How to beat Cazador in BG3 | Defeating Cazador in BG3

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about how to defeat Cazador in BG3 as cazador is a former vampire and he is a master of Astarian in Baldur’s Gate 3 as you can see he will help his companion to gain some ascendant powers.

Cazador is one of the most powerful Vampire Lords that you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3 and if anyone wants to beat him before the ritual causes this creature of night to ascend. In Act 3 we can see that there is an astorian talking about his own farmer master and he has the desire to take the place of Cazador.

How to beat Cazador in BG3

How to Beat Cazador in BG3

If you want to know about how you can beat the cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3 then this article is suitable for you as I will tell you how you can beat the cazador in BG3.

One of the easiest ways that you can beat the cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3 is by having someone in the daylight on him. The spell will last the entire fight and will also damage the Cazador and will also prevent him from turning invisible.

Here are some steps that you will need to beat the cazador in BG3.

Step 1:

  • The following procedure will help you and will also prevent him from absorbing the kidnapped vampires.
  • If you follow the casting daylight then it will stop the cazador from imprisoning Astarion during the fight.
  • By following the first way I would recommend you to stay on the stairs and cast spike growth or Glyph of the warding: ice to slow the movement of the enemies.

Step 2:

The second step that you must know to defeat the cazador is by sending your party to kidnapped vampires and defeating them so that they can prevent the cazador from empowering himself.

  • Follow the second way as it will show more dialogue before the fight but the Astarion will be imprisoned and it will also leave you with the three party members.
  • You can bring the Paladin and even the cleric as they will make this fight more easier.
  • When you get the Cazador to the OHP then he will retreat to his coffin until you will defeat all other enemies.

Cazador location in the Baldur’s Gate 3

If you want to find the cazador in Baldur’s gate 3 then you must have a clue about his exact location as one of the easiest steps to get his location is by heading to the Wyrms crossing and then entering the building in front of the brothel.

Then you can head towards the second floor so that you can spot some vampires that are talking about a huge party in the Cazador palace and after this, you will know the exact location of the Cazador on your map.

Cone out of the building and then progress through the story until you can enter the lower city. You can see Mao and then you will have to fight with some guards but if you kill them then it will make your way easier as you will get a key to the palace of the Cazador.

How to beat Cazador in BG3

How to enter the Cazador Dungeon

You will notice that there are NLCs but they are not hostile towards you if you are inside the palace as it will help to find the cazador in the BG3.

You can also head downstairs until you can spot a door as it will emanate a dark mist but you have to follow these following steps.

  • Fly or jump above the corpse.
  • Then head towards the wardrobe on the far right of the room so that you can find the dictionary.
  • Head downstairs so that you can find the hidden door.
  • Speak to the skeleton and then pass the charisma and check to obtain the ring.
  • He’s upstairs so that you can find the locked door with the text aura and you can also use the ring and the words from the dictionary so that you can open the door.
  • Then defeat the enemies that are weaker than the enemy who are more radiant and can cause much damage.
  • Then head towards the office and spot the elevator ride so that you can reach the Cazador dungeon.

Should You let the Astarian Go on with the ritual?

As before and after the fight you must know that you have to learn that the cazador wants to absorb about 7,000 souls so that he can become one of the ultimate vampires. As an Astarian does the ritual and empowers himself one of the best and most well-aligned decisions is letting him continue the ritual.

You will doom 7,000 souls and even many other vampires that are locked in the dungeon but it will prevent vampires from being free in the Baldurs gate. You can also stop Astarian mid-ritual and kill them after losing the potential value for the final fight.

How to beat Cazador in BG3

How to deal with the Cazador in BG3

As Cazador is a vampire you have to travel through another door for your best chance to win the upcoming encounter and you can also stop him on the stairs. Even if you are traveling with the Astarion then unlink him and leave him there.

Then you must re-link the rest of your party and go where the Cazador is and as long as Astarian is outside the conversation bubble the Cazador is not able to start the ritual and it is making him vulnerable.

If you want to gain some more advantage in this battle then you have to approach the circle without Astarion and even you have to convince the cazador so that you can bring him into the competition and you can also give him a window attack with an advantage as it will provide you and help that you will need to conquer on the cazador.

If you want to kick off the battle with some high-powered spell and if you want to spend more time on magic then you have to complete the encounter and even you have to kill the enemies so that you can spread your attacks across multiple enemies.

If you want to use the best spell you have to access it as fireball, wall of fire, chain lightning, daggers well or shatter These approaches are quite different from each other and some players also need to access their handy day-night spell that will weak the strength of the Cazador.

Keep the Astarian Far away until the fight begins

One of the most useful tips for taking the Cazador and many other bosses in the BG3 in the party with the party members as soon as possible and if Astarian is in the party then he will be removed and placed in the ritual circle and then he is unable to participate in the party but there is another way that he should be separate from the rest of the part so that he can be far away from the compact.

As in the entrance area at the top of the stairs, he is not able to be brought into the dialogue with the cazador and once the company comes then he can move to his ritual area as it will bring a join compact without being the victim of the Cazador and this will also prevent the cazador from buffing himself from the start of the ritual as it will let other four members of the party take part in the fight.

How to beat Cazador in BG3

How to Beat Cazador in BG3

When you reach the main chamber it will take you and you are a party on the platform over the chasm so that you can fight the cazador with his summoned minions. As we know, the vampire lord is one of the strongest as well as toughest opponents.

He has many werewolves as well as bats at his side to fight in the Baldur’s Gate 3 but if you want to defeat Cazador you can defeat him before he completes the ritual in his four to five turns otherwise the Asterion will die and then the vampire will become more stronger than ever before.

One of the most difficult things that makes the boss battle more difficult is how to deal more neurotic damage and can also have some amazing good points.

Cazador also has some weaknesses and one of his major weaknesses is his hyper light sensitivity as it makes him take 20 radiant damage at the start of his turn as if he is in the sunlight. Vampire can’t avoid his connection to the thrills but it has a disadvantage on attack rolls and can check in Baldur’s Gate 3.


So here I conclude I hope the above-given information is useful to you and I will try my level best next time to provide all the necessary and required information about how to beat Cazador in BG3.

I hope the above information is enough and thank you for coming and sharing your most valuable time in reading this article.

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