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Ubisoft Logo

Ubisoft Logo Font

Ubisoft, formerly known as UbiSoft Entertainment Software is a video game distribution, development, and publishing company that is headquartered in Montreuil, France. The company includes studios in more than 20 countries, including Russia, Canada, Spain, China, the United States, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Italy etc. It is one of the largest game publishers in Europe.

The Ubisoft logo was founded in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers. After graduating from university, they helped develop the family business and decided to open their own business and start selling computers by mail. But budding entrepreneurs didn’t stop there. When they realized that video game software was in high demand, they immediately moved on to developing it. And the brother opened Ubi Soft Entertainment. The company developed, expanded, and overgrown with studios, which are now scattered across different countries.

Ubisoft logo

Ubisoft logo

The Ubisoft logo history started in 1986 officially. Despite only being in the gaming industry for a handful of years compared to some competitors Ubisoft has made several changes to its logo. The Ubisoft Entertainment SA has gone through at least six distinctive logotypes. In most cases, the design was changed completely. The company’s logo has been bright and colourful for a long time but in 2017 everything changed.

Ubisoft’s first logo,1986

● The logo was created in 1986 as a wordmark logo which meant it was only the name of the company.
● I was impressed with its retro style.
● The letters U, B, and I at this time were large and pink in colour having wide blue edges.
● The word soft was in a white, handwritten font.
● The colours of the logo are selected in a way that represents a showy and flashy that is calm and smooth.
● Together they created calm and trust.
● The logo was impressive because of its 3D side. This first logo was by the company for about ten years.


● In 1989 the logo style gave way to a conservative and strict design.
● The developers placed the phrase UBISOFT at the top, in bold letters, and after the bottom in the same font but in italics they wrote the phrase Entertainment Software.
● The text was black and center-aligned.
● This was similar to some of the versions of the Microsoft logo.


● Here again the company started scratching with their logo design.
● During this period, the company was represented by an emblem of many geometric shapes.
● This was a rather unique and colourful logo.
● The word Ubisoft was also separated into two parts.
● The letters U, B, and I were lowercase, italic text.
● The letters of the logo were designed in different colours such as green, yellow and blue.
● All in red background with the soft written in black uppercase letters.
● All the colours placed together represented the entertainment well. But, this logo was not a great success.

Ubisoft logo

1994 -2003

● In 1994 the company again changed the logo.
● As a result of the opening of offices abroad and the launch of Rayman Legends, a new Ubisoft logo was born.
● This time the logo was much more simplistic than the previous one.
● The Ubisoft was written in simple, black, and serif font with the word Entertainment below it, in soft green font written in sans-serif uppercase letters that were fairly spaced apart.
● The whole thing was placed under the rainbow arch, a symbol of universality.
● The new image was intended to represent the company’s desire to make its games universally appealing.


● Marking perhaps the most important change in Ubisoft’s history, the new emblem introduced in 2003 showcased the spiral design for the first time.
● After acquiring the Tom Clancy franchise a new logo was created.
● Here the space between the company name was removed.
● They also introduced a blue-violet whirlwind logo that attracted gamers by rotating in animated ways.
● So it was that year the famous spiral logo was born.
● The Ubisoft logo was written in simple word uppercase, and sans serif font.
● The famous spiral was blue which means wisdom, freshness, and calm which is what the brand wanted to represent.
● It does have a spiral in the centre that looks like an infinity. The company director explained it as an original creation.

2017 – Today

● In 2017 the last Ubisoft logo appeared.
● It was similar to the logo of 2003 but with some differences.
● First, the famous blue disappeared.
● This year they changed the Purple swirl to black and white and the gradient was changed with a flat design.
● The publisher explained that its new logo is in line with the latest trends that are forcing many global brands to strive for monochrome and minimalism that brings simplicity, modernity, and elegance.
● The eye is not present anymore; it is more of an “O” a way to simplify the logo.
● The spiral looks like a person has drawn it.
● The iconic swirl symbol remained but the coloring was removed to leave behind the black and white icon.
● The new emblem also introduced a change to the word mask for Ubisoft which now features a disconnected “O” in the 5th letter.
● Ubisoft said it wanted its new logo to demonstrate its passion and creative nature with just the touch of” grain de folie” or a hint of madness.
● the new logo does not include color but it still has a lot of energy in it. Because of the use of the curved swirling shape.

