Honkai Star Rail Characters List

Like both games, Honkai: Star Rail has a large cast of characters that can be played with various roles, skills, and abilities. Honkai: Star Rail’s gameplay will be its primary attraction and point of strength. The things that will help you win fights are team composition and the strategic application of a character’s abilities.

The characters won’t change over time, even though the overall impression of the game might. We have compiled a list of all the playable characters which have been displayed so far for Honkai: Star Rail.

honkai star rail characters list

Characters in Honkai: Star Rail List

As this list was prepared, nine playable characters have been revealed for Honkai: Star Rail. The game will feature a launch lineup, much like Genshin Impact, with additional characters being released with updates that follow. That said, the list of all the characters from Honkai: Star Rail that miHoYo has disclosed so far is provided here.

  • Seele

Seele, the first exclusive five-star that debuted alongside Honkai: Star Rail, is a five-star Quantum DPS specialising in dealing damage to single targets. There are currently only three Quantum characters on Star Rail’s roster, two of which are time-limited, so Seele’s status as a Quantum character alone raises her overall rating. 

  • Silver Wolf

The element system in Honkai: Star Rail is entirely disregarded by Silver Wolf, the other time-limited Quantum five-star support character. With this skill, an enemy’s resistance is lowered, and they acquire a random form of weakness from their team. For each enemy, only one weakness may be added at a time.

  • Luocha

Luocha is sought after due to her dual status as an Imaginary unit and the first healer released since the release of Honkai: Star Rail. Luocha is a fun healer because he can deal with and receive damage. Unlike other healers that scale with HP or require an Outgoing Healing Boost, Luocha recovers allies depending on his Attack stat.

  • Blade

Blade is a wind DPS that gives his own life in Honkai: Star Rail to deal with significant blast damage. Unlike other primary DPS, Blade doesn’t require a lot of skill points because he can upgrade his basic attacks by using his skill only a few times every few turns.

After being upgraded, Blade’s attacks use up some of his HP but provide him devastating AOE power. His ultimate unleashes an additional AOE attack, deals damage, and gradually restores the HP he has lost. He also gains Blade stacks by using his own HP.

honkai star rail characters list


Every character in Honkai Star Rail has a distinct set of abilities and responsibilities, making the cast diverse. From the enigmatic captain Raiden Mei to the formidable Bronya Zaychik, players can put together a team of Valkyries with a variety of skills and playstyles. The roster also includes characters like Kiana Kaslana and Seele Vollerei, which adds complexity to the narrative. Fans of the Honkai Impact universe will have a better gaming experience as more characters are added as the game goes on, expanding the roster of characters that can be played.


Q1. How many characters are there in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail includes Dan Heng’s Imbitor Lunae version, but there are currently 32 playable characters. A few are obtained via gameplay, and the rest are linked to the gacha system in the game. Every character has seven possible paths that they can choose from, and these choices affect how they fight.

Q2. Which character is the strongest in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, Dan Heng’s dragon form, Inhibitor Lunae, makes an appearance. When it comes to single-target and multi-target damage rankings, this character is the strongest. He does, however, have an extreme skill point hunger; in order to deal his maximum damage in a turn, he can need up to three skill points. 

Q3. In Honkai: Star Rail, who is the main character?

The Trailblazer

In Honkai: Star Rail, the player can choose the gender of the main character, The Trailblazer.

Q4. Who is Star Rail’s rival in Honkai?

In the science fantasy turn-based tactical role-playing video game Honkai: Star Rail from 2023, Nanook the Destruction, referred to as the Ruin Author and the Monarch of Extinction, is the primary antagonist. The Path of Destruction was personified in the Aeon Nanook.

Q5. Is there an ending to Honkai Star Rail?

When players decide not to board the Astra Express with the others and remain at Herta Space Station, the secret ending becomes accessible. By doing this, players decide to forgo the lure of any future adventures and spend the rest of their lives at the Station.

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