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The Human family, which takes many forms across many cultures in the Human family, is the fundamental unit of human society. Anthropologists traditionally define the nuclear as consisting of adults of both sexes, joined in a socially approved sexual relationship, and one or more children, their own or adopted. Nuclear families or human family share a residence, sometimes with their extended family, including members such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles, as well as in-laws, known as affinal relatives.

 There are different cultures of humans in the world.

the human family

Of course, there are almost as many variations on this traditional family unit as there are families. Households may be headed by a single adult or by two of the same sex. The marital group may consist of one woman and multiple husbands (polyandry), as among some ethnic Tibetans, or one man and multiple wives (polygyny), found in AFRICA, the middle East, and India, among other places. Kinship may be traced only through the female line, as in matrilineal system, or only through males, as in patrilineal system.

 Despite their different forms, families tend to perform the same functions across all cultures. As a stable unit, they arrange for the rearing and socialization of children; they care for the sick; they provide and share food, shelter, clothing, and security both physical and emotional; and they enforce guidelines for procreation that encourage an enduring marital bond and prohibit incest. In modern, industrial societies, some of these roles and functions have fallen to the state. And extended families sharing the same household are increasingly rare. Even so, the basics structure of the family unit has remained surprisingly unchanged throughout the millennia.

 If there were no humans then would cities have been there ? If there were no humans then would there have been Countries ? If there were no humans then who would’ve gone to the moon ? If there were no humans then who would’ve created temple ? If there were no humans then who would’ve gone to temples to pray ? You need to understand that if there were no humans then who would’ve believed in religion ? This human body is rare. You are very fortunate to get it. You are very fortunate to get human form._

– Prem Rawat

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