Ubisoft logo 2023
image source: Techlusive

Ubisoft’s Logo: Font And Colors

● The company used to change the logo and make it simple for the betterment but it still didn’t change much.
● It is a uniformly balanced vertex with a shifted centre.
● The logo was specially created for the French video game developers that use the so-called Ubisoft Sans.
● The Ubisoft letter looks simple except for the “O” which resembles a round chain link and follows the shape of the hand-drawn logos central element.
● We can say that the Ubisoft logo font is one of the most compelling components of its company.
● Now the typeface is called Ubisoft Sans having sans serif font and unique elements.
● The colour theme is very simple.
● Designers turned to traditional black-and-white monochrome to create a plane image that matches the ongoing simplicity.
● In this case, the whirlpool’s inscription and contours are black, and the background gaps are white.
● Currently, the most recent Ubisoft logo helps to connect the brand to the modern landscape while still paying the homepage to its heritage.

What Does the Ubisoft Logo Represent?

The Ubisoft logo has the “eye” and an “O” glyph as this logo had an impression of the hand-drawn shape even this logo also symbolizes the human touch as well as it symbolizes enthusiasm, the grain de folio as well as curiously and even Ubisoft is well known for its logo as the logo of Ubisoft attracts many people.

Even on 31st May 2017, Ubisoft revealed it’s some of the most simplified versions and these versions have swirl symbols and also have modified their wordmark.

Ubisoft Changed Its Logo For The First time in 14 Years

After 14 years Ubisoft changed its logo for the first time and even upgraded some versions of its colorless look.

The first Ubisoft logo was changed by the French publisher in 2003 at the time UbiSoft introduced some swirl designs and even they showed three dimensions that had a royal blue color.

The fourth logo has a new mark in the history of the company as it was founded as the UBI soft in 1986 and even it was launched with an 80’s tastic hot pink logo.

UbiSoft has also described its logo as they have shown the logo as modern, monochromatic and minimalistic. The company has also added that the swirl and the letter O both have been created by hand-drawn shapes and they also represent some human qualities of enthusiasm.

This new logo has color as well as depth and even You Can be Solved has also reassured their fans on Twitter that they have a logo animation as in each Ubisoft title there is a boot sequence that has been coloured and animated.

Ubisoft Entertainment

Ubisoft Entertainment is a French company and this company is especially known for its development and publication of different varieties of computer video games.

This company has introduced many games in different languages as well as on different platforms and this company also has included studios in more than 20 countries including Canada, Russia, China, Spain, the United States, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and so on. Nowadays, Ubisoft has become one of the largest game publishers in Europe.

It was founded by the Guillemot brothers in France in 1986 but due to their hard work and dedication, the Ubisoft company has expanded to other game markets including the United Kingdom, the United States and even Germany. Ubisoft opened its new development studio in Canada in 1994 and now it has become their main office.

Ubisoft also opened another additional office in Shanghai in 1996. Ubisoft has also acquired a new American studio at Red Storm Entertainment as they have also acquired blue byte software in 2001. This acquired information shows that the company keeps growing as well as progressing with its new technologies as well as products.

History of Ubisoft Entertainment Logo

It has been mentioned that the Ubisoft entertainment logo was created by the company that was founded in 1986 and this company was published by Rayman.

The publisher of this company has used the rainbow shape so that he can show their shift from distributor to publisher in 1995.


The company used to change the logo until it became a whirlwind. Today it is a black-and-white spiral with a moderate black-and-white look while keeping with the tradition of flat design. It symbolizes curiosity, enthusiasm, and madness -in a good way while looking at Ubisoft’s history, the company has freely experimented with its visual identity over the years finding new ways to present its creativity and to target its audience. The most recent Ubisoft logo symbolizes innovation and fun created to capture audiences’ attention and separate the brand from its competitors.

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