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Culex Mario RPG guide: How to fight the Culex and rematch?

As Culex has become one of the best secrets of the Super Mario RPG here I will show you some guidance that will show you how you can unlock all the secrets of the boss in the Nintendo Switch version.

Culex is an optional hidden boss as it has appeared as a 2D Sprite inspired by the Final Fantasy series.

In the Nintendo Switch, it is a brand new second form where you can rematch it after completing the game and it is one of the most challenging in the game as it has more HP even the Mario RPG as an actual final boss.

There are even some part characters that will level up your game.

Super Mario RPG - culex mario rpg

Who is Culex?

Culex is a God and he is depicted as a humanoid creature as he has a muscular body and a purple physique with golden wings even though he has a blue crystal which encases his entire lower body.

He is residing in a sealed door in the Monstro town as it also requires a shiny stone to open and according to the piranha plant next door the culex has always been mumbling about the crystal and evil.

The crystal is referred to as one of the most likeable elements of the elemental crystal as it gives us a culex power these gems also have a hover around his own body and grant devastating magical abilities and it also includes a summoning light, shooting fire, conjuring a blizzard as well as creating a tornado.

Super Mario RPG

No, as we know Mario is as mysterious or terrifying as Culex and Mario RPG is also known for its Easter eggs but it is a secret boss that is well hidden and many people can never realize that he exists.

If you want to manage to track him down then you are in the fight of your own life as Culex has baffled Super Mario RPG fans due to the date when it was launched in 1996.

What is the Culex plan?

Culex has stated that the world is habitable for me and my kind and he says that he must return to his world and the takeaway has equated that he has deemed as Mario’s world.

It also seems that Culex has sent the scope out with the dimensions for possible invention but it has found it unexpectable for his kind for some reason.

It is also unclear that’s why he was sent here and it has become apparent that his attentions are quite different as it depends upon the version that you are playing.

In the original Mario RPG Culex Hapre-battle dialogue he states that before he goes he would like to challenge you as the strongest knight and due to this it has become very clear that Culex wants to find a worthy opponent for himself.

As in the new version, he is only The Boss who has appeared as the original 16-bit Sprite and he has also explained by saying that there is an Evil power that has given him a life that has been mapped out this flat plane. This means that the Super Mario RPG has created Culex as it has made him a two-dimensional being.

He is confused and even slightly fascinated by his strange third dimension and he also wishes to disappear its secrets.

He also wants to learn more about the three-dimensional beings Culex is witnessing the power of the third dimension first hand as when Mario has teams to defeat him during an intense battle.

Culex also expressed his astonishment and lamented how he and Mario could have been mortal enemies.

Super Mario RPG culex mario rpg

What is Super Mario RPG’s secret super boss?

Culex has returned at the end of Super Mario RPG post-game as it is a secret super boss and it has reentered his door after he finds the extra shiny stone and then Culex appears before he is in full 3D.

Culex has a three-dimensional form that is significantly more powerful than his 2D version. He has summoned a meteor shower as heroes confront him; it leaves half of the Mario team in a difficult situation.

Culex has become more powerful with his crystal Mario and his party’s defeat and if he has combined his health with the crystal then his boss has the highest health bar in the game.

Mario has defeated Culex again and he left his boss now he is at a loss and even the malevolent force grants him a three-dimensional body to vanish as he has returned from his former 2D self.

But before he departs from this world Culex vows to regain his strength and he also challenges Mario again and even Culex has vanished into a huge darkness.

How is Culex connected to the Final Fantasy?

Culex is one of the final giants as it makes sense as it gives super Mario RPG developer Square Enix a created final Fantasy series.

There are several final Fantasy Easter eggs as they are hidden throughout Culex’s fight and you can also find him after you have entered his door. You can also meet the Culex in the 2D form and you can see Culex Sprite has been depicted from the top-down angle and it also refers to how enemies are shown in the classic Final Fantasy game.

The other Easter egg has come in the form of the music tracks and the song has played during the culex battle as it is a boss theme from the final Fantasy 4.

culex mario rpg

How to unlock the Culex In the Mario RPG?

If you want to unlock the Mario RPG secret boss culex then you need to unlock all the locked doors in Monster Town as it will lead you in the battle if you want to unlock the Maestro Town locked door then here are a few steps that will help you to unlock the culex in the Mario RPG:

  • First, go and visit the Moleville and then find the little girl who is hidden behind the three boxes and then you should be able to see her.
  • You can see her bow poking over the top and with this, you can find her easily.
  • The little girl says that she will trade you a shiny stone in exchange for some fireworks.
  • A mile is inside the house that is right next to the little girl and then she will hand you the shiny stone.
  • Then you can take the shiny stone so that you can lock the door in the Monstro town and you will unlock it as you will be allowed to fight the culex first form.

How to unlock the rematch Culex 3D?

As in the Nintendo Switch version of the Super Mario RPG, we can see that there is a new second phase of rematch as Culex 3D has the boss of these trades.

If you want to unlock the Culex 3D rematch then you need to finish the games as then you can visit the Marrymore Inn and then you can use it for free as a honeymoon suite.

You can head towards the star hill and find one of the new pink stars, head to the tadpole pond and speak to the frog sage.

You can also visit the Belome temple that is next to the Monstro town so that you can fight with the Belome again.

After you have defeated the Belome as the frog Sage then they will tell you to rematch the other bosses in the game.

Then you can obtain the shiny tone and will be able to unlock the locked Monstro Town door once more.

How to beat Culex?

As it is a combination of four crystals culex has the most HP of any boss in the Mario RPG and this means that he can dish out any tone of the magic as he can attack with his turn and you have to prioritize on the peach in the party and they will be equipped with the lazy shell armour so that she can stay alive.

In the Culex second phase, he has a magic attack as he can wipe out his entire party and if you are unlucky then you should make sure that you have somebody alive in the reserve and then you can gain a full inventory of the revived items easily.


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