Uncovering the Backstory of Serana Skyrim | A Deep Dive into her Character


Whenever we play new games there are lots of new characters that place their own rules and have different features and specifications.

Even though these characters are quite different from each other and are unique. So in today’s article, I am going to tell you about a vampire character Serana Skyrim.

So in this article, I will provide all the necessary and required information about the Serana Skyrim so read this article carefully.

Serana Skyrim

If you love vampire characters then Serana Skyrim is one of them. Serana Skyrim is a vampire and it is one of the most common or unique characters in the game but it was introduced in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim.

Serana Skyrim is a vampire and she is a female character and she is the daughter of Valerica and Lord Harkon. In the game, players can easily interact with the Serana Skyrim and you can also form a relationship with her as she is a vampire God or lord and even she is one of the most powerful vampires and even there are also so many unique characters that have been used in the game in terms of abilities and their magic.

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Serana Skyrim is one of the pure-blood vampires and it has been mentioned that she is also known for being one of the “daughters of the cold harbour” This is due to her main questline in the Dawnguard.

As in the Volkihar clan Serana Skyrim also hides some of her few secrets as every vampire does and there are lots of things that you should know about Serana Skyrim and her background history.

Here are some of the interesting things that you should know about the Serana Skyrim:

You Can Easily Cure Serana Of Vampirism By Talking To Falcon.

You have finished the Dawnguard DLC then it is very important that if you want to cure Serana Skyrim and to cure her you have to bring Serana Skyrim Falion. Falcon lives in Morthal and with few rituals, Serana Skyrim can be cured.

You can also do this process with your character as if you wish to cure your vampirism.

You should also know about some facts that it is possible to cure Serana Skyrim but even some fans don’t want to cure her.

Serana Skyrim Mine Nearby Ore Veins

Mine ore vein is one of the greatest adventures and even it has become one of the strangest actions of the Serana as she had performed this in Skyrim. She can even start mining the ore by herself by just taking out pickaxes.

It has been one of the weird things as Serana doesn’t need any pickaxes for mining the ore. But the Serana mining doesn’t have much impact.

Serana Skyrim Has A very High Health Stat

It is believed that Serana is one of the high Magicka as she is very strong and has impulsive powers. Even Serena’s health is 541 as this health rate gives a higher stamina to her.

If you don’t know about her powers then it is important to know about her health status and many times she has a durable character.

Eve Serana Skyrim also has a high magicka at 468 but still, it is smaller as compared to other health stat.

Godric & Serana skyrim

Serana Skyrim Can Interact With Crafting Workstations

Serana Skyrim is the main character and it seems similar to the ore veins in this game you can also find Serana Skyrim interacting with different crafting stations like Grindstone but it also shows she is not interested in talking about the crafting.

Even though Serana Skyrim has many talents and even she can survive alone for a long time. Serana Skyrim is one of the most fit characters that we can imagine.

Serana Skyrim is Always Essential

It doesn’t matter if you have finished the Dawnguard questline as Serana Skyrim will always remain an essential character as she has lots of magical powers that no one can kill or defeat her.

In the game, Serana Skyrim is one of the essential characters that anyone can keep as a companion for the game as she can’t be defeated or killed by her enemies.

So you can keep Serana Skyrim with yourself as it is one of the most unique and different characters in the game.

You Can’t Marry Serana Skyrim But She Does Have Dialogue About The Marriage.

After finishing the Dawnguard DLC we all wonder if we can marry Serana but it is quite impossible to marry her without any mods. You can only marry Serana Skyrim with mods and you can ask for her hand for marriage.

Even Serana Skyrim can also respond if you are not the right fit or she is not interested in marrying the Dragonborn then marrying you she can consider you as your good friend.

Serana Skyrim Has A Nord Blood

As no one has expected that Serana Skyrim has a nord blood it is quite difficult to digest this interesting fact about Serana Skyrim. Serana doesn’t have a Nord accent and even she doesn’t look similar to Imperial then or Nord.

But Serana Skyrim is an important character and due to this, the whole game is incomplete without her.

Serana Skyrim Holds Resentment Towards Both Of Her Parents

It seems like Serana Skyrim holds some resentment towards her father and her mother. She had tried her level best to save her from the Harkon plan.

Serana has always disliked her mother’s choice of keeping her away and she always feels that she is not allowed to make this decision by herself.

Even if you see the situation of Serana Skyrim you will find and understand the story that she is upset with her mother and father as it is easy to miss that Serana Skyrim holds some grudges towards her mother that has been mentioned in her dialogue during the DLC.

serana Skyrim

Serana Skyrim Has More Unique Dialogues Than Her Other Companions

Serana Skyrim has different companions in the game but as I have mentioned most of her companion vampires in Skyrim don’t have unique dialogues as compared to Serana Skyrim.

Srinivas’s Skyrim dialogue delivery has become one of the most interesting topics and even her companion vampires have different dialogue but Serana has the capability that she is capable of commenting while others are busy exploring Skyrim.

Serana Skyrim can also respond if you are in a different location or you are outside while the sun is shining among other situations.

Serana Skyrim is From The Second Era

Serana Skyrim was born in the second Era which means she is from 100 years. You can also be aware that she belongs to a different period and even her fans are unclear about the exact era that she belongs from.

Serana Skyrim’s perception towards this world is very different as she belongs to a different character that we can’t miss as she has some important dialogue that she uses in the game.

Serana Skyrim is also known As A “Daughter Of Coldharbour”:

Serana Skyrim is also well known as the “Daughter of the Coldharbour” but some other woman vampires and even her mother Vampire Lords are commonly referred to by the nickname within the lower of the Elder Scrolls.

Serana Skyrim and The Dawnguard Will Eventually Get Along

In the Dawnguard, while playing through the DLC you can also experience the other Vampire Isran as he is a hunter who is talking down to Serana and also acting as if she is a creature then a person.

After defeating the other vampire Serana Skyrim has proved her worth to them as most of the dialogues are very easy and you can’t miss in the game.

Serana Skyrim is Skeptical Of The Dragonborn After Their First Meeting And won’t Share An Inventory With You:-

As when you meet Serana Skyrim for the first time you can find Serana Skyrim is a Skeptical of you and your intentions.
Even the most important thing that you should know about Serana Skyrim is that many others will also refuse to share the information about Serana as most of the followers would only like to listen to Serana not share about her.

serana skyrim

Serana Skyrim Can Be Disappeared

Some followers can disappear but if the main characters in Arena Skyrim disappear then there are a few things that you can try to remedy as things are as follows:-

  • You should find a new follower and then you can ask them to join you so that you can go back to Fort Dawnguard to ask her to follow you again.
  • You can also fast travel so that you can get to your last destination.
  • Sleep in your bed.
  • Then the last step is to reset the game.
  • As with this option, you can see in Serana Skyrim that these options always work and even you can play the game regularly.


So here I conclude I hope the given above information about Serana Skyrim is enough for you as I have tried my best to provide all the important information about Serana Skyrim.

Thank you for coming and sharing your valuable time in reading this article. I hope this article is useful to you and I will try my level best next time to improve my article.

If I have missed anything important for this topic, please tell me in the comment section so that I can add it later.

Thank you!

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