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Everyone Loves Beauty

When it  comes to “beauty” people mostly relate it with  the  appearance of a person. However, “beauty” is  not just how you look from outside .Beauty is something where a clean soul  exists. Beauty is even in those scars which are dismayed by the people. A person with a zero figure or a fair skin is what people dream to have in them.

Mostly people have regrets about their appearance or how they look instead of realizing the worth of what they actually are .People should normalize  their “natural body” and should be proud of it. A common habit can be seen among the people when it comes to body shaming .They sink the confidence of other people for not being perfect.

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People generally  forget the value of  their bodies .They forget that their body has a uniqueness which makes them different from all. Generally people complaint to themselves for not being perfect.  No one is completely  perfect and as soon as to the people will realize  this they will find beauty even in their scars. Therefore, being imperfect in itself means that we are perfect.

Where Is The true Beauty?

Nowadays , people rely on artificial products to hide their flaws .It is mostly seen in females when it comes to apply “beauty products”. Females use a considerable amount of make-up consisting of harmful chemicals which can later have side-effects on their skin. For people the definition of beauty is now  redefined to the artificial glow using the artificial products.

  • People have the insecurity for  not being accepted  due to their blemishes or spots which they have on their body. Henceforth, they rely on these artificial products in order to look good.

Make Your Reality A Beauty

Everyone should believe in  “SIMPLICITY” . It is something which  makes us believe in ourselves, helps us in recognizing the capabilities we posses .Therefore, simplicity is something that defines the real beauty as it makes us realize  that we as individuals are enough to prove ourselves through our natural traits without any use of artificial substances (not natural).

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No doubt, being fashionable and trendy is what the people desires. Adapting ourselves with the time is the current requirement of every individual. Since fashion and trend has knocked our  livelihoods we have  forgotten  the difference between “needs and wants”. We are always in the race to get the latest commodities(clothes, footwear, watches, etc.,) In order to match the trends instead of productively using what we actually have. Therefore, the  pace of getting the things unnecessarily  have made us restless and we have forgotten to live a normal life . Now leading a normal life is faded somewhere.

  •  Realize the value of your life which lies in the simple and normal living.
  •  Realize the value of your body which lies in being natural and different.
  •  Realize the value of your individuality which lies in believing in yourself.
  •  Realize the value of your existence which lies in accepting the situations.

Therefore, the beauty lies where there is simplicity and acceptance towards the  reality of life .

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