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Do you know why Cerebral infarction is termed Brain Stroke! You will know How dangerous brain stroke is!

First of all, let me make you familiar with this disorder which is called cerebral infarction.
If you have heard about Brain stroke, then I don’t think you don’t know anything about this disease. Well, Cerebral infarction is another name for Brain stroke.

Let me tell you something more about Cerebral infarction.

What is Cerebral infarction

Cerebral infarction is a brain disease, which occurs when the blood supply in the brain is interrupted or reduced which prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.
When oxygen supply interrupts, brain cell begins to die causing Cerebral infarction, which is also known as Brain stroke.

Symptoms of Cerebral infarction

If a person has Cerebral infarction, he may show various signs and symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms are :

  • Trouble in understanding the voice of another person: He may experience confusion in understanding things.
  • Trouble in Speaking: He may face difficulty in speaking and in some cases the person may not able to deliver the message through voice.
  • Headache and vomiting: A sudden headache with vomit is also a sign of a brain stroke. Dizziness and loss of consciousness also indicate Cerebral infarction.
  • Vision blur or loss of vision: A person may face difficulty in seeing the object. He may suddenly have a blurred-blackened vision or may see double.
  • Paralysis in legs and arms: It is one of the most common signs of cerebral infarction. A person may develop sudden weakness or numbness in the arms and legs. He may also get paralysis in the face ie one side of the mouth may droop when he tries to speak something.
  • Difficulty in walking: In Cerebral infarction, A person may lose balance while walking. He may face sudden dizziness and loss of coordination.
Cerebral infarction
image source: englewoodhealth.org


Cause of Cerebral infarction

According to Experts, There are two main causes of Cerebral infarction (Brain stroke).

1. Blocked Artery

When the brain’s blood vessels become narrowed or blocked, it results in a blocked artery. It is the main cause of ischemic stroke.

Blocked arteries are caused by the deposition of fat or by the blood clots in blood vessels of the brain. It is the most common cause of cerebral infarction.

2. Disruption of blood flow to the brain

It is the temporary decrease of blood supply in the brain, which may last as little as 5 minutes and that’s enough to give you a Cerebral infarction. However this is not as dangerous as blocked artery or blood leaking, that’s why it is called ministroke.

Disruption of blood flow causes a transient ischemic attack. It occurs when clotting reduces the blood flow to the nervous system, results in Cerebral infarction.

Risk factors of Cerebral infarction

Several factors can increase your Cerebral infarction risk. Some of them are:

– Being Overweight can increase the risk of cerebral infarction.

– Heavy use of illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, which can cause blockage in arteries.

High blood pressure can lead to the bursting of arteries and blood leakage in the brain.

High cholesterol and Diabetes is also the factor which can increase the risk of cerebral infarction.

Cardiovascular disease like a heart attack or heart failure also affects the blood flow in the brain.

– Some studies show that Covid-19 infection is also the risk factor for Cerebral infarction.

Cerebral infarction

Prevention & Treatment of Cerebral infarction

If there is disease and disorders, there is also their prevention and treatment. As it is called that prevention is better than so first we will talk about some prevention and then treatment of Cerebral infarction.

Prevention from Cerebral infarction

– Controlling high blood pressure is one of the most important prevention measures to decrease the risk of Cerebral infarction. Healthy lifestyle changes can treat high blood pressure problems.

– Maintaining a healthy weight as overweight and heavy fat disposition on the body can cause artery blockage. Being overweight also contribute to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

– Quitting tobacco and drink can decrease the risk of Cerebral infarction.

– Exercising regularly and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cerebral stroke.

Cerebral infarction
image source: inf.news

Treatment of Cerebral infarction

Some medications can be used for the treatment of Cerebral infarction but don’t take any of these without a doctor’s advice.

– Anticoagulant: These are used to clear the blockage as anticoagulant reduces the blood clotting. Other blood-thinning drugs are used to reduce the blood blockage in arteries.

– Anti-platelet drugs are used to reduce the effect of platelets as platelets in the blood are meant to clot the blood. These drugs make the blood cells less sticky and less likely to clot.

Types of Cerebral infarction

There are generally three types of Cerebral infarction.

1.Ischemic stroke

This is the most common type of Cerebral infarction caused by narrowed or blocked arteries, by a reduction in blood supply to the brain.

2.Hemorrhagic stroke

This is caused by the bursting of blood vessels in the brain, which results in leakage of blood in the brain.
Bleeding in the brain is one of the most common signs of Cerebral infarction.

3.Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

It is sometimes called a ministroke,  it is caused by a temporary decrease in blood supply to the brain.

FAQs regarding Cerebral infarction

Even after knowing all this, if any stone is left unturned, then you will get that information in these Frequently asked questions :

1) Is cerebral infarction serious?

-Of courses yes, If early action is not taken it becomes more serious.

2) Can cerebral infarction be cured?

-Yes, cerebral infarction can be cured if treated properly under the supervision of a specialist. Some specific medications are used to restore the normal blood flow in the brain.

3) Does the brain heal after a Cerebral infarction?

– Yes, Damaged brain cells can regenerate themselves by the process of neurogenesis.

4) Where is the most common site of cerebral infarction?

– Middle cerebral artery is the most common site of cerebral infarction.

5) What is the main cause of cerebral infarction?

– Disrupted blood flow in the brain is the main cause of cerebral infarction.

6) Do stroke victims sleep a lot?

– Yes, it is seen that Cerebral infarction patient sleeps a lot, even in the daytime but that’s okay as Sleeping is a crucial part for stroke recovery.

We hope that now you know something more about Cerebral infarction.

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