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How to turn Grey hair into Black hair?

With growing era of technologies and competitive world we all face many problems and new diseases resulting as the outcome of stress and change in lifestyle, one such problem is premature greying of hair. There can be many causes of this like stress, hormonal imbalance’s etc. In this article we’ll tell you the best options to turn grey hair into black.

Turn grey hair into black

Hair’s make one more beautiful and is the sign of youngness, greying of hair is sign of ageing and that’s natural but premature greying of hair makes one uncomfortable and depressed and in today’s scenario where beauty is taken as top priority, premature greying of hair can make you under confident.

  • But this doesn’t mean that  you have to dye your hair’s all the time to cover the grey hair’s because here are some basic and effective ways to reverse greying of hair.
  • Before going for the methods ,let’s understand the basic cause of greying of hair . Not all grey hair’s can be turned back into black especially if the cause of greying of hair is Genetical or Hereditary .

What are causes of premature greying of hair?

If looked from the view point of modern society the main cause of premature of greying of hair can be STRESS but if same is looked from the point of view of our grandparents the answer would be the CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE of the people. If noticed keenly both point of view is right for the problem and some more are discussed below.


Smoking can cause early greying of hair as they it restrict the flow of blood through hair follicle and can result in premature greying of hair. As per a report  among smokers and non smoker, smokers are almost 2.3 times more likely to have premature greying hair.


In today’s busy scenario where we all are busy in competing , we eat anything without giving a look or second thought at it’s nutritional value in order to save time . Sleeping late at night , sitting maximum time infront of tv  screen , pollution , Smoking and many more. the new changes around our surroundings had every worse effect o our health onw of which is premature greying of hair’s.


Busy life style less time more work results to nothing but stress and depression thus effecting your health as well as is one of the cause for premature greying of hair’s. Whether one working in a company or in house, whether elder or younger stress has been so common in our life it has been like part and parcel know which is a serious concern, because it can  lead to serious disease to.


It is a kind of stage when body’s immune system attacks it’s own cell thus resulting into alopecia areata condition when hair starts losing it’s pigmentation and in extreme condition it result in hair loss in patches. This is also caused by  extreme stress.


Having improper or lack of nutrient food leads to nothing but result out into a weak body full of discomfort and diseases, having a proper balanced  diet with proper quantity of nutrients enriched is best way to prevent yourself from intake of various medicines and prevents even premature greying of hair’s.


Straightening ,ironing, curling  using chemical enriched products to add extra shine to your hair’s all result into damaging your hair follicle . Using shampoos enriched with sodium lauryl sulphate damage your hair and make them to lose pigmentation much earlier.


Hormonal changes caused by a thyroid problem as such hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism causes early greying of hair.

Even according to dermatologist there is not a specific reason for greying of hair it may be due to genetics or environmental changes. You should visit a dermatologist if you face this problem but be sure that the problem is not  genetical.


So the answer is Yes, they can be turned black but the exceptional case is that the problem should not be heredity/genetical .You can easily turn grey hair into black. If the problem is other than this then it can be cured by changing your eating habit and enhancing  a healthy lifestyle. Some of the daily supplements you need to add your day today lifestyle are :-


Also known as ‘false daisy’ , it’s like a magical herb having a great importance in Ayurveda, Bhringraj oil when mixed with Amla oil and applied on scalp overnight before washing helps to reduce and slowing down greying of hair. It also promote new hair growth plus also treat scalp infection and many more. you can also apply its hair mask.

2. Triphala

It has also been proven very effective ass it is enriched with iron and potassium thereby consuming, it helps to fulfill the vitamin requirements of the body, thus slowing down the greying of hair.

3. Amla

Being rich in vitamin C and various anti oxidant properties it helps to make your hair strong and healthy and helps in adding extra shine to your hair. Drinking fresh Amla juice or applying Amla hair mask to your hair helps to reduce greying of hair.

4. Henna

Henna is a natural conditioner as well as natural dye .It shows magical result when applied by making a thick paste with black coffee. This is method trustable from old times.

5. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek or meethi seeds when mixed with warm oil proved effective against premature greying of hair .You need to apply this oil one night before washing your hair.

6. Curry leaves

Warm or boil the curry leaves with oil till they turn black completely and strain them. Apply this oil on your scalp overnight, it also helps to slow down the premature greying of hair.

Any specific medicine to cure grey hair?

So the exact answer is ‘No’, because even dermatologist don’t have any specific reason to explain why hair’s turn grey so early. It may be due to genes that is in your family may be other’s too have same problem so it can’t be cured but if the reason is something else so ‘Yes’ , it can be cured by Ayurveda and by changing our lifestyle to a certain extent. Any wrong habit can cause hormone imbalance thus causing premature greying of hair and other diseases.

But if you are in search of any medicine to reverse the grey hairs so that’s not possible.

Permanent Solution Of Grey Hair’s

Want permanent solution of your grey hair’s and that also without any headache so these are some important things you need to do

  • First exercise daily, have a early morning walk everyday, breathe in fresh air.
  • Second stop everything that effects your health as such smoking, late night sleeps etc.
  • Third  you need to have a proper balanced diet enriched with vitamin such as iron and copper so mas to provide nutrients to your hair’s.
  • Fourth have food that can produce high melanin  concentration so that your hair can stay black healthy and shiny.

What Is Melanin? Can It Be Produced Naturally?

Melanin is a natural pigmentation  present in the body which determine the color of your hair. Melanin is made up of special cells called melanocytes . One amazing thing to know is that your hair’s are white when they grow as they are made up of keratin but as they pop out on the scalp the melanocytes add melanin within the hair cells.

Turn grey hair into black

As we grow old Melanin concentration is reduced naturally and thus hair start losing their pigmentation and start turning white which is natural but the concern of the  mater is when it’s occurring before age.

Yes melanin can be produce naturally in your body just you need to consume proper food as such:-

1.Consume iron rich food :-

For producing melanin naturally in your hair you need to consume food enriched with iron such as green leafy veggies, legumes, broccoli ,flaxseeds etc.

2.Consume copper rich food:-

Food rich in copper as nutrient is best to increase the production of melanin in your hairs, food such as green leafy veggies, nuts, sweet potatoes, chickpeas etc. are rich in copper

  • You can also have hibiscus tea or you may apply hibiscus hair mask so that to increase production of melanin in your hair naturally, just take few hibiscus petals crush them into fine paste and mix that with yogurt and apply in on your hair then wash off with normal water after an hour.
  • For the one who is non vegetarian, consume B-12 enriched food as this is an animal protein found in animals such as fishes. It also helps to slow down the premature greying of hair .
  • Greying of hair with ageing is normal and natural but when it’s before the age it is little worrying but now you have understood that it can be reversed by just changing your lifestyle to a little extent and by exercising daily and breathing in fresh hair.



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