Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty worth it?

WO long Multiplayer

There are many historical fantasy action role-playing video games that have become very popular in today’s world. Different games have different actions and they all are quite different from each other with different features and specifications. 

The most important thing that makes these games so popular is the features that have been used by the developers of the game. So in today’s article, I will provide all the necessary information about how Wo Long multiplayer so read this article carefully.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Game

  • WO Long Fallen game is one of the most historical fantasy action role-playing video games that has been published by Koei Tecmo and has been developed by Team Ninja.
  • Even WO long fallen games are going to be released on 3 March 2023 on different PlayStations like Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox series X/S.
  • The developers of WO Long are Masakazu Hirayama and Hidehiko Nakajima and this game was designed by Masaki Yokota.
  • The artist of the WO long multiplayer is Kazuhiro Hirayama and Hirohisa Kaneko and even this game has been written by Masakazu Hirayama.
  • The WO long Multiplayer is an action role-playing and hack and slash game and the mode of the game is single-player or multiplayer.

How to Enable Multiplayer CO-OP and PVP:

It is said that the WO long multiplayer Fallen Dynasty may be hard to play but this game requires some skills that are needed to play the WO Long game.

WO Long has an option of multiplayer as it allows us to team up with friends to play the game and even we can play versus player option so that we can try if we want to do something other than the main missions.

It also has an IGN wiki page that covers all the online multiplayer options that we can try on WO long games.

WO long multiplayer

How to Use Online Multiplayer?

You can play online if you defeat the first Boss of the game Zhang Liang (Zhang Liang is the first box and it is one of the most difficult anime that you have to defeat and it also causes much damage in the fight. The person needs to have patience and know when to deflect).

When you are in the game and if you have been beaten by Zhang Liang then you will reach the next mission and when you rest at your first battle flag you will also notice that the online lobby option is available and you can select it.

 (online lobby only works if you are connected to your Wi-Fi connection and if you don’t have any internet connection on your hardware then you can’t use this online functionality as an internet connection is very important to play the online lobby).

If you select the online lobby then you will be sent to the online menu option and there you will also given some more options for online multiplayer such as:-


If you select this option then you will send out a call to random players so that they can also join on your mission and even you can join other players by selecting the response selection option.


After selecting this you have to enter the 6-digit password below the Recruit option and then you have to share this password with your friend once you both have entered the password you can play together.

If you want to change some equipment then you will be sent to a new menu option you can set your changes to four you can head out and play you must select a stage to play on and once you have selected then you have to press on Co-Op start option so that you can head out and play with your friend.

WO long multiplayer

How to Start Co-op in Wo Long Multiplayer?

There are two requirements in WO Long Multiplayer for starting co-op so that you can beat the first boss Zhang Liang and for that, you need at least one item that is called Tiger seal. 

Then you can beat the first Boss with this equipment and there are a few steps that you can use to kill the boss.

Step 1:

After beating the first boss Zhang Liang you will find a tiger seal and then you will find the Battle Flag.

Step 2:

Then select the online lobby by resting the Battle Flag.

Step 3:

Then choose the co-op option. 

Step 4:

If you are hosting the game then you can choose the Recruit option and then you will be given a six-digit password that you and your friend can use to play together or join the session.

Step 5:

If you are not hosting the WO Long multiplayer then you can choose the join co-OP by password and then you can put in the code that is given by your friend while hosting the game.

Step 6:

If you want to play the WO Long multiplayer with someone else then you can select the Recruit option for the random matchmaking.

WO long multiplayer

How To Unlock Co-op in WO Long Fallen Dynasty?

At the start of the game, players can start collaborating with their friends and it depends upon their skills and how they can collaborate with their friends. 

If the player wants to co-op because they are having some trouble with the boss then you can wait for a while so that the player can automatically unlock the co-up in WO long multiplayer fallen dynasty and after defeating the first boss you can simply chip away at his health bar and even you can defeat his attacks.

How To Use The PVP?

There is an Invade selection below the recruit and co-op option as it allows you to play with your friends together.

And once you have passed your first mission then you will be sent to another mission and your goal is quite simple you just have to kill the host of the world and even his followers.

 These enemies will not harm you while you are searching for the host and then you have to defeat the host so that you will get all the rewards with the Accolades which is a type of currency that you can use or spend at the Zuo Ci at the hidden village. 

Head towards the online settings and if you turn off the option then that means the players will not come for you.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Complete Guide to Multiplayer

In WO long multiplayer you don’t have to play all the adventures alone as you can bring your friends with you so that you can tackle the map where you choose. 

There are also inventions from other players so that you can deal with your friends.

Even WO long has a multiplayer system and summoning system as they are the same as the team Ninja. You Can also play with your friends in a password lock lobby or you can open this game and join with some strangers so that you can play with them easily. You can also invite other players so they can also join the game.

Is WO Long Fallen Dynasty a Cross Platform?

  • The WO long multiplayer doesn’t have cross-platform features as if you own a PlayStation 5 copy so then Only you can play it on PS5 and PS4.
  •  Xbox series and X/S can also team up with x/s series.
  •  You can play this game on Xbox One Gamers and also on PC so that you can also collaborate with other PC gamers. 
  •  Team Ninja has best up for Crossplay into the game at a later but as the writing this article these PlayStation also have some boundaries

WO long multiplayer

WO Long Fallen Dynasty Co-Op: How to Unlock and Use Multiplayer?

The WO Long fallen dynasty is one of the most important and largest expectations of any soulslike game. If any player is having any difficulty with a certain Boss then you are free to ask for help from other players and even if you want to team up with some other persons you can also record the latest result.

The WO long multiplayer game doesn’t allow Gamers and it also doesn’t give the ability to cooperate right out of the gate. Like everything else in the genre, the players need to earn so that they can make the game easier.


So as I have mentioned the WO Long multiplayer is a historical fantasy action role-playing video game and it is one of the best games that you can play alone or with your friends. 

Here I conclude that the given information about the WO Long Fallen Dynasty is useful to you and I will try my level best to provide all the necessary and important information about the WO Long Fallen Dynasty game.

Thank you for coming and Sharing your most valuable time reading this article. This means a lot and do tell me in the comments section if this article is useful to you or not.

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