cancer growth is caused by male sex hormone, androgens, so in this treatment, lowering down of these hormones slows down the growth of the cancerous cell. This treatment is also preferred for low-risk prostate cancer.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Some FAQ about Prostate Cancer

fvWhen we get information about any disease, then everyone has this curiosity that he should be very well versed about it.  So here are some frequently asked questions with their answers that almost everyone wants to know.

1. Can prostate cancer kill us?

-Well this question is very common that everybody wants to know. The answer is simply YESif it is not diagnosed on time. Since prostate cancer is a very common disease and the mortality rate is 20 to 30% So It’s nothing to be afraid of.  In most of cases, prostate cancer isn’t likely to kill them before some other disease does.

2. What kind of pain does prostate cancer cause?

-Dull or deep pain in the Pelvic area, Crump pain in back and upper thighs. It also pains in the bones.

3. Is Prostate cancer curable?

– Well the answer is yes, prostate cancer can be cured when detected and treated early. Maximum cases of prostate cancer are detected in earlier stages and treated successfully.

4. Does exercise and walking help your prostate?

– Well the study says that the men who are active in exercise, have 60% fewer chances to have prostate cancer. So we can say that walking and exercise help a lot.

Now we hope that you have known enough about prostate cancer that now you too can be called knowledgeable about it.
Take care of your health, spread awareness among people and come forward to build a better society.
I hope you enjoy knowing all this, then share this informative article with your friends and family.
Thanks… Stay Healthy

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