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Enjoy the classic Monopoly game experience with cool new features and a city-building component in Monopoly Go, a fun board game. In the game, players can move their pieces to make money, which they can then use to upgrade their homes, construct new structures, and do much more. By obtaining every piece of property, the ultimate objective is to force other players into bankruptcy and thereby establish a “monopoly.”

In Monopoly Go, properties are bought, sold, and rented out as the game progresses. Players move following their dice roll. Players can obtain additional dice rolls if they have used up all their available ones.

How to Get Free Dice Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, How to Get More Dice Rolls

Login Daily

Similar to the majority of modern mobile games, Monopoly GO offers rewards to users to encourage regular gameplay. Free dice rolls are one of the daily treats, so one way to get them is to log in daily. Apart from the dice rolls, players can also win other thrilling prizes.

Make Some Addict Companion

When players successfully invite other players to join the game, Monopoly GO offers generous rewards. Both players receive an additional 30 rolls when they ask a friend who accepts the invitation to play. If up to thirty friends accept the invitation, players can continue to receive thirty free rolls for inviting friends.

Sticker Albums

Throughout Monopoly GO, players collect stickers. They’re not just an entertaining feature; they can also be used to improve dice rolls. Players receive dice rolls for each album or sticker set they finish. Although the number of free rolls awarded for finishing an album is more incredible than completing a stage, finishing an album can take longer.

Free Links

Free links aren’t available in the game, but Monopoly GO releases them daily. Instead, they can only be shared on Discord, so players need to move fast because they expire soon. Monopoly Go is currently accessible on PC and mobile platforms.

How to Get Free Dice Monopoly Go

Claim Free Shop Gifts

Click the list icon in the upper right corner for free Shop rewards. Choose Shop at this point, then scroll down the offer wall until you reach the Free button. In-game bonuses such as money and spins can be obtained by pressing the Free button.

Complete Wins

In the lower-left corner, Wins is visible. They are easy to do and can be completed to receive gifts. A weekly prize with the best claims can also be unlocked by finishing them for seven days.

Go Up and Boost Your Net Worth

You will gain levels and accumulate Nett Worth as you continue to play. You also get rewards of one kind or another whenever your net worth rises. Dice Rolls, stickers, tokens, and other items are some prizes. To obtain the freebies, play frequently.

Upgrade and Continue Building

Players can upgrade the building and invest to unlock new cities and locations, as you may already know. You get free rewards, like dice rolls, when you open the next level after reaching max. If you don’t have the money to upgrade the structure, consider using codes. If so, check this Monopoly Go code reference to see if they’re available.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to get free dice in Monopoly Go. The game developers may offer players exclusive deals, promotions, and in-game events. Additionally, there may be chances to obtain free dice by participating in group activities, finishing tasks, or interacting with other players. If there are any temporary or permanent ways to get these in-game assets, keeping a close check on official announcements and updates is essential. Players can improve their chances of winning and getting free dice by being active and involved in the Monopoly Go community. This improves the overall gaming experience.

How to Get Free Dice Monopoly Go


Q1. Where can I find dice links in Monopoly GO?

Connecting with friends in Monopoly GO is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to obtain free dice rolls. You can explore the Monopoly GO world and make calculated moves by gathering a lot of dice for each friend you invite to play.

Q2. In Monopoly Go, how many dice are there?

Dynamic Dice Rolling: In Monopoly Go, players can now roll more than two dice during their turn due to the Unlimited Dice feature. They have a time limit to move as many times as they want. With this creative strategy, the game becomes an uprising of choices.

Q3. In Monopoly Go, how do you obtain dice links?

Friending other players is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO. You will receive many dice for each friend you invite to play the game, giving you plenty of opportunity to explore the Monopoly GO world and make strategic moves.

Q4. How can one win at hacks for Monopoly?

Purchase any real estate you come across.

Fly your Gordon Gekko flag, I say, because greed is a virtue in Monopoly. Take advantage of every opportunity to acquire items, even if you plan to build nothing on those sets. Using this strategy, you can swap undesirable properties and seize control of other players’ monopolies.

Q5. What size dice are used in Monopoly?

The standard size of a Monopoly dice is 16mm. Although “standard dice” are typically 16 mm in size, they can occasionally range from 14 mm to 16 mm.

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