What Makes Star Ocean’s First Departure of R a Must-Play? | Features, Story and Differences

Star Ocean's First Departure of R


When we talk about games there are many games that many Gamers enjoy. These games give real satisfaction and enjoyment to many Gamers as while playing games we get lost in the world of games.

In 2023 many games will be going to launch and all of them will have their specifications and features. But today I will provide you with all the information about the Star Ocean first Departure R game.

So I am going to continue my article on Star Ocean so that I can provide all the important information about Star Ocean’s first Departure R.

 Star Ocean's First Departure of R

What is a star ocean?

Star Ocean is one of the most playable action role-playing games that has been developed by the Tri-Ace and it is published by Enix for the Super Famicom. This game Start Ocean was released in Japan in July 1996 as it is the first game that has been developed by tri-Ace.

Director:- The director of this game is Joe Asanuma

Producer:- It is produced by the Yoshinori Yamagishi

Developer:- It is developed by Tri-Ace and Tose.

Designer:- The designer of the star ocean is Masaki Norimoto

Programmer:- The programmer of the star ocean is Yoshiharu Gotanda

Artist:- Meimu

Writer:- The writer of The Star Ocean is Yoshiharu Gotanda

Series:- star ocean

Platform:- it is available on the Super Famicom, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Genre:- Full action role-playing game

Mode:- It is single player game

Star Ocean First Departure R is finally Available on Nintendo Switch

The Star Ocean First Departure R is finally available on the Nintendo Switch. This game is the remake of the first entry of the Star Ocean series and it has been released on Nintendo Switch. Now Star Ocean players can enjoy and experience the beginning of the Star Ocean series.

In the story of the Star Ocean game, the players will play the role of the young swordsman Roddick and his companions and in this game, they will travel across the sea of stars so that we can find a remedy to cure the deadly diseases that are turning people into stone.

Star Ocean's First Departure of R

Even players will be given the option to use the PSP graphics or some new things and they can also touch the sprites drawn by the famous illustrator Katsumi Enami.

Even in this game they also have an option for the newly recorded script and featured for the Japanese cast of the Super Famicom original. This game series is a long-lasting game with eight original titles that have been released from 1996 through 2016.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have storage of ports and even new titles which have been changed from the last few Nintendo consoles.

Features of the star Ocean’s first departure of R


In the Star Ocean’s first departure of R, we can enjoy many battles. Even though it has controllable characters that we can select as the leader, many players can switch their characters during the battle depending upon the situation.

If you want to change your character then you can change it during the battle. Players in the star ocean have many advantages in the battle as they can change their strategy or formation so that they can win the battle.

Private Action

You can enjoy some special events as allies roam around the town freely. Even when the player enters into the private action then they can spend as much time as they want.

Players can speak with other characters so that they can see the other individual events.

Character Relation

This game keeps open track of inter-character relations as it keeps an eye on how a character feels about another character. Even the relationship in Star Ocean First Departure R game can be changed as it is based upon private action and battles.


The skills of the player increase with the character’s abilities and they are also available to purchase at the skill guides in the town. You can also learn the Purchase skill by using skill points so that you can level up in the game.


The player can learn different skills by specialities as each speciality has a level that is associated with it and when the level increases for the learned skill the Speciality level also increases and it also affects the success and even increases the Speciality level.

Even specialities also include familiar as it is a special ability to call Birds with treats to have them go shopping for you.

Item Creation

The item creation in Star Ocean’s first departure allows the player to generate new items for the source material through different methods such as compounding and Alchemy. It also enables specialities that are associated with items and it also can identify unknown items.


It also has different characters and each character has individual qualities and plays a large part in IC. Each IC has a talent and characters that also have some basic talents so that they can experience their talent and enjoy success in the game.

Star Ocean's First Departure of R

Story Of Star Ocean’s First Departure of R

The whole story revolves around the three friends as they are searching for medicine to cure a new disease that has come into contact with various people. They are traveling from one place to another place and they also attempt some war so that they can find a remedy so that they can save their planet.

This game was also released on Nintendo Switch and even the developer of this game has released Super Ocean First Departure R on the PlayStation under the title Star Ocean First Departure.

The Star Ocean game was released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation worldwide in December 2019 this game has an entire Star Ocean series and it features 6 main games, three spin-offs, a remake, a premaster and a Manga.

Differences in the Star Ocean’s First Departure R

● This game has new actors with animated cutscenes and even it has character portraits with different new character designs.

● The major story event revolves around the voice acting.

● The plot of this game remains unchanged from the Star Ocean as new characters have new private actions and endings that have been added to this game.

● It also has increased the SNES version by about 80 different endings.

● In Star Ocean’s first partner, the player has to select the enemy as which enemy they have to attack and even they can see the character to attack.

● The Attacks that you do on the enemy will cause much damage to the enemy.

● It also has the MP cost of the special arts has been changed and has different level requirements that can be learned.

● The art slots have been reduced to only two.

● It also has different skills, talents and item creation specialities.

● It also has different weapons, accessories and different equipment.

● The scholar skills are also removed.

● The mastery system is also introduced.

Music in Star Ocean’s first Departure R

The song in Star Ocean’s first departure R original soundtrack has the theme song “Heart” which has been performed by the Japanese group Asunaro. It also has added 3rd tracks from “Come on Bunny” and “Mission to Deep Space” from the second story soundtrack and “Mother Ocean” from the star ocean perfect sound connection.

The first detail about the Star Ocean’s first departure is the Square Enix party in 2007 as it also has the second Evolution which was released four months later.

Yoshinori Yamagishi the producer of the Star Ocean first departure R series has stated or mentioned that he wants to remake it so that they can complete the new games.

Even this Star Ocean’s first departure R has been produced by using an improved version of the Star Ocean ie The second story engine which has been introduced in the background and on the battlefields.

Star Ocean's First Departure of R

The same engine was used for the second story remake of Star Ocean: Second Evolution which was produced at the same time this game was released.

It also has some animated cutscenes for the Star Ocean’s first departure R and the voices of the actors were fully re-cast and even they have a massive dialogue that has been compared with the original.

But according to the plot of the game, it remains virtually unchanged and it comes with some new additions and even it has two new characters.


The above information about Star Ocean First Departure R is accurate as there are many games in the market but Star Ocean First Departure R is quite different and it has many differences and features that the gamers can enjoy.

So here I conclude and I hope the given information about Star Ocean’s first departure R is useful to you. I will try my level best to provide all the important information about this game and thank you for sharing your valuable time in reading this article. I hope this information is useful for you.

Thank you!

